The Miraculous Results of Using Wen by Chaz

Many people know by now that WEN by Chaz is a hair care product that claims to give all hair types a shiny, and healthy look and feel. Emily McClure is one of its customers, and is giving us an article about how it has transformed her hair over a period of seven days. She tells us that she discovered Wen by watching the YouTube infomercial and decided to give it a try to see for herself if it really works. So on day 1, she gives us before and after photos to show the progress. On the before photo, shows her hair dirty and frizzy after a long day and the after photo her hair looks shinier and bouncier. Day 2, she notices that her hair is still greasy so when she returned home after running errands, she takes another shower and her hair becomes shiny again. On Day 3, she notices her hair is not as oily as it was the day before but still somewhat oilier than she wanted it to be. She took a shower and used the Sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner and her hair was no longer oily. By the seventh day, her hair looked very healthy and soft. Emily’s overall review of the product is a positive one, she says it’s great for people who have fine hair but admits she has a love-hate relationship with the product and has a lazy side may only be a part time customer using conditioner if she wants extra shine.



How The Midas Legacy can Make Your Life More Fulfilling

The Midas Legacy is a Florida based company, which is dedicated to helping individuals attain their lifetime goals. It provides its services to investors who are seeking to enhance their wealth management skills. It is similarly beneficial to entrepreneurs who want to change the current situation of their lives or business. The organization aims at improving the general wellbeing of its clients. This goes a long way in improving their self-worth.

How Entrepreneurs and Investors can Benefit

The Midas Legacy was formed with the objective of improving entrepreneurs’ decision making ability. This helps them in their quest to run successful business operations. The organization understands that entrepreneurs work with different people and therefore, need to know how to think outside the box. It equips them with knowledge about making partnerships that guarantee business success. The Midas Legacy has excelled by using a nonconformist approach, which is mostly ignored by similar organizations.

At the Midas Legacy, you will be equipped with skills that can help you build your life using an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, clients are taught about strategies that can help them recover from stressful incidences. Entrepreneurs who wish to improve the quality of their lives stand to benefit from the insightful and well-researched advice that The Midas Legacy offers. The organization helps its clients to develop a pragmatic plan, which guides them towards success.

Retirement Saving

The Midas Legacy understands that a high number of senior citizens wallow in poverty due to the mismanagement of their pension funds. In line with this, it offers advice pertaining to how clients can prudently manage their life savings to avoid financial ruin. Such advice is offered by experts such as Sean Bower who is a renowned publisher, and a financial expert working at the firm. His articles are mostly published on Unlock Your Secrets. This is a platform on The Midas Legacy’s website. Mr. Bower uses this opportunity to advice individuals about possible retirement losses, and how to avoid them.

Becoming a Member of Affiliate

The Midas legacy gives interested individuals an opportunity to become its affiliates. This way, they can easily participate in any joint ventures that it seeks to undertake. Those who sign up for membership are often given the Midas Legacy Code Book. This is a manual that gives new subscribers deep insights about financial planning, natural health options, retirement options, and real estate investment. It similarly advices them against making risky decisions that put them in a perilous financial position.

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Transform Your Dry Dull Lips

The lip balm industry has been revolutionized with the leading products of Evolution Of Smooth. Thousands of men and women trust the name for reliable lip therapy. Why spend thousands of dollars on pricey surgery or lip treatments to enhance your lips? You can get a superior lip enhancer for under $10. Show your lips the courtesy of all natural ingredients that won’t threaten to damage your lips. If you live in the harsh areas that are hit the hardest with the cold, Evolution Of Smooth is your go-to lip therapy. Say goodbye to dry cracked lips with a trusted lip balm.
All natural ingredients give you the benefit of removing harsh substances from your cosmetics. Harmful additives threaten to dull or dry your lips. Evolution Of Smooth ( has removed the all traces of petroleum and replaced them with shea butter. Your lips will have a strong firm and sultry appearance throughout the day. Forget about multiple applications and transition from day to night with stylish products that don’t come with a harsh after taste. Eat and drink what you want even with flavored lip balm products. Take the first step in changing the way to nourish your lips.

Evolution Of Smooth Products Feature

– Shaving Creams
– Acai Products
– Hand & Body Lotion
– Shea Butter
and much more…

You can order many products securely from their website and use most forms of payment including a valid checking or credit card. They have a free shipping option for Canadian customers for a limited time. Becoming a member is easy and allows customers to receive many valuable product offers. A friendly service representative is there to take your call and assist you with your order. Visit the easy to navigate Evolution Of Smooth website, online store or Ulta  shop for more.


Dick DeVos Is Helping To Better Society

Betsy DeVos is the wife of billionaire Dick DeVos and she has been involved with politics for over thirty years. Since her college years, she has been actively campaigning for a variety of issues and political candidates. She has served on a number of political action committees as well as serving as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairman for six years. Her husband ran for Governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost the election.


Betsy and Dick DeVos created the Windquest Group in 1989. The company invests in a variety of ventures including clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Betsy DeVos currently serves as Chairman of the firm. Betsy DeVos also serve in several capacities to benefit non-profit organizations. Both Betsy and Dick DeVos has a wide range of interests that they provide services and funds for including art, education, and social reform. In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos goes into detail regarding how she became so involved in education charity work. She remembers speaking with parents that were making huge sacrifices trying to be able to afford tuition for their children to attend school. She realized that her family could send her children to any school without an issue but other families could not. That is when she knew she should help. Dick DeVos is completely on board with that sentiment and he also goes out of his way to help make sure that children get the education that they deserve.


Dick DeVos has devoted a great deal of his adult life to his various philanthropies. He and his wife both are heavily involved with education reform and donate a great deal of time and effort trying to get new initiatives passed so that children in certain areas of concern can continue to grow on par with other sections of the country with better education systems. Dick DeVos also heavily contributes to art preservation. He donated millions to museums in Texas as well as donating art from his own collection.


In his their lifetime, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have donated over $1.2 billion to charitable causes and various philanthropies all over the country. They have stated that they feel it is their duty to use their money to help society in general because they have the ability to do so.