Gregory Aziz – Transforming Passion into Success

Only a few companies have altered the landscape of North America the way National Steel Car has, over the past years. Gregory J Aziz is the man behind the success of this firm. He is the Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is North America’s leading organization for rail coach designing and construction.

Gregory J Aziz’s hometown in Ontario, located in Canada, where he was born in the year 1949. He studied Economics at the University of Western Ontario following his schooling at Ridley College. He gained experience in commerce by entering the food distribution company owned by his family. This business expanded to become a leading exporter of packed food to several areas of America and Canada. He then ventured into the banking sector. Greg Aziz worked in various capacities at financial firms during the period beginning from the 1980s and through the 1990s. Eventually, he was able to raise capital and connections to acquire the national Steel Car Company. Dofasco sold the firm to Mr. Aziz in 1994.

The vision of Greg James Aziz pertained to the development and expansion of national Steel Car into a flourishing business. National Steel Car was a moderately successful venture before its takeover by Greg Aziz. Mr. Aziz’s commitment and hard work paid off as National Steel Car gradually grew into a large firm. However, this was not an easy task. Gregory Aziz infused the organization with new life by developing its construction sector, generating human resources to increase efficiency and through massive financial input.

National Steel Car began as a small-scale venture, with an output of 3500 rail coaches in one year. Under the aegis of Gregory Aziz, this remarkably increased to 12000 cars. The workforce also phenomenally grew to 3000 persons from an organization of just 600 people.


National Steel Car believes in giving back to the Hamilton society as well. It actively supports philanthropic initiatives such as the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Salvation Army and the Hamilton Opera. The firm organizes an annual gala for the members of staff and their dependents on Christmas. This is conducted with the aim of boosting company morale and encouraging team spirit with a sense of togetherness. National Steel Car also contributes food to charitable groups that distribute it to those in need. Go To This Page to learn more


Gregory Aziz has established a place for himself in the transport manufacturing business as an exceptional leader with astute business vision.

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David McDonald: An Important Player In The OSI Group’s Growth

David McDonald, president and COO of global food industry giant the OSI Group, has been with the company for 30 years. During that time it has expanded from primarily focusing on providing McDonald’s growing list of franchisees with meat patties and selling meat to local restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois, to juggernaut with 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries worldwide. David McDonald has played a major role in this growth because of his educational background, ability to work productively with a wide range of people and clear understanding of the goals of the company and needs of the customers.

Born in Iowa, David McDonald grew up on a farm. His interest in biology and agriculture led to him pursuing a degree in animal science at Iowa State University. An excellent student, McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award when he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1987. He was hired by the Aurora, Illinois based food services company the OSI Group shortly afterwards. David McDonald started out as a project manager and his excellent performance led to him receiving a series of promotions until he was eventually named chief operating officer and president.

Since McDonald joined the company, the OSI Group has undertaken an ambitious expansion program that has seen them open facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, Central and South America. David McDonald has helped the company to thrive in spite of the diverse cultures of the customer bases the company has reached out to over the years. His incredible work with the logistics team has made it easier for the OSI Group to remain atop a global food market that’s constantly evolving. McDonald’s ability to work in harmony with local marketers no matter the country has kept the company’s global expansion efforts moving along smoothly.

With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group is able to gain the trust of the local people, understand their needs and deliver the products that they want. The OSI Group regularly delivers a vital portion of the food people all around the world eat every day. McDonald is able to help the company overcome the infrastructure and technical issues it faces while partnering with suppliers and working with governments all over the globe. He explained that remaining flexible, building solid relationships and delivering the highest quality food products have been crucial to the growth of the OSI Group.

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Gregory Aziz: Transforming Transportation

If there is one thing that remains a constant in our ever evolving and thriving world, it is our need for ease of transportation and our endless need for it to evolve. If you can accomplish such, there is no doubt for your success.

This is the essential goal of the company called National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. They produce, build and sell man of the cars we see attached to trains today. While the company was founded over 100 years ago in 1912, they clearly are run by someone new. This person is named Gregory James Aziz and he took the company over in 1994, by this time he is more than a season professional of the railroad freight industry, especially considering the substantial growth in numbers since his succession of the company. While the company’s main drive is to create a perfect experience for the customer, and an excellent product – the folks at National Steel Car also have a drive for innovation. They’re goal is to be ever evolving, setting new standards for both the freight industry as well as the transportation industry.

