Business and Philanthropy Achievements of Richard DeVos

For the family of the DeVos, business and entrepreneurship run in the veins. The family line has been dedicated mainly to the corporate sector, and most family members are owners of at least one business.


Mr. Richard ”Dick” DeVos started doing business in the year 1974, and he has been doing business ever since. Mr. Richard DeVos put a start to his business career with the creation of Amway Corporation in partnership with another family member. His grandfather is one of the most prominent businessmen in the DeVos family. The Amway Corporation was created in the distribution sector working with all industries to distribute products and other services. Mr. Richard DeVos started out at a lower rank while his grandfather who had a lot more experience with business and leadership assumed the position of president of the Amway Corporation. In 1984, Mr. Richard DeVos received a promotion a leadership position – the one of Vice President. He had many responsibilities at the position, but the primary one was to look after the smoothness of the company’s operation. At the time, the Amway Corporation consisted of 18 offices which were located in 18 countries including the United States of America. Mr. Richard DeVos coordinated the eighteen offices and overlooked their progress and overall performance and efficiency.


The Windquest Group was the second venture in the career of Mr. Richard DeVos. It works with storage units and is currently chaired by his wife – Betsy DeVos. After some years, Mr. Richard DeVos had to assume the highest position at the Amway Corporation. He had to juggle both Windquest Group and the Amway Corporation. After some years, Alticor Corporation purchased the Amway Corporation which brought positive changes to the latter as the Amway Corporation established new offices in about fifty more countries. In 2002, he decided to focus on his personal company – the Windquest group and so Mr. Richard DeVos stepped away from his position at the Amway Corporation.


Along with business, Mr. Richard DeVos is also heavily involved in philanthropy work. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos have been one of the most prominent couples in the past few decades when it comes to charitable work. Betsy DeVos is from a family that is known for their generous donations to different charities. The couple has donated a few billion dollars so far. The two also donated to charities as individuals. About twenty years ago, Mr. Richard DeVos and Betsy DeVos created a foundation to support charities even further. They called it The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation and directed it towards supporting arts, education, and social charities, among else. The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation has been at the forefront of philanthropy over the past couple of years.