Academy of Arts University: A Leader in Fashion Design and Education

Fashion enthusiasts from all over the world gathered at Skylight Carson Square for 21st annual New York Fashion Week Show hosted by the Academy of Art University. Five womenswear and two menswear collection were presented by some of the most talented BFA and MFA graduates of the university. The Academy of Art University has been a leading institution of fashion design since 1929.



Several of the fashion designs were inspired by the family and culture of the artists. Jelly Shan felt inspired by temples and prayer flags she discovered on a trip to India. The pride and strength represented in Cana Klebanoff’s designs was inspired by a Japanese Samurai. Joanna Jadallah’s inspiration came from the strength of her ancestors when they were forced to flee Palestine. Dina Marie Lam evoked warmth into her designs inspired by the passing of her aunt.



Many of the fashion designers were inspired by nature. Hailun Zhou discovered ideas for her designs during a one day journey for a creative concept class. Saya Shen transferred her own photographs of nature into her fabric.



Artists also incorporated unique design techniques in their work. The expression of light inspired Ryan Yu to create a design contrasted by black and white. Carlos Rodriquez used embroidery techniques to create exceptional garments. Eden Slezin collected recycled materials to make vintage denim designs.



The Academy of Art University provides students with an excellent learning environment. Located in the urban area of San Francisco, students are exposed to culture and diversity. Students are also surrounded by a supportive community to help them reach their full potential.



The faculty at the Academy of Art University are leading professionals in their field. As art and design experts, faculty members continue learning new concepts and techniques. Faculty members also maintain professional careers outside of the university.



The Academy of Art University provides a variety of concentrations in fashion design. Examples of concentration areas include Fashion Styling, Costume Design, and Textile Design. Students can also focus on Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.

Top 5 Anime Badasses


Let’s face it, there are some really badass anime characters out there. And within that bastion of badass-itude lies the characters that make anime what it is. Here are our picks for the Top 5 most bad ass anime characters


  1. Rei Ayanami (Neo Genesis Evangelion)

The pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, Rei’s cold personality is betrayed by her intense fighting ability and masterful control of her Evangelion unit. Her icy exterior adds an allure to her unemotional yet calculating fighting style.


  1. Kamina (Gurren Lagaan)

Quite different from your standard anime idol figure, Kamina has an unwavering loyalty to the concept of manhood. With his trademark glasses, cape, and sword Kamina is easily one of the most badass characters in all of mecha anime.


  1. Alucard (Hellsing)

There’s not many people who can make the claim that they’re immortal. Hellsing can, and his bad assitude is judged not by his ability to survive, but by the way he toys with the mortality of his enemies, often mocking them in their final moments. Hellsing is cold, ruthless, powerful, and undeniably badass, and this belongs on any top anime list.


  1. All Might

On the newer show, My Hero Academia there is the main character All Might, the world’s greatest superhero. In the first we learn that All Might is suffering from a degenerative issue that causes him massive pain. But, because of his status as a world’s hero, All Might hides it and continues to fight no matter what.


  1. Itachi Uchiha

An anime fan favorite, Itachi was a genius ninja from a very young age. He is provides primary motivation for his younger brother Sasuke after Itachi slaughters their entire village. We’ll say that again, Itachi, slaughtered an entire ninja village by himself.