Gregory Aziz – Chairman, CEO, and President of National Steel Car – has been so for 25 years and his first 5 years at the company proved him more than capable to be its leader. In 1994, the company was producing around 3,500 cars a year and employed roughly 600 people. Fast forward to 1999 and the company produced 12,000 cars and employed 3,000 people! Go Here for more information.

Aziz had previously worked at his family’s wholesale food company called Affiliated Foods, where he implemented his economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, to provide Affiliated Foods with worldwide success. Working there for 16 years and with the success of the company, he then had everything he needed to venture to New York.


This is where preparation met opportunity for Gregory Aziz, and he then became the lead of National Steel Car thus ensuring success for the second company in his lifetime. Through further improvements, expansions, and an amazing team of engineers – Gregory lead the company to excellence through many achievements.


The company is ever evolving and, but one thing remains – they give back to their community. Every year, they hold an annual Christmas party where the company allows past and present employees to participate in a food drive despite the fact that they already sponsor The United Way, Salvation Army, and so many more.


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Jason Hope Endorses Glucospane Reduction Research to Combat the Aging Process

Most people do not like to grow old or they truly want to age gracefully. The problem with growing older has to do with reduced physical performance, a decrease in physical appearance and being susceptible to various conditions caused by aging. All of these issues impact a person’s health and well being as they mature.

Also, the natural metabolic processes that all people have begin to slow down as they age. In other words, the longer a person lives the less energy they will have, they will lose the use of their organs and systems and they will require a lot more sleep. Many people accept the fact that old age is just a natural part of life. However, there are some people who refuse to let age in the way of living.

One such person is named Jason Hope. He is a futurist with a knack for predicting the upcoming use of technology for businesses. Hope is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He loves to give to charitable organizations. In the past he has given to the T Gen Foundation and to Teach for America Phoenix. He has even given donations to The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. Hope is an outstanding donor who makes it a point to support causes that incites his passion.

In 2010, Jason Hope made a huge $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation. This organization works in the field of regenerative medical research. SENS Foundation tries to find solutions to problems related to age and diseases. This organization is doing research in the area of glucospane reduction.

In case you didn’t know, glucospane is a waste material that builds up in a person’s cells over time. This substance plays a critical role in the aging process. Glucospane works against the body by degrading the cells. This one reason why people have saggy and wrinkly skin. This waste product is also responsible for causing many of the diseases and conditions that people experience when they grow older.

Jason Hope realizes that no one can completely stop the aging process. However, the right type of medicine can slow it down a lot. Researchers at SENS are working hard to figure out how to perform this process. SENS is performing work in various areas of cellular function and repair. They are getting closer everyday to figuring out a solution.

IDLife Also Sells Skincare Products To Keep Your Skin Healthy

There are many opportunities out there to become an independent consultant of a product company to make a little extra income for all the bills that come along with life. The only thing that stinks about many of the companies that allow for consultants is that their products don’t work, or they do work and there is no demand for them. One thing there will always be a demand for is health and nutrition products because there will always be people trying to better their lives by deciding to take care of their body’s better. Now the very popular company IDLife who is known for their personalized health assessments that match customers with just the right products is allowing for consultants to sell their products also.

The hardest thing about reaching your goals is when you don’t have all the resources you need to get there. With IDLife customers can reach their goals because they are provided with everything they need to get there from IDLife. The same way IDLife consultants are provided with everything they need in a starter kit to sell IDLife products and make an income.

IDLife is not only a great company to become a consultant for because their products are always a demand, but it is also great for the person selling because chances are they are a true IDLife product lover and have a great success story from using IDLife products.

One of IDLife’s most popular products is their hydrate products. This is because many people become dehydrated well working out simply because they don’t like the taste of plain old water, so they don’t drink it. IDLife’s hydrate provides people with a way to make water not only taste better but hydrate them more. It is extremely important to stay hydrated because if you don’t you won’t feel good and are more likely to give up on your goals. Another great product that IDLife has come out with is their skin care products. These products provide customers with great looking and great feeling skin that will give them even more confidence along with their success they have achieved from the other IDLife products they are using. IDlife sells many other products along with skincare and hydrate.

If you want to know more about IDLife and want to discover more of their products head on over to their website for more information on what they have.

