How The Midas Legacy can Make Your Life More Fulfilling

The Midas Legacy is a Florida based company, which is dedicated to helping individuals attain their lifetime goals. It provides its services to investors who are seeking to enhance their wealth management skills. It is similarly beneficial to entrepreneurs who want to change the current situation of their lives or business. The organization aims at improving the general wellbeing of its clients. This goes a long way in improving their self-worth.

How Entrepreneurs and Investors can Benefit

The Midas Legacy was formed with the objective of improving entrepreneurs’ decision making ability. This helps them in their quest to run successful business operations. The organization understands that entrepreneurs work with different people and therefore, need to know how to think outside the box. It equips them with knowledge about making partnerships that guarantee business success. The Midas Legacy has excelled by using a nonconformist approach, which is mostly ignored by similar organizations.

At the Midas Legacy, you will be equipped with skills that can help you build your life using an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, clients are taught about strategies that can help them recover from stressful incidences. Entrepreneurs who wish to improve the quality of their lives stand to benefit from the insightful and well-researched advice that The Midas Legacy offers. The organization helps its clients to develop a pragmatic plan, which guides them towards success.

Retirement Saving

The Midas Legacy understands that a high number of senior citizens wallow in poverty due to the mismanagement of their pension funds. In line with this, it offers advice pertaining to how clients can prudently manage their life savings to avoid financial ruin. Such advice is offered by experts such as Sean Bower who is a renowned publisher, and a financial expert working at the firm. His articles are mostly published on Unlock Your Secrets. This is a platform on The Midas Legacy’s website. Mr. Bower uses this opportunity to advice individuals about possible retirement losses, and how to avoid them.

Becoming a Member of Affiliate

The Midas legacy gives interested individuals an opportunity to become its affiliates. This way, they can easily participate in any joint ventures that it seeks to undertake. Those who sign up for membership are often given the Midas Legacy Code Book. This is a manual that gives new subscribers deep insights about financial planning, natural health options, retirement options, and real estate investment. It similarly advices them against making risky decisions that put them in a perilous financial position.

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Transform Your Dry Dull Lips

The lip balm industry has been revolutionized with the leading products of Evolution Of Smooth. Thousands of men and women trust the name for reliable lip therapy. Why spend thousands of dollars on pricey surgery or lip treatments to enhance your lips? You can get a superior lip enhancer for under $10. Show your lips the courtesy of all natural ingredients that won’t threaten to damage your lips. If you live in the harsh areas that are hit the hardest with the cold, Evolution Of Smooth is your go-to lip therapy. Say goodbye to dry cracked lips with a trusted lip balm.
All natural ingredients give you the benefit of removing harsh substances from your cosmetics. Harmful additives threaten to dull or dry your lips. Evolution Of Smooth ( has removed the all traces of petroleum and replaced them with shea butter. Your lips will have a strong firm and sultry appearance throughout the day. Forget about multiple applications and transition from day to night with stylish products that don’t come with a harsh after taste. Eat and drink what you want even with flavored lip balm products. Take the first step in changing the way to nourish your lips.

Evolution Of Smooth Products Feature

– Shaving Creams
– Acai Products
– Hand & Body Lotion
– Shea Butter
and much more…

You can order many products securely from their website and use most forms of payment including a valid checking or credit card. They have a free shipping option for Canadian customers for a limited time. Becoming a member is easy and allows customers to receive many valuable product offers. A friendly service representative is there to take your call and assist you with your order. Visit the easy to navigate Evolution Of Smooth website, online store or Ulta  shop for more.


Dick DeVos Is Helping To Better Society

Betsy DeVos is the wife of billionaire Dick DeVos and she has been involved with politics for over thirty years. Since her college years, she has been actively campaigning for a variety of issues and political candidates. She has served on a number of political action committees as well as serving as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairman for six years. Her husband ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost the election.


Betsy and Dick DeVos created the Windquest Group in 1989. The company invests in a variety of ventures including clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Betsy DeVos currently serves as Chairman of the firm. Betsy DeVos also serve in several capacities to benefit non-profit organizations. Both Betsy and Dick DeVos has a wide range of interests that they provide services and funds for including art, education, and social reform. In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos goes into detail regarding how she became so involved in education charity work. She remembers speaking with parents that were making huge sacrifices trying to be able to afford tuition for their children to attend school. She realized that her family could send her children to any school without an issue but other families could not. That is when she knew she should help. Dick DeVos is completely on board with that sentiment and he also goes out of his way to help make sure that children get the education that they deserve.


Dick DeVos has devoted a great deal of his adult life to his various philanthropies. He and his wife both are heavily involved with education reform and donate a great deal of time and effort trying to get new initiatives passed so that children in certain areas of concern can continue to grow on par with other sections of the country with better education systems. Dick DeVos also heavily contributes to art preservation. He donated millions to museums in Texas as well as donating art from his own collection.


In his their lifetime, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have donated over $1.2 billion to charitable causes and various philanthropies all over the country. They have stated that they feel it is their duty to use their money to help society in general because they have the ability to do so.


IAP Worldwide – A Great Company

When a community in the world has a tragic event happen, and they need assistance in a number of ways, they call upon IAP Worldwide for help. IAP Worldwide utilizes their unique brand of technology and ingenuity to create ways to solve problems that are unforeseen. Since they have the innovation to do so, they are able to go to remote locations to complete these difficult tasks. The communities around the world see them as a huge benefit to them because of their success at all of their attempts to assist them.

The History Of IAP Worldwide

IAP has been in existence for more than 60 years. They used their technological advances to create ways to deal with all types of situations. They are known for completing the impossible. When they worked with such companies as Johnson Controls, Inc. and Pan Am World Services, they found ways to get things done that have never been attempted before. Since they were able to succeed at these missions, they continued to try even more. The government has since given them contracts that number in the 300 millions of dollars. Other companies want to partner with them on a regular basis because of their abilities and the respect that is given to them in the industry. Others trust IAP because of their integrity.

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What About The People That Make Up IAP Worldwide?

The professionals that are employed at IAP are trained in their crafts. There are over 2,000 of these professionals working for IAP Worldwide in various areas around the world. They are experienced and dedicated to their professions. Since they are able to complete difficult tasks on a regular basis, they are sought after around the world. When they are asked to complete a mission, they do so with integrity always practicing with respect for others. They are treated well by their leadership, and everyone works as a well-oiled team. Their mission is to complete what they are called upon to do in a way that other companies rival.

Into the future, IAP will produce even more complex and respected tasks always helping the communities that call upon them. It will be a future filled with many more successful undertakings all across the globe carried out by the staff of IAP Worldwide. They will complete many needed technologically based missions, and provide needed assistance to the areas that are the hardest hit across the globe.

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Jennifer Walden’s Personal Life and Career

Jennifer Walden has opened up about her highly successful career as a plastic surgeon as well as what it’s like to mix her career and personal life. In an article interview, Jennifer described that there was a degree of difficulty in being able to maintain drive and a good attitude for staying successful in all aspects of her life, most notably her family and career. Staying consistent and driven is a constant battle, but it is a must to be able to maintain an equilibrium.

Many would say Jennifer Walden appears to have the american dream, with a very successful career and lovely family supporting her. She has been regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons to date within the United States. During her time, she has been able to work and train with some of the very best in cosmetic surgery throughout New York. Ever since Jennifer was young she was highly independent and had a strong attitude for going after what she wanted. She also has a wonderful disposition, as she is kind and respectful to everyone she has contact with, especially her clients and her family.

What’s more about Jennifer that many do not know, she is a published writer. She began writing in order to share her experiences with others in the industry. She is also the only women so far to have joined the ASAPS board of directors. Jennifer has always upheld the highest standards and ethics for her work and actively follows the direction of the ASAPS. Her insight and experience is why she was added as a member, to help the board in the future.

The personal life of Jennifer Walden is home to Texas, more specifically in Austin, where her loving family calls home. She grew up here in Northwest Hills as a kid, and during the time, her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse. Due to both of her parents having successful careers, they were serious about education and achievements. This is what built a strong foundation for Jennifer, by looking up to her parents for support and guidance in achieving her goals. Today, Dr. Walden continues to push herself to her boundaries and is ready to tackle any challenge, all while staying close to her family and friends.

Investing for Your Future with Martin Lustgarten

There are a lot of people who want to start investing more money for their future. Investing is the best way to build wealth over time, and if you want to take things to the next level it is important to understand why you are doing so. Martin Lustgarten is one of the leading people in investment banking today. If you need someone who is working for you in the industry, Martin Lustgarten is the way to go. Over the past few years, Martin Lustgarten has helped thousands of people invest for their future. If you want to build wealth, you have to start investing today. Investing is the best way to compound your earnings and take your net worth to the next level in life.
Martin Lustgarten

Over time, Martin Lustgarten has helped many people. He knows what it takes to succeed in the world of building wealth. Martin Lustgarten helps thousands of his clients every year take the next step in their finances. From the time he was young, he knew that he wanted to help other people get to the next level in their life. There are a lot of people who are looking to him to help in the future. Few people are able to explain complex investing theories like he is. Martin Lustgarten is one of those people who knows how to take things to the next level for other people.

Final Thoughts

Investment banking is an essential area of the economy for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of people who are looking to help others in their life and career. However, few people have done so like Martin Lustgarten over the years. He has a great track record of success in both life and business for all of the work that he has done to help other people get to the next level in their life.

Wonderful World Of WEN No Lather Shampoo Transforms Blogger’s Hot Mess Hair

Even though Emily McClure is a beauty blogger, her hair without help would probably not win any prizes. It’s fine, limp and kind of frizzy and won’t hold a style for long. To say Emily is frustrated dealing with her mane, would be putting it mildly.
However, there is always help on the way, and this time, Emily went on a 7-day personal hair journey with Wen hair by Chaz. She had seen the fab TV infomercials showing off voluminous manes with shine and movement. So, she chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and posted her results to Bustle.

WEN by Chaz is famous around the globe, and its many fans have fallen in love with the clean and pure essence of the brand’s no lather shampoo system. Hair guru Chaz Dean ( invented the original no lather shampoo product, because regular shampoos and conditioners were damaging people’s hair with nasty chemicals like sulfates. His cleansing conditioners are botanically-based in luxurious scented formulas.

WEN by Chaz is designed for all hair types in any condition and will deliver shine, strength and body. Chaz Dean’s celebrity clientele can’t live without it, and they have the best heads in Hollywood. Wen hair care products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online through eBay.

Emily noticed immediately that her mane doubled in thickness and became soft in texture. Her close friends saw her new hair and demanded to know her secret. Her hair selfies showed gorgeous, shiny strands when she adapted to her daily WEN wash.

A no lather shampoo was a different experience, and Emily’s tresses seemed to perform best with a morning cleanse.

To get the ultimate results from WEN by Chaz, Emily suggested to always blow-dry and style your hair with your favorite hair tools.

She also mentioned that WEN is not for lazy girls. A little time and effort makes a key difference.

Thor Halvorssen Defends Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is the president of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, which he launched in 2005. Human rights runs deeply through the 39-year-old Halvorssen’s veins.

He’s half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan and keeps vampire hours. While he grew up in Caracas, he spoke flawless, accent-less American English. His paternal grandfather was the king of Norway’s consul in Venezuela during World War II, and once got into a fistfight trying to protect his country from Nazis. His mother descends from Venezuela’s first president, as well as Simon Bolivar, Latin America’s George Washington, who fought off the Spanish Empire. His father was tortured in a Venezuelan prison and his mother was shot while protesting against the late Hugo Chavez.

Halvorssen proclaims his love for people, and the people he loves the most are dissidents. He’s put himself in danger for his cause. He snuck into a Vietnamese monastery in 2010 to interview a Buddhist patriarch whose church had been banned by authorities and who had lived under house arrest for years. Thor Halvorssen and his cameraman were arrested and detained until they convinced police that they were just looking for information about Buddhism.

Halvorssen stands against dictators, no matter their political stripe. The organization doesn’t spend time going over problems in the U.S. and other democratic countries. He and his organization focus their efforts on authoritarian regimes, where the most serious problems are. They feel they can magnify the voices of dissidents and political prisoners.

His organization has become widely known for its annual Oslo Freedom Forum, which people call, “Davos for Dissidents.” At the forum dissidents give talks and connect with powerful people who can help their cause.

Buzzfeed has called Halvorssen, “the face of a new global human rights movement”. He gets little shut-eye, and travels the world—Geneva, Paris, Los Angeles—to drum up support for human rights.

He also has a side gig as a film producer. Thor founded The Moving Picture Institute in 2005, with a goal to promote freedom through film.

He’s also a health nut. He injects or ingests a whopping 35 supplements a day. His supreme goal, though, is to see the people of North Korea set free.

It’s Not Enough For Bob Reina To Grow His Business, He Wants It To Be Life-Changing

Bob Reina has grown his business, Talk Fusion to an incredible size, a business that’s one of the industry leaders in voice and video marketing solutions. Reina has seen the profits increase like never before, and even won a product of the year award for Talk Fusion’s outstanding product quality and customer service. But Reina doesn’t just want Talk Fusion to just be about earning profits by the millions, he wants it to be a company dedicated to changing lives. Through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has already given much back to his community by starting up an animal shelter, supporting an orphanage in Indonesia, and starting up fundraisers for the local police department, of which he was a part of at one point.

Reina served on the force at his local police department for many years, but later decided he wanted a change in job fields. He decided to become an independent direct sales agent, working for various companies until he decided to start his own. Through an endeavor to create a video email marketing solution, he started up Talk Fusion in 2007, and the company became a success in a short time. It started out selling video email products to customers, but then included newsletters, chat programs, and online meeting programs. Talk Fusion operates on a unique direct selling model that allows interested customers to purchase its products both on its website, or through one of its independent associates.

Anyone who meets the qualifications can become a Talk Fusion associate and earn commissions off of products they sell, as well as free trials they help customers signup for. Talk Fusion’s free trials give customers 30 days to try products with all features included in them, and they don’t even need a credit card to do so. Associates who meet a quota of sales volume are able to qualify for various rewards programs that include bonus cash, vacation packages, and even new sports cars. Bob Reina‘s company has provided opportunities to those who’ve needed them and looks to continue doing so.

Duda Melzer, A Man Known For His Ethic

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who is also known as “Duda Mezler“, is president and executive of the RBS Group. He is also the proprietor of media combination news coverage brands and stimulation in southern Brazil. Furthermore, Chairman and organizer of e.Bricks, a speculation organization in the computerized business with operations in Brazil and the United States.

Eduardo soon started his vocation in the United States. Before working in the company, he was a senior money related expert. He worked at Delphi and CEO of non-conventional media organization boxtop Media . In 2015, he was been on the rundown of pioneers of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. The relationship unites. Each year, 25 individuals from the new eras of business visionaries around the globe families, who are in front of business and are considered case to society.

Individual from the third era of Sirotsky family and grandson of the organizer of RBS, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. Eduardo earned his MBA at Harvard and graduated in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS).

Restrained and concentrated on business manageability and development, and add to the nation’s advancement, from early Eduardo hone a development of “cross board”. From their systems administration and travel that is around the globe, in which is devoted to learning trade. Take an interest in elite occasions, for example, the Zeitgeist, Google and Sun Valley, Allen and Co.

Recently, Melzer recieved an award for his hard work. In 2015, he became awarded both Entrepreneur of the Year in the category Family Business. The same year, he recieved the awarded of Merit in Business Administration in the Private Sector. Melzer was also featured in Cambridge Institute leaders list for Family Enterprise.

Melzer is an outstanding business man. He has becameled by mentorship and taken wisdom to apply to his business.

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