Still Building Dreams: The American Institue of Architects

In 1857, in New York City, 13 architects came together to found an association to help set standards and raise the public opinion of their profession. Up to that time, the United States offered no formal schooling for architects nor were there any licensing laws. Anyone could claim to be an architect. The vision of these 13 pioneering businessmen was quickly embraced by many well known and respected fellow professionals. Soon a constitution was drafted for the new institute, along with by-laws to help guide what many regarded as an art into mutual collaboration and public good standing.

Originally named the New York Society of Architects, the name quickly evolved to the more inclusive American Institute of Architects (AIA). Within 20 years of its founding, AIA had added a dozen new chapters across the country and has continued to expand to over 300 chapters with proponents spread globally to include the UK, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. The institute’s base of operations is now located in Washington, D.C., and includes over 200 full-time employees. This headquarters supports more than 90,000 licensed architects and associated professionals. Heading this monumental task, Robert Ivy, a prominent figure in the architectural field and an AIA fellow, was appointed CEO and Executive Vice President in 2011.

Facilitating productive communication among members is just one part of AIA’s mission. The institute has sought to employ many opportunities to promote the artistry and professionalism of its members while embracing ongoing scientific advancements in the craft. A code of ethics is in place to assure colleagues, clients, and the general public that the highest standards will be met and upheld. AIA seeks to be a united voice in influencing government practices which may affect the quality of both the profession and the general quality of life in America. CEO Robert Ivy seeks to continue to direct the institute’s focus to issues of design and practice.

Robert Ivy brings many years of experience to the institute. Ivy has been the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record since 1996. He is also the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction, and was a recipient of the G. D. Crain Award in 2009 for his lifetime contributions in business media.

Under Robert Ivy’s leadership, AIA continues in its pursuit of excellence, including programs to assist young architects in training and support. Professional advancement opportunities are accessible, as well as contract document models. Personal benefits, along with client-oriented resources are available. A variety of incentives and rewards are offered, the most prestigious of which is the Fellow of the American Institution of Architects designation. Bestowed on about 2% of all members, this designation recognizes contributions of national significance.

Aloha Construction For Home And Property Projects

If you’re living in Illinois and need a great construction company, Aloha Construction is there to take the guesswork out of any project you have on hand. Aloha Construction is owned by one family and operated with only the best professionals in field. All employees through Aloha Construction are insured and fully licensed, so you can feel good knowing you have educated and experienced people who are doing the job for you. Aloha Construction has been around for a long time now and has worked with hundreds of locals. Their two separate Illinois offices make it effortless to get them to your home to do the projects needing to be done without having a travel fee tacked on.

The services that Aloha Construction offers will complement any project you’re currently looking to have done. From roof repair to full replacement and everything in between, these professionals can come to your home, do a full evaluation of the property and then get the work started at your own convenience. If you’re struggling to pay for the work but know that you need it done, you can utilize the helpful financing options that Aloha Construction has available. The financing is dependent upon your credit score eligibility, but it can be helpful in getting that work done that you don’t necessarily have the money for upfront.

You can find out more about this company by visiting their site, contacting them on social media or calling them for a free quote. They also offer free home inspections to those who want to know the condition of their home before getting started with contracting work. These inspections are also recommended for people buying property, as it alerts you of any problems that might go unnoticed before buying the home. Being able to have a company that’s reliable and dependable that also won’t break the bank is a must for anyone needing construction work. The experts will come to your home, business or the house you’re looking to buy and do the inspection, work and maintenance for you when it’s most convenient for you.

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End Citizens United Throws Support Behind Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb has picked up another endorsement in his run for Pennsylvania’s 18th House of Representatives district from End Citizens United. The liberal PAC continues to look for candidates to support in special elections after helping Doug Jones win his Senate seat in Alabama by adding $600,000 to his campaign war chest.

The district, like many that Republicans assumed were safe, has been showing signs of swinging towards another Democratic upset. It had been held by Republican Tim Murphy since 2003, and he had run unopposed in 2014 and 2016, but Murphy was forced to resign his seat because of a scandal. It came out that he had pressured a woman into having an abortion when he held anti-abortion positions politically.

Between that and the growing unrest regarding the policies and controversies of the Trump administration, Democrats are seeing a surge in interest and support that they hadn’t seen for many years.

Just ask WWII veteran Ted Skowvron, who stayed after an interview Lamb was giving with a reporter to speak to him. A lifelong Democrat and former crane operator let him know that Trump needs to be removed from office. “Get him out!” he told Lamb. “Cuz if you don’t do it, I’m coming down myself!”

