Norman Pattiz Announces New Podcast


Beyond The Darkness is a new podcast that is attracting the attention of listeners who are interested in the paranormal. PodcastOne executive chairman and founder Norman Pattiz recently announced that Beyond the Darkness is available for listeners. The show is the newest addition to WWE celebrity Chris Jericho’s podcast network, and the show also falls under the PodcastOne umbrella. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader, a radio host and author.


Pattiz also asserted that Jericho has established himself as a valuable asset to the PodcastOne network. Pattiz shared that when Chris began the Jericho Network collection, he and his colleagues knew that Jericho’s career would extend beyond wrestling.


Jericho revealed that he’s excited and slightly creeped out to introduce the Beyond the Darkness podcast to the Jericho Network. He says that host Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are well versed in the paranormal and bring a huge fanbase with them. Jericho says that the show is sure to garner the interest of people who enjoy being frightened as they broaden their minds and explore the possibility of entertaining beings of another dimension.


Beyond the Darkness will include stimulating and revealing conversations with researchers who are known worldwide for their work and hair-raising findings. Those who have experienced the parasol will also be featured on the podcast. The show is designed to challenge common notions about spiritual beings, including angels, demons, ghosts, aliens and monsters and how these beings interact with humans. The concept of miracles all also be discussed on the podcast. Beyond the Darkness will be broadcast each Monday on The show will also be available on iTunes and the PodcastOne app.


PodcastOne is the leading advertiser-supported podcast network in the country. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. Based on Pattiz’s impressive professional track record, Beyond the Darkness is predicted to be a hit podcast with a loyal following. Currently, PodcastOne hosts over 200 popular podcasts that are heard all around the world, including shows from celebrities like Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Dan Patrick, Barstool Sports, Dr. Dew, Ross Matthews, Chris Weber and the Forbes on PodcastOne.

Anthony Petrello Makes Use Of A Strategic Approach In Way Of Minimizing Economic Volatilty

Anthony Petrello is a leader that assures his stakeholders, and client base are properly considered. He makes use of leveraging in order to achieve the highest end result, in way of earnings. His approach is to couple with other progressive organizations, within the oil and gas industry, in order to assure the greