Betty Devos: Education Reformist

It is in my opinion that Betsy DeVos is a highly qualified candidate for Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. I don’t feel that all the negative press she has had to endure is justified or grounded on by any logic. I feel that she should be given a fair chance to prove her worth and that she will fully fulfill her responsibilities and goals.

Betsy DeVos is a member of the Republican Party and has a lengthy background for advocating for new education policies, which includes the school vouchers for private schools. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation she has donated $139 million collectively over the years since its establishment in 1989. These contributions focus primarily on furthering education, community, arts, leadership and justice for institutions such as: hospitals, health research, art organizations, evangelical missions, Christian schools and conservative, free market think-tanks. I believe these philanthropic actions could be the proper structure the education system may need to bring up the graduation rate and lower the drop-out rate. Visit their foundation at

DeVos is a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education which is known for introducing policy changes to the current school system since 2007. Devos has also served for the Alliance for School as well as the Action Institute; she currently heads the All Children Matter political action committee. These organizations aim to “promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.” I feel that bringing back Judaeo-Christian morals to the school system will be a boon to the free market while lowering the vile corruption of corporations in the future for our children.

I feel that the people of this nation knows that something is wrong with the current school system and they feel that is just the way it is and cannot be changed, but if we just give Betsy DeVos a chance, she might be able bring back some faith into the schools and students. It seems that the current system just churns out our children for the future potential gains and does not focus on building and shaping children into being individuals that are capable of free thought. DeVos has a long, arduous road ahead of her if she is to revitalize the school system, we should not be an added obstacle when we haven’t allowed her to perform at her optimal level.

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The Benefits of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a very exciting app that allows people to change the way they communicate with customers. In the business world this has become one of the best apps for people that are trying to market their businesses.

It has been through the concept of a video email that a lot of entrepreneurs have been able to totally reinvent themselves. Many people are using this app because it allows them to build a customer base quicker. With the Talk Fusion emails people get the chance to actually see videos of certain products in action. This is a much more creative approach to marketing a new product or service.

Bob Reina knew in the very beginning that he would be able to change the way that people looked at email with the concept of video email. It was not his original intention to create something like this, but it has been very successful for him. Initially, all that he really wanted to do was send a video clip to someone. When he was told he was not able to do this through email he decided that there must be a way. His curiosity about this led him to build a platform for video email. This has become a Launchpad for a plethora of other applications that were delivered through Talk Fusion.

At this point Talk Fusion delivers a bevy of different applications for customers that need to do different things like video chat and video email. There are no limitations on what he is able to do, and this may be the thing that drives him to success. Talk Fusion co-founder Bob Reina believes that anything is possible through technology if you have a will and desire to learn. He knows that the right people in the right places at the right time can produce amazing results that people may have thought were impossible before. He did not have a background in technology, but he definitely had the intuition to know that there was a lot more that could be done with email when he put his mind to it.

How Securus Technologies Has a Major Role In Keeping Communities Connected and Safe

If you have been wondering if there is a way for inmates to keep in touch in ways aside from visitation sessions that are scheduled by courts, then it is highly recommended for you or anyone else to look into the offerings of Securus Technologies. It is a form of communicative solutions that enables people to connect with one another via means of videoconferencing over a creatively manufactured platform of technologies.


Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited site that has also received several instances of positive reviews, ratings and feedback. It offers its services at low prices in regards to pricing and is something that should be noted as being quite beneficial for any and all of its users. Whether you’re searching for a way to make your forms of communications easier or a way to even be able to communicate at all, Securus Technologies is a program that brings communications to your home.


Inmates are given a benefit with Securus Technologies in the sense that they’re able to talk to whoever that they may have been wanting to for some time without making them feel like they’re obligated to travel to the correctional facilities where they may not necessarily feel too comfortable visiting. If you want to visit the website to see its details then know that there are options of speaking to customer service help professionals who will provide you with an adequate amount of details in pertinence to the services that they provide along with pricing information.


The program has been of great assistance to police departments in solving crimes as well as anything that is transmitted over the chat sessions can be used for investigative purposes if they can be used to stop potential crimes by inmates or staff members. It’s a one-in-all solution that has a vital role in keeping the community safe and connected.


Kelvin Seawright, the talented entrepreneur

Kevin Seawright is an impressive and charismatic man who has achieved a lot in the area of finance and helping small businesses and organizations to grow. Currently, he is the Vice President and also the Chief Financial Officer of Newark CEDEC or the Community Development Corporation. has it that Kevin Seawright has a positive attitude and passion in what he does and that he has been able to balance his life with his family and his budding career.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been successful in the financial sector because of the experience that he has garnered since he started working. He began working for both public and private sector, and that has made him an old personality.

There was a time he worked with the government of Maryland in Baltimore, and that is why he managed to work on his career. He has worked in the sector for more than ten years, and that has made him receive a lot of financial accolades from different recognized institutions in the world.

He later became the Chief Financial Officer and also the Vice President of Newark CEDC, and here he works with a lot of passion because he loves his jobs. Kevin Seawright is a happy man when he sees small businesses succeeding because of his input to those organizations.

Their team is helping these firms greatly, and they can now kick start their business without a lot of struggles. They put a lot of efforts, and the efforts they put are now being rewarded because they have now started seeing results that are working.

With Newark, there are amazing changes that are happening currently. There is now better access to WI-FI, improvement of port conditions, diversification of communities, programs that are helping people who can put efforts in various areas in life and students are also finding their life bearable in schools because of this organization. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

He dedicates his life in social media to ensure that he can touch the lives of people from the whole globe.

That is why he is always contributing positively and looking forward to offering solutions to problems that are facing small businesses. He will continue leading great organizations because he can lead others in the right direction.

Karl Heideck Top Litigator

Karl Heideck Top LitigatorLitigation is the step by step procedure followed during a civil lawsuit; litigator is an attorney who oversees the whole process from drafting the writ document to settlement. Most of the time, the parties involved in the lawsuit decide to settle outside court before they go for trials. Averagely litigators are paid ninety-eight thousand dollars; legal research and complex litigation case management are the areas that are highest paid.

To become a litigation lawyer, one should first obtain a university degree. There is no particular degree required, so the student can choose a course they can acquire research, public speaking and writing skills which will come in handy during law practice. The student will then take a law school admission test; it is meant to see how good the candidate is at logical and analytical reasoning and reading comprehension. Qualified students go to law school to attain the Juris Doctor Degree which takes a minimum of three years then they are given the bar exams.

Litigation process has some steps: first is the drafting the writ document and statement of claim; these start the legal process and contain the details of the claims. The defendant’s lawyer makes an appearance at the court to acknowledge the receipt of the documents and then presents the statement of defense. Discovery of documents then takes place, the lawyers share documents they will use as evidence, and the lawyers do interviews to determine how relevant the documents are. Then the trial date is set, and it is up to the lawyers to prep their clients for the trial; when the trial is heard the judge or jury will make the judgment.

Karl Heideck specializes in litigation, risk management review and compliance.
Karl Heideck specializes in litigation, risk management review and compliance.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer at Hire Counsel; he specializes in litigation, risk management review and compliance. Heideck previously worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP as project attorney and Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Karl Heideck has gained many skills since he started his career and made an excellent litigator.

Karl Heideck attained a B.A at Swarthmore College in 2003 and J.D. Law at Temple University. Karl Heideck has gained popularity because of the good work he does for his clients and has positive reviews from all of them.

View Karl Heideck’s profile on Twitter for the latest information.

Kate Hudson And Adam Goldenberg Bring Forth A Ton Of Customers


When starting a business and trying to bring it to success, business owners can be met with a lot of challenges. For one thing, people have to not only know about the company but also be persuaded to shop at the company. This is where Kate Hudson comes in. Kate Hudson is not only involved with TechStyle but is also involved with the establishment of one of the brands. As a matter of fact, Fabletics, recently name changed to TechStyle, is every bit as much her idea as it is Adam Goldenberg‘s. She has seen the opening in the market for some innovation. Also, her star quality has encouraged plenty of people to sign up for the service.

Vator Splash Oakland – What’s it like to be a Unicorn? Adam Goldenberg (CEO, JustFab)

Adam and Kate have solved the problem of bringing forth customers. However, they were also aware of the other issue that company owners have to solve. They had to figure out how to keep customers. While many customers would stay with a company that offers good products in many cases, there is a growing number of customers that pay close attention to other practices of the company. For one thing, more customers are waking up to the fact that they don’t want to do business with a company just for the products. They want to make sure that the company is making positive changes in every aspect of the world it is involved in. Customers would not feel comfortable if they were buying products from unethical practices.


Fortunately for Adam Goldenberg, he has shown that he is one of the most ethical people when it comes to offering products, and his bio on Crosscut attests to this commitment. He has also encouraged a lot of creative expression in the design of these products so that people will feel a sense of fun when they shop at one of the brands of TechStyle. People will find some fun items and support great business practices.  With an entrepreneur at the helm like Adam Goldenberg, you definitely know you’re in good hands.

What You Don’t Know About Jeanmarie Guenot, President and C.E.O Amphivena Therapeutics


Jeanmarie Guenot holds a Ph.D from the University of California and has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. She studied physical and medical chemistry majoring in quantum and semi-empirical methods for drug design, protein structure prediction, X-ray & NMR refinement, and molecular dynamics. Dr. Guenot has more than 20 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. She has spent all those hours of experience in the public and private sectors with keen interests in corporate & commercial development, venture capital, pharmaceutical R&D, business development as well as project & alliance management.

Jeanmarie is the incumbent head of the leadership team of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., which was founded in 2013 to treat hematologic malignancies. She has an expansive portfolio, project, and alliance management experience in ophthalmic diseases, autoimmune diseases, oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular diseases. Before assuming her current position, Dr. Guenot held many other positions including serving as vice president for Corporate & Business Development at PDL Biopharma, being a business advisor for Hoffmann-La Roche, and founding SKS Ocular, which is a start-up that is an incubator of ophthalmic companies.