It’s that kind of fiery support that national Democratic boosters are hoping will push Lamb over the finish line and notch another embarrassing upset for the GOP. Given that Murphy had won the district easily with a 20-point margin just a couple years ago worries Republican strategists today. There’s no denying anymore that the mood of the country has shifted against them. Whether that will continue to the midterm elections has yet to be seen.

End Citizens United is a PAC founded in 2015 that works to reverse the US Supreme Court decision regarding the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case in 2010. That case became the basis for deregulation of previous political donation limits that had been in place on outside groups not directly associated with political campaigns. End Citizens United is a part of a movement to get big money out of US political campaigns. It first began operating during the 2016 election cycle.

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Dr. Mark Mofid – An Influencer of Great Magnitude With Exceptional Plastic Surgery Capabilty

The board-certified San Diego and La Jolla plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, is a committed doctor towards successful outcomes of natural looking appearances through high quality and state-of-the-art aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. He is a certified plastic surgeon through both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He attended Harvard University for his undergraduate degree – receiving magna cum laude honors in the process. Afterwards, he would go on to earn his medical degree at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he would also train in both general and plastic surgery and receive an advanced craniofacial research fellowship.

Currently, Dr. Mark Mofid is a staff surgeon for multiple hospitals located in both San Diego and La Jolla, California: Scripps Memorial Hospital, Palomar Medical Center and Sharp Chula Medical Center. His patients have claimed to facts that Dr. Mark Mofid’s level of professionalism is out of this world. His compassion, pleasantry, his ambition, his knowledge and proficiency makes plastic surgery experiences absolutely bearable beyond measure, totally comforting and motivating in great lengths. His skill level is a factor that is specifically taken into consideration, simply due to the naturalistic look resulted amongst his many patients. His acknowledgement of each individual patient’s unique personality and goals is paramount, providing exceptional artistry vivaciously admired and shared amongst the most critical friends and family members, many who have eagerly acquired Dr. Mofid’s services out of idealistic curiosity of near impossibility, posing extreme challenges in the process. “Dr. Mark Mofid is amazing!”

Dr. Mofid is also an educator at the University of California’s San Diego Division of Plastic Surgery, where his lessons have spearheaded many young students towards ideas and goals which have revolutionized their outlook on their plastic surgical intentions, making them extremely more open, motivated, strategic and comfortable in their career path.

Dr. Mark Mofid is definitely a plastic surgeon/college educator with exceptional intentions of perfection and influence and capitalizes drastically. With his certifications, educational background and experiences, Dr. Mark Mofid is definitely impactful, guiding those in which he invests in to greater possibilities, more answers and sheer satisfaction.

Gregory Aziz – Transforming Passion into Success

Only a few companies have altered the landscape of North America the way National Steel Car has, over the past years. Gregory J Aziz is the man behind the success of this firm. He is the Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is North America’s leading organization for rail coach designing and construction.

Gregory J Aziz’s hometown in Ontario, located in Canada, where he was born in the year 1949. He studied Economics at the University of Western Ontario following his schooling at Ridley College. He gained experience in commerce by entering the food distribution company owned by his family. This business expanded to become a leading exporter of packed food to several areas of America and Canada. He then ventured into the banking sector. Greg Aziz worked in various capacities at financial firms during the period beginning from the 1980s and through the 1990s. Eventually, he was able to raise capital and connections to acquire the national Steel Car Company. Dofasco sold the firm to Mr. Aziz in 1994.

The vision of Greg James Aziz pertained to the development and expansion of national Steel Car into a flourishing business. National Steel Car was a moderately successful venture before its takeover by Greg Aziz. Mr. Aziz’s commitment and hard work paid off as National Steel Car gradually grew into a large firm. However, this was not an easy task. Gregory Aziz infused the organization with new life by developing its construction sector, generating human resources to increase efficiency and through massive financial input.

National Steel Car began as a small-scale venture, with an output of 3500 rail coaches in one year. Under the aegis of Gregory Aziz, this remarkably increased to 12000 cars. The workforce also phenomenally grew to 3000 persons from an organization of just 600 people.


National Steel Car believes in giving back to the Hamilton society as well. It actively supports philanthropic initiatives such as the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Salvation Army and the Hamilton Opera. The firm organizes an annual gala for the members of staff and their dependents on Christmas. This is conducted with the aim of boosting company morale and encouraging team spirit with a sense of togetherness. National Steel Car also contributes food to charitable groups that distribute it to those in need. Go To This Page to learn more


Gregory Aziz has established a place for himself in the transport manufacturing business as an exceptional leader with astute business vision.