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Review of Whitney Wolfe’s Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble, a dating app. She has flourished at matchmaking with her unique dating app that has over 20 million users and only allows connections when a woman makes the first move. Interestingly, Whitney Wolfe also took the lead in her relationship with Michael Herd, which culminated in their fabulous wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Planning the Wedding

Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd planned for their dream wedding in a venue that neither of them had visited before. Whitney explained that the two were planning to hold a surprise wedding to them and the guests scheduled to attend. She trusted her wedding planner to deliver the best event and they delivered just that. She revealed that her friends recommended the venue of their wedding, Villa Tre Ville. The couple wanted their wedding to be a nonstop party, full of fun and celebrate southern Italy.


A number of luxe weddings have been held I the past and then there are weddings which redefine the name luxe in its entirety. Whitney Wolfe’s wedding belonged to the latter. The wedding was characterized with an arena-style seating, a number of yachts and nothing less than six changes of designer outfits. The wedding was held in Villa Tre Ville along the Amalfi Coast but they kept its coverage on social media at a bare minimum.Whitney Wolfe enlisted the services of Cynthia Cook Smith, a wedding stylist who has worked on a number of prolific weddings. The stylist was charged with maintaining her looks throughout the four days. She wore designer dresses on all the four days. On the first night on a Thursday, she wore a couture Giambattista Valli. On Friday, she chose a silk blue Oscar de la Renta. In the evening she came out in a Saint Laurent sequined dress. She wore an Oscar de la Renta couture lace gown that featured a four foot train and changed into two more dresses later on.

About Whitney Wolfe and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur based in America. She is currently the CEO of Bumble, a dating app she founded. She has won a number of accolades for her work in the tech industry. She founded Bumble together with Andrey Andreev, the founder of a social networking site, Badoo. Together they launched Bumble in 2014. Whitney Wolfe went to the Southern Methodist University and did a major in International Studies. She developed Bumble as a result of the online harassment that women and herself in particular are subjected to.

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Under David McDonald Leadership OSI Group is Growing to Greater Heights

According to the article on FOOD & DRINK Magazine, global companies are local; an organization that has branches in the U.S., China, and Europe can’t run a one-size-fits-all operation. The talent pool, cultural nuances, and government regulations could all influence how a company is being run. In the industry of food, that considerations list also includes the taste buds of consumers.

David McDonald, OSI Group president, said that they are positioned well in that they have a global network, precisely with people from their organization in plants or offices worldwide. They have a global operation, meaning that they have a scale in size, but they have teams of local management that are very understanding and very sensitive to the local tastes and cultures. It is the efficiency and power of global scale along with local solutions.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It’s a world leader in supplying protein items that are value-added, like beef patties and sausage links. Also, OSI Group supplies items like pizza and sandwiches, to leading retail brands and foodservice. The privately held corporation is operating over 50 facilities in 17 nations, and it’s currently using its strategy of global-efficiency, local-solution in expanding its presence in China. The company has been operating in China for more than two decades, and as the economy of the country has grown, the presence of OSI Group has grown with it.

It’s operating eight factories plus with two new facilities in progress OSI is going to be the largest poultry producer in China. In 2012, OSI initiated a new venture on a mega-plant for more processing in Henan province. McDonald said that China was their focus for all the reasons they read about every day. It’s continuing to be world’ largest growing consumer market. Therefore, it has the population power, but that population is getting more affluent, as well. For more info about us: click here.

McDonald is a holder of Animal Science degree, which he received from Iowa State University in the year 1987. He serves as Chief Operating Officer as well as president of OSI Group, LLC. He used to serve as OSI Industries Project Manager. He serves as North American Meat Institute chairman. From Dec. 2008 until June 27, 2017, McDonald has been serving Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an Independent Director. He’s a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. He serves as OSI International Foods (Australia) Proprietary Ltd. Director.

Roberto Santiago’s Mall Continues to Wow Visitors

Those who have visited the Manaira Shopping Center know the mall is much different than any other mall in the country. In fact, it is much different from any mall in the world. Roberto Santiago did it that way so people would be able to get exactly what they needed from it. He wanted those who visited the mall to have a chance at a more positive opportunity while they were shopping. It was part of what made him a great developer so they would have a chance to enjoy the mall the way they wanted to. He did his best to try different options no matter what was going on in their trip to Brazil. For things to make sense for Roberto Santiago, he knew he would need to make the best choice possible for the mall. It was the decisions that he made that have helped to shape Manaira into what it currently is.


