The Hope To Cancer Patients By Dr Siegal

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the recent times. Current technologies such are chemotherapy and radiotherapy which is administered on cancer patients are helping to deal with the condition and the outcome is a matter of chance as some survive while others succumb. There are many types of cancers and research is still ongoing so to get the real cause and hence be able to prevent it.

The advice given by the medical experts is for people to turn up for the various screening sessions or the so-called voluntary cancer testing which is available in most hospitals from time to time. This helps because when cancer is detected at its early stages it is easier to treat and manage as compared to when it is diagnosed at its advanced stages. To those who have been positively detected with the disease, DNA tests are carried out and this will help administer the most effective medication.

An ongoing technology called whole genome sequencing is being used by hospitals as it helps in the identification of any abnormal cells because they are the ones that turn out to be cancerous. The technology analyses the genomic information in a patient and any cells that are found to be abnormal after comparison with an individual normal cells are keenly analyzed. The abnormal cells are then dealt with in good time .The technology has helped in saving of time and resources for the patient because customized and correct treatment is given before the cells greatly multiply.

In the field of cancer one great contributor whose efforts cannot be go unnoticed is Dr.Clay Siegal. His passion for the field developed at a very early age of 24 years after his father died of cancer because very little was known of the disease by then. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University.

Dr Siegal has worked for several organizations such as National cancer institute and the Bristol-Myres Squibb pharmaceutical research institute He also sits in several boards such as Alder Bio pharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics just to mention but a few because his experience in the field of cancer is highly valued. Dr Siegal has won many awards because of his great contributions in the research of cancer, generic testing and drug development that have saved lives.

In his attempt to see that there is better treatment available for cancer patients he started Seattle genetics in 1998. Its main goal was to change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. The company is credited as being the first to come up with the first antibody conjugate a drug which is widely used in the treatment of cancer. Seattle genetics has also been able to develop therapy drugs that treat other diseases .The Company is also in partnership with organizations of similar interest such as Glaxosmithkline to help come up with drug therapies that will benefit cancer patients worldwide


The Milestones that Set Rocketship Education’s Schools apart


In 2007, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, John Danner, and Preston Smith co-founded the Rocketship Education foundation. The two aimed at providing affordable quality education to students from poor localities. They also aimed at using education to solve the social issues that were rampant among the toxically stressed youths of these communities. The first elementary school was in San Jose. Today, a decade later, the foundation has created 25 schools across the nation. Here are some of the milestones the organization has attained in these years which set it apart from the other charters.

Thriving Without Private Funding

The government funds most chartered schools, but they have to supplement through private funding. However, the founders of Rocketship schools have remained true to their plan of making quality education affordable. They have designed a financial plan that ensures that after settling the start-up costs, the schools can sufficiently operate on government funding alone.

Overcoming Negative Publicity

Chartered public schools have been targets of critics since the first school opened. However, Rocketship Education’s schools have waged through the wave of negative publicity to win the support of key stakeholders in the community. Hastings Fund is one of the key stakeholders who have vowed to support the programs of Rocketship schools. The fund, owned solely by Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, has promised to contribute towards the development of better classroom.

Parents are another class of stakeholders who have stood by the schools for many years. They trust the schools because they are actively involved in the institution’s activities. Rocketship schools are one of the rare schools where parents interview candidates for the teaching post. Consequently, the performance level in these schools is higher than zoned public schools.

High Teacher Retention Rate

Teaching in high poverty areas is not for those with a faint heart. Retaining them even for a single year is consequently not easy. However, Rocketship school’s attrition rate has remained within the accepted national standards. To prepare its teachers, the foundation spends a month before reopening of schools on professional training and development of its teachers. Since the foundation is continuously expanding, it quickly promotes its teachers.


Fighting For The Rights Of Minority Groups Becomes The Aim For George Soros And The Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was originally founded by George Soros in the mid-1980s in response to the continued problems facing those individuals and groups looking for a better understanding of the democratic process in Communist Eastern Europe. The first steps into philanthropy taken by George Soros included providing copier equipment for resistance groups living in Eastern Bloc countries durin the Cold War; following the collapse of the Soviet Union, George Soros and the Open Society Foundations switched their attention to area of Africa, Asia, and North America where the human rights of individuals were seen to be under threat. The inclusion of the U.S. may seem like a difficult area of the world to imagine human rights are being threatened, but voter registration laws and a growing number of incidents across the nation leading to law enforcement officers shooting unarmed African American males led to the development of financial links between George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and a number of African American backed civil rights groups.

In 2014, the Open Society Foundations became a major force in the lives of African American groups when the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri brought the links between George Soros and the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement into focus. Through the Open Society Foundations, a number of the most prominent community organizers in the U.S. have become well-known supporters of the movement and have been funded by the Open Society Foundations that has received an estimated $13 billion in financial support from George Soros. The Washington Times reports George Soros and the Open Society Foundations provided an estimated $33 million in funding for the work of a diverse group of organizations that came together to publicize the issue of the shooting of Michael Brown to the people of the U.S. through major news media in the Summer and Fall of 2014. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

In recent years George Soros has once again become an active political and philanthropic individual offering his support to those he believes offer the best opportunity of advancing a liberal agenda with policies Soros believes reflect his own political opinions. The hedge fund manager who established the Soros Fund Management brand has been at the forefront of many political campaigns in the 21st century, beginning with the 2004 Presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry, according to Politico. Soros took a step back from political giving during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles but returned to the Democratic party in 2016 to back Hillary Clinton’s campaign for The White House with donations totaling around $24 million to the campaign of the former First Lady and the groups supporting her. Events in the U.S., such as the Ferguson protests appear to have raised fears in George Soros of a rising right wing element in the nation he looks to battle through his political and philanthropic giving. Know more on about George Soros.