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Getting Out of a Rut With Fabletics

It is very common for people to feel as if they are stuck in a rut. At some point, the novelty of what they are doing wears out. This often results in them feeling rather dissatisfied with their lives and for the most part, themselves. While some people may find the solution to their issues of feeling stuck, there are those who feel totally lost. The worst part is that this feeling can carry over and manifest as insecurity. Fortunately, there are certain solutions that are very simple. As a matter of fact, these solutions are so simple that one would be surprised that it works at all.


One solution is to make a change to the wardrobe. There are tons of items that may have lost its novelty. As a result, it has a subtle effect on the feelings of the individual wearing the item. Therefore, it might be a good idea for them to find something new to update their closet. One thing they can do is look at all of the people they admire. One thing that they may notice is how they dress. The most admired people often have a unique sense of style when they are in their casual times.


The one issue that can hold people back from buying stylish clothes is the idea that it is going to cost a lot. Fortunately, there is a brand that is affordable. The name of the brand is Fabletics. They specialize in athleisure clothing. This is clothing that can be worn while working out and going out to meet people. These items are also made to be durable. Their low prices are very astonishing given the quality of these items. However, they have a way of offering low prices while keeping everything at an ethical level. This method is called paid membership.


Fabletics has shown people that they no longer have an excuse. Even larger women can benefit from some of the appealing outfits that are offered because of the all-inclusive movement of the company. With an upgrade to the wardrobe, people can experience a new sense of enjoyment of their lives.

Students’ Success with Rocketship Education

The success of a student relies on very many things, among them being the role of the parent. The parents’ inclusion in a child’s education has for years been neglected. Ensuring the family stability will most certainly impact the education of children directly. Every day parents face different challenges, some of them are chaotic and disastrous. All these may unsettle a student hence the need for the involvement of the school with the affairs of the parent.

Not only do charter schools like Rocketship aid the parents to alleviate the problems they encounter but also get to involve them in the learning process of their children in an interactive way. The interaction between parents and teachers enables the parents to have a say in their children’s education and enables teachers to understand more about where their students come from. Rocketship works to bridge the gap between education and stability of their students.

Similar charter schools across the country are known to offer high-quality and accountable education. To enable equal access to high-quality private education by low-income children, the Federal Government has taken upon itself to subsidize these schools. More focus is on the development of the student’s skills hence the need to offer specialized education. Rocketship prides itself on creating a tailor-made experience to maximize the students’ output and in conjunction with the parents. The experience by each parent is also great because they are involved every step of the way in the education of their children.

Rocketship a group of charter schools that are non-profit and serves the disadvantaged communities nationwide. A peek behind the curtain shows the determination of Rocketship to closing the achievement gap. Founded over a decade ago by John Danner and Preston Smith, Rocketship has stayed true to this mission. Integrating technology into the learning process and encouraging parent participation to ensure success for the students is the purpose for which Rocketship was formed. Their headquarters offices are located in San Jose, California. The Rocketship approach is based on three pillars which include the personalized learning to unleash each student’s potential, talent development of each student and most importantly parent power to champion their kids’ education.

David McDonald: An Important Player In The OSI Group’s Growth

David McDonald, president and COO of global food industry giant the OSI Group, has been with the company for 30 years. During that time it has expanded from primarily focusing on providing McDonald’s growing list of franchisees with meat patties and selling meat to local restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois, to juggernaut with 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries worldwide. David McDonald has played a major role in this growth because of his educational background, ability to work productively with a wide range of people and clear understanding of the goals of the company and needs of the customers.

Born in Iowa, David McDonald grew up on a farm. His interest in biology and agriculture led to him pursuing a degree in animal science at Iowa State University. An excellent student, McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award when he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1987. He was hired by the Aurora, Illinois based food services company the OSI Group shortly afterwards. David McDonald started out as a project manager and his excellent performance led to him receiving a series of promotions until he was eventually named chief operating officer and president.

Since McDonald joined the company, the OSI Group has undertaken an ambitious expansion program that has seen them open facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, Central and South America. David McDonald has helped the company to thrive in spite of the diverse cultures of the customer bases the company has reached out to over the years. His incredible work with the logistics team has made it easier for the OSI Group to remain atop a global food market that’s constantly evolving. McDonald’s ability to work in harmony with local marketers no matter the country has kept the company’s global expansion efforts moving along smoothly.