Shopping is a fun experience for those who want to come to the mall. Roberto Santiago knew this when he started the mall but he also knew he would have to do things to make specific changes to the way people were able to shop while they were at the mall. It made sense for Roberto Santiago to try different things since he was doing all he could to make the business better. It was one of the best opportunities Roberto Santiago had in his career and was actually one of the high points of it. Since he made exclusive deals with other businessmen, he knew he could make the right choices for the mall.


Even when Roberto Santiago was creating the mall, he knew he would have to make things better for those who wanted entertainment. Even though Manaira has over 11 theaters that are similar to what is offered at other malls, Roberto Santiago knew he needed to do more. There is now an entertainment complex on the roof of Manaira. It is different from what other malls have because of the way Roberto Santiago created it for different people to enjoy it.


Even the lodging opportunities Manaira has mattered to Roberto Santiago. He knew people were constantly looking for different things while they were at the mall. He didn’t want them to have to worry about where they were going to stay if they were visiting the mall as tourists. For that reason, Roberto Santiago created the Manaira Hotel. People who were visiting the mall could stay there. It was convenient because it is close to the mall. It was also convenient because it allowed people the chance to visit a location where they could shop and enjoy different things on their own.


Anthony Petrello- A mathematics genius turned corporate manager

Anthony Petrello is the chairman and chief executive officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries is the modern world oil Company and Natural Gas Company. They deal with oil and natural gases drilling in almost every continent. They have a presence in the United States, Far East, Middle East, and Africa. They are the biggest company in this sector in the whole world.

Anthony Petrello has always been a dedicated individual right from his childhood. Immediately he went to school he showed some exceptional brilliance in mathematics. He could handle problems that other of his peers could not even attempt. In his lower level of education, he could handle mathematical problems that only someone with an advanced level of education would attempt, yet he had no training on the same. This was exceptional. He was a mathematics genius. Having been born from humble beginning, Petrello applied every effort to see that his future and that of his parents would one day shine. He was an avid reader and did not disappoint in his education. He did exceptionally well. His dream was to study heard and join a prestigious institution of higher learning, where he could advance his talent in mathematics. When he was 18 years old, this dream came true when he was offered a scholarship by the Yale University after they spotted his exceptional talent in mathematics. At the institution he would be mentored by a professor of mathematics Serge Lang. he was offered a full scholarship that would see him complete all his studies at the institution. At the university, he assisted his mentor Serge Lang with some of his research work. He earned a bachelor and a masters degree in mathematics at this institution. Away from education, it is at Yale where he met his to be wife, Cynthia. For more info about us: click here.

While at the Yale University, Anthony Petrello lost interest in mathematics and decided to quit and join the Harvard law school. After the law school, Anthony joined Bakers &Mackenzie law firm. He joined their New York office where he worked between 1986 and 1991. At some point, he was the managing partner of the offices.

Anthony Petrello is a firm believer that people are meant to assist one another. Despite his success a business manager, he always strives to give back to the community in the best way he can. He is involved in charity work meant to help children with disabilities as well as those who need educational assistance.

Equities First – Importance of Finance and Its Role within Business

The indispensable use of financial instruments, for instance, loans and investments, is basic for growth of every business. Financial trends also portray the state of the economy on global level, empowering national banks to properly get ready for financial policies. With the present financial emergency, it is basic for organizations to look for alternative loaning solutions. A giant in the sector is Equities First Holdings; a company that was started in 2002 and so far it has given services for 15 years by supporting new businesses and people. The leader in loaning services has kept on giving solutions and quick stock-based loans where traditional services could not apply. Finance is all about the process of establishing, shifting and using money while ensuring the cash flow within the organization in the same manner it facilitates world cash flow. It is the forces of sales that brings about the money – when the company trades its merchandise or services. Received money is then utilized in production and applied to obtain more products for sale. What does that mean? Without money, there is no business! and more information click here.

Thus, any company that runs out of cash, its trade operations get affected. By comprehending the centrality of your business finances, Equities First Holdings is an extraordinary organization that intervenes your crisis when your small business is at that critical stage. All the world monetary facets depend on the systematic advance of finances. Capital markets offer money to bolster ventures while organizations give the cash in supporting people. Equities First Holdings is hyper-centered permitting the association to work on the arrangement by arrangement premise. Subsequent to applying the loan, the loan procedure is novel being transparent, secure and straightforward. For borrowers, the initial step is to contact the group of experts concerning the measure of funding and the suggested collateral. In today’s world, Equities First has made a significant effect and its Linkedin.