Anthony Petrello Donates Generously to Find Cure for Neurological Disorders

Many CEO’s find themselves running their business and their business alone. Meanwhile, other key components of life, family, friends, and community service, take the back burner. This is not true of CEO of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello. Since beginning work with Nabors in 1991, the company has only seen tremendous growth. But Anthony is well rounded in conducting excellence business operations, spending quality time with his family, and activity donating his resources to his community.

Anthony Petrello obtained a law degree from Harvard Law, where he practiced before working for Nabors. Anthony always considered himself someone who worked hard. His hard work allowed almost any business venture he endeavored to be a success. For Nabors, he helped them establish safer standards for oil drilling. He helped them establish relationships internationally as now they are the leading supplier of offshore drill rigs. They currently have more than 500 operational drills in 25 countries. The skills, talent, and work ethic Anthony apply to all areas of his life seemed to all be his way out of a tough spot. However, he came to a roadblock with his daughter.

Anthony and his wife were blessed with a baby girl, Carena, 8 years ago. She was born prematurely, this caused her to have PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) upon arrival to this world. The PVL then soon after caused cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder affecting developmental abilities. At 8 years old Carena is finally learning to eat on her own. Sheer willpower and hard work had for the first time not been able to solve a problem for Anthony. This personal hardship led him to become very active in the medical research field. He and his wife have donated over $5 million dollars, and are pledged for another $2 million in the coming years.

Anthony brought success to Nabors through new practices and expert tools for oil drilling. Now he is helping launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony believes the more resources they can provide the many doctors, studying all neurological disorders, perhaps can help their daughter. Anthony realizes its bigger than his daughter, but potentially life-changing for all people with neurological disorders.

Both Anthony and his wife constantly sign up for attendance at charity events, speaking engagements, and writing opportunities to get the word out about neurological disorders. Their innate determination is changing the future of many suffering from neurological disorders.

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End Citizens United Will Focus Intense Effort On 20 Key Republican Seats In Midterm Elections

Twenty Republican members of Congress now have a special target on their backs heading into the 2018 midterm election – placed there by a progressive political action committee (PAC) on a mission to rid both the U.S. Senate and House of money-grubbing politicians.

The PAC is called End Citizens United, a group formed in 2015 with the goal of getting big money out of the American election system, especially those huge donations of “dark money” from mega-corporations and self-serving billionaires.

End Citizen United calls them the “Big Money 20” – a list of politicians they say are the most egregious lap dogs for fat-cat special interests who want politicians kept firmly in their pockets.

Only two Senators made the list: Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Dean Heller of Utah. End Citizen’s United executive director Tiffany Muller said Cruz and Heller are among the “worst of the worst.”

Also on Muller’s naughty list are 18 members of the U.S. House which round out the Big Money 20. On this roster are such powerful figures as California’s U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa and the notoriously Russian-friendly Rep. Dana Rohrbacher.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also made the list as did Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota. Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey made the Big Money 20 as did Rep. Mike Bishop of Michigan.


End Citizens United says it will reach a target or raising $35 million for the 2018 election cycle, money it will use to create specific ads which inform voters about who is being “bought-and-paid-for” by super-wealthy special interests.

End Citizens United takes its name from a 2010 Supreme Court Decision which came to be known as the Citizens United ruling. The action basically opened the floodgates allowing unlimited cash contributions from corporations to candidates. The Supreme Court also decided that corporations are the equivalent of “people.” What’s worse, big corporations can keep their contributions largely secret – hence, “dark money” that could be coming from anywhere, even from a hostile foreign power such as Russia, even though the latter is still illegal.

The ultimate goal of End Citizens United is to push through a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous 2010 decision according to In the meantime, the PAC is determined to flip the House from Republican to Democratic control in 2018, and with luck, the U.S. Senate also.

Doing so will pave the way toward moving the overall objective of End Citizens United forward – ending the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court mandate. Without at least a Democratic-controlled U.S. House, progress on amending the Constitution would be next to impossible because most Republicans favor big money in politics.

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Fabletics Takes On The Retail Might Of Amazon

In the Online retail industry, the Amazon brand has taken on a role as the leading brand in clothing retail across the world. The activewear sector of the retail industry is now seeing a new entrant make a major mark on the retail market in the form of Fabletics, a subscription-based retailer which first made its mark as an Online seller of fashionable leisurewear before branching out into new areas of the retail market. Fabletics has seen a growth rate of 35 percent year on year as the retail giant begins to make an impact on the dominance of the Amazon brand.


Established by the TechStyle Fashion Group, Fabletics was seeking an authentic spokesperson when the brand was established and immediately sought out the actress, Kate Hudson. The partnership between Fabletics and Kate Hudson has become one of the major factors in the growth of the company which has set its sights on overtaking Amazon in the activewear market; Fabletics has been developing its business model for only a short period of time but has already used the science of big data to create a brand focused on growing in more than the 10 countries Fabletics has already moved into.


Developing a new strategy for bringing the Fabletics range of clothing to the mass market has already seen the brand move into the development of a chain of retail outlets which ignore the issue of pop-up stores many Online retailers have become focused on. Instead, Fabletics uses the reverse showrooming trend for customers to try on items before buying Online to their advantage by allowing members to use their membership privileges to their customers.


The aspirational aspects of the Fabletics brand are largely focused on the role Kate Hudson plays with the brand which inspires many potential customers to take the lifestyle quiz determining the preferences of each subscription member; everybody wanting to take part in an active and healthy lifestyle should take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to see just how impressive their clothing choices could be.


Kate Hudson has become extremely involved with the Fabletics brand and takes on the full-time role of founding partner with the retailer. The devotion to the brand shown by the “Almost Famous” actress has seen her take on the role of bringing other celebrity brand ambassadors to the company who also express the ideals of the healthy lifestyle in the shape of singer and actress Demi Lovato.