With the wealth of experience to her name, Jeanmarie Guenot’s contribution to Amphivena Therapeutics is irrefutable. Under her leadership, the company has devised a new method in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia through the development of a Bispecific Tetravalent CD33/CD3 TandAb. Cytotoxic chemotherapy has largely been used in the treatment of the disease but with the new development, immunotherapeutic can be used as an alternative.

Still under the headship of Jeanmarie Guenot and led by MPM capital the company was able to raise 14 million U.S dollars in a Series A Financing in 2013. Another achievement that stands out is the company’s ability to make the first and second milestones in an agreement it signed with Janssen Biotech Incorporation. The accord, which was facilitated by Johnson and Johnson, aimed at selecting a candidate against an undisclosed tumor antigen.

This would later be used in doing further research on the hematological malignancies. Following the accomplishment, Amphivena Therapeutic received an imbursement from Jansen Biotech Incorporation and this opened a window for further research and development.  Read more about what Jeanmarie Guenot is doing in the fight against cancer, through her partnership with Takeda.  Otherwise you can follow Jeanmarie personally on Facebook.


Exciting Deals from FreedomPop to Mobile Phone Users

I believe that the onset of the FreedomPop Company in the service industry brought relief to cell phone users. Before, you had to pay for every data used to browse as well as for any text message sent. Besides, you had to sign various contracts with service providers before using their services. This hustle ended when FreedomPop arrived over five years ago. To start enjoying the exciting benefits they offer, you need to sign up with them.


According to a FreedomPop Review, you will enjoy absolutely free cell phone calls not exceeding 200minutes per month. This shows that you can talk to friends and families without any airtime inconvenience. Besides, their free services include unlimited text messages to ensure that you can chat until your fingers get tired. FreedomPop also guarantees you a free 500MB of data bundles to keep you online. The internet is the fastest as it runs on 4G. With these bundles, you can check your emails and update your social media handles on a daily basis. The beauty of the free service is that no one will cancel your subscription.


The service provider gives you freedom to use the free services as you wish. However, after you exceed the limit awarded in the month, and then you have to pay for the extra bundles or airtime used. For instance, when you use over 500MB of internet data, then additional bundles used are charged. You will automatically receive a notification requesting your approval to make payments. Besides, if you are comfortable with the charges, then you can subscribe to get an automatic deduction from your account once you go beyond the limit.


Notably, you can only enjoy FreedomPop free cell phone services for a year. In case you need to continue enjoying their services, you will have to pay slightly above ten dollars per month. Additionally, the free service can only be used by people who do not need a lot of bandwidth or airtime. If you are the type that needs to stream videos and play games online, then this service is not enough for you.


About FreedomPop


The firm started its operations almost six years ago with an objective of providing quality and affordable cell phone services. The company’s main offices are found in Los Angeles. The organization also offers digital and innovative services in addition to mobile services. Additionally, has acquired over $100 million of funding from other organizations that include Intel Capital among others. The company has its presence in the United Kingdom and the US.


Todd Lubar Achievements in Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar is currently considered to be one of the most influential businessmen in the real estate industry. At the moment, Todd Lubar is the chief executive officer and president of a company known as TDL Ventures. Under his leadership, TDL Ventures has grown significantly, becoming one of the leaders in real estate. The businessman also serves as the vice president of Legendary Properties. The businessman has several goals in life. He focuses on becoming a better person every day, and he also loves helping other individuals in the society. Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Todd Lubar started his career after completing his studied several years ago. At first, Lubar did not have any expertise in real estate, and he realized that working for a reliable company would suit him perfectly. His first position was at Crestor Mortgage as a loan originator. Working at the organization enabled him to acquire experience in conventional banking. He also met several professionals in the mortgage industry such as real estate planners, insurance planners, CPA’s and financial planners. Lubar networked with these professionals, forming great relationships that helped in his entire career.

Todd Lubar left Crestar Mortgage after several years. He acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group, one of the most successful organizations in the country. The equity position enabled Lubar to expand his lending capabilities. He would broke bigger and better loans for investors. The businessman was also giving credit to investors just like an independent Mortgage Bank.

After working with several organizations for a long time, Todd Lubar acquired enough skills and capital to start his company. The organization, known as Legendary Properties was founded residential real estate services to consumers in the country. The company did well under the leadership of the businessman, completing many transactions in just five years. Legendary Properties specializes in selling, buying and rehabilitating constructions. The organization made significant profit and sales, even during the great financial crisis. However, Todd Lubar was forced to diversity during the crisis to earn more money. Today, Todd Lubar remains to be part of the organization, and he works hard to ensure that it is one the best real estate companies in the country.

For more information on Mr. Lubar, check out his profile page. You can contact him via