Beneful, a Happy Dog, a Happy Family

Having a pet comes with responsibilities. Dog owners especially have the task of determining what food is suitable for their pets. In one way or another, they are also part of the family, and like children, they are prone to be more sensitive and selective when it comes to food they eat. This is where Beneful comes in handy. The company has put in place effective commercials to expand its client base. These ads are not only meant to put a smile on the owner’s face but also to the subjects at hand, their dogs.

For instance, in one commercial, the food product is jubilantly prepared by a happy dog owner, with the notion, ‘a meal for two’ which is quite persuasive. Beneful has an advantage over other pet food products by the fact that it is grain free and most importantly contains all vital ingredients to raise a healthy and happy dog. It comes with an original flavor, thanks to the authentic ingredients incorporated which include accent fruits and vegetables, as well as real farm-raised chicken.

Dogs’ Voices and Beneful Grain-Free

Don’t you wish you could just ask your dog whether or not he likes his dog food. The Purina Beneful Grain-Free Dog Food commercials give dogs a voice and let them answer for themselves what they think of the food. Real meat ingredients become the stars of these commercials, right behind the delighted dog excited for the flavor. Dogs don’t seem to care if it’s grain-free but they are happy that their humans like it. A dog even points out how cute his human is for being happy at the dog food. Each dog shows off its unique personality with bouncy music to match, a joy with the flavors, and how happy they are that their humans take care of them. The commercials always end showing off the dog food bag so that everyone will know what to look for if they want to treat their dog to the same fantastic food.