Business and Philanthropy Achievements of Richard DeVos

For the family of the DeVos, business and entrepreneurship run in the veins. The family line has been dedicated mainly to the corporate sector, and most family members are owners of at least one business.


Mr. Richard ”Dick” DeVos started doing business in the year 1974, and he has been doing business ever since. Mr. Richard DeVos put a start to his business career with the creation of Amway Corporation in partnership with another family member. His grandfather is one of the most prominent businessmen in the DeVos family. The Amway Corporation was created in the distribution sector working with all industries to distribute products and other services. Mr. Richard DeVos started out at a lower rank while his grandfather who had a lot more experience with business and leadership assumed the position of president of the Amway Corporation. In 1984, Mr. Richard DeVos received a promotion a leadership position – the one of Vice President. He had many responsibilities at the position, but the primary one was to look after the smoothness of the company’s operation. At the time, the Amway Corporation consisted of 18 offices which were located in 18 countries including the United States of America. Mr. Richard DeVos coordinated the eighteen offices and overlooked their progress and overall performance and efficiency.


The Windquest Group was the second venture in the career of Mr. Richard DeVos. It works with storage units and is currently chaired by his wife – Betsy DeVos. After some years, Mr. Richard DeVos had to assume the highest position at the Amway Corporation. He had to juggle both Windquest Group and the Amway Corporation. After some years, Alticor Corporation purchased the Amway Corporation which brought positive changes to the latter as the Amway Corporation established new offices in about fifty more countries. In 2002, he decided to focus on his personal company – the Windquest group and so Mr. Richard DeVos stepped away from his position at the Amway Corporation.


Along with business, Mr. Richard DeVos is also heavily involved in philanthropy work. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos have been one of the most prominent couples in the past few decades when it comes to charitable work. Betsy DeVos is from a family that is known for their generous donations to different charities. The couple has donated a few billion dollars so far. The two also donated to charities as individuals. About twenty years ago, Mr. Richard DeVos and Betsy DeVos created a foundation to support charities even further. They called it The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation and directed it towards supporting arts, education, and social charities, among else. The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation has been at the forefront of philanthropy over the past couple of years.


Beneful Brand Dog Food is Healthiest Choice a Pet Lover Could Make

If you are not already feeding your pet Beneful brand grain-free dog food, perhaps you need to take a closer look at the ingredients to confirm you are making the right choice. Chances are good that if the label does not read Beneful, then those healthy and wholesome ingredients in your pet food are nothing more than fillers. Those meals you think are healthy are just grains and gluten, offering little in the way of nutritional valueable food for your dog.Compare those ingredients to Beneful brand dog food, and the comparison is not even close. In these bags of dog food you will find huge chunks of juicy chicken, surrounded by colorful accents like blueberries, spinach, and real pumpkin.

Those 23 essential minerals and vitamins in each bag provide nutritional abundance without having to sacrifice taste. Your dog is going to come running for his meal each time he hears that bag being opened.Each bag of grain-free Beneful brand dog food is produced inside the United States at one of several Purina facilities. The factory workers who oversee the production of the pet food are doing extensive quality checks several times during the making of this pet food. One of the things that should convince you is that each of those Purina factory workers will tell you that the only food they feed their own pets is this particular Beneful brand dog food. Without fillers or preservatives, your dog will thrive for many years to come as a result.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Is Keeping Mexico On The World Map Through Executive Leadership At Televisa

Grupo Televisa is the largest multimedia company in Latin America. It is valued at over $15 billion. The company operates broadcast and programming in the US through the Univision brand. Other leading multimedia names operating in Mexico include Telemundo, MVS Comunicaciones, and Grupo Imagen. Telemundo runs terrestrial television services. It is a subsidiary of Comcast. Telemundo is Univision’s main competitor. Univision is a subsidiary of Grupo Televisa.

MVS Comunicaciones is involved in network programming, satellites television, pay television, radio, internet and broadband media. It operates numerous national radio networks, wireless cable television, and satellite television subscription services. Grupo Imagen operates radio, television, digital and print media. It owns one of the largest and oldest national newspapers, the Excélsior. The group also has interests in the Mexican League soccer club, Querétaro FC.

Grupo Televisa is based in Mexico City. It has operations in segments such as cable and telecom, content, publishing, sky and other business. Televisa provides broadcast, pay television programming, retail satellite services, radio, cable television, and international programming and franchising. The group also has interests in advertising, gaming, publishing and distribution, sports, film, and internet.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero serves as the chief financial officer of the group, a position he took in 2002. He has held various executive positions at the group before being appointed to the top spot. He has served as the Vice President in charge of Finance. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also sits on the board. He has previously worked as a director of Consorcio Ara, a real estate development company.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has also served as the CEO and CFO of Comercio Más. He is also associated with the National Banking and Securities Commission, the Mexican Derivatives Exchange as well as Innova S. de RL de CV, a Televisa subsidiary. Executive World magazine put him on their list of twenty-five best CFO’s in Mexico in 2014.

Learn more about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero:​