With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group is able to gain the trust of the local people, understand their needs and deliver the products that they want. The OSI Group regularly delivers a vital portion of the food people all around the world eat every day. McDonald is able to help the company overcome the infrastructure and technical issues it faces while partnering with suppliers and working with governments all over the globe. He explained that remaining flexible, building solid relationships and delivering the highest quality food products have been crucial to the growth of the OSI Group.

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George Soros Makes Headlines For Charity.

There are few figures in the public eye as notable as George Soros, for a variety of different reasons. To members of the left, George Soros is something akin to a folk hero, a legend, a living embodiment of the American dream. To people who live on the right side of the political spectrum, George Soros is the single greatest villain in politics. No matter how you decide to look at George Soros, you need to understand that he is a textured and multi-faceted person who has spent his entire life working toward betting the life of those around him. In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, George Soros has risen even more in the public eye. Now, Soros is making headlines around the world thanks to his latest philanthropic efforts. Let’s dig a little deeper into Soros’ recent charitable donations and see what he has in store for his massive fortune.

In the 1970s, George Soros was on the up and up but he didn’t want to forget his ultimate goal in life: embracing the concept of the open society. Soros would decide to open up the Open Society Foundations in order to lay the groundwork for a charitable outreach program that could make an impact all around the world. The OSF has, since then, become one of the most giving charities that the world has ever since. In the past 30+ years of operation, the OSF has given more than $18 billion to grassroots foundations around the planet. Now, their outreach will double in one swoop.

It was recently revealed, thanks to financial disclosure forms, that George Soros had signed away almost $18 billion of his own personal fortune over the past two years in a donating effort to the OSF. To put all of this in context, the Open Society Foundations had a 2017 yearly budget of under $1 billion. So, Soros giving away $18 billion to his foundation means that they will be in operation for a long, long time. Despite this huge outreach effort, and the very real results that the OSF has garnered over the years, everyone isn’t happy. How could this be?

George Soros has never been afraid to speak out in regards to what he believes in and this occasionally meant taking on members of the right wing mainstream media. Soros would first get into the crosshairs of American conservativism in the ’00s when Soros stood up to George W. Bush and the decision to meddle in the Middle East. Soros would go on to fund progressive challengers, thus cementing himself as an ‘enemy of the right’.

With Soros’ recent donations, he has come under fire from right-wing pundits who are all too happy to start putting together insane conspiracy theories. From concocting a ‘progressive Death Star’ to trying to undermine the Trump presidency, and everything in between, Soros has been put at fault. Yet, at the end of the day Soros’ goal is the same as it has always been — to simply help people.

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Gregory Aziz: Transforming Transportation

If there is one thing that remains a constant in our ever evolving and thriving world, it is our need for ease of transportation and our endless need for it to evolve. If you can accomplish such, there is no doubt for your success.

This is the essential goal of the company called National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. They produce, build and sell man of the cars we see attached to trains today. While the company was founded over 100 years ago in 1912, they clearly are run by someone new. This person is named Gregory James Aziz and he took the company over in 1994, by this time he is more than a season professional of the railroad freight industry, especially considering the substantial growth in numbers since his succession of the company. While the company’s main drive is to create a perfect experience for the customer, and an excellent product – the folks at National Steel Car also have a drive for innovation. They’re goal is to be ever evolving, setting new standards for both the freight industry as well as the transportation industry.

Gregory Aziz – Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car – has been so for 25 years and his first 5 years at the company proved him more than capable to be its leader. In 1994, the company was producing around 3,500 cars a year and employed roughly 600 people. Fast forward to 1999 and the company produced 12,000 cars and employed 3,000 people! Go Here for more information.

Aziz had previously worked at his family’s wholesale food company called Affiliated Foods, where he implemented his economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, to provide Affiliated Foods with worldwide success. Working there for 16 years and with the success of the company, he then had everything he needed to venture to New York.


This is where preparation met opportunity for Gregory Aziz, and he then became the lead of National Steel Car thus ensuring success for the second company in his lifetime. Through further improvements, expansions, and an amazing team of engineers – Gregory lead the company to excellence through many achievements.


The company is ever evolving and, but one thing remains – they give back to their community. Every year, they hold an annual Christmas party where the company allows past and present employees to participate in a food drive despite the fact that they already sponsor The United Way, Salvation Army, and so many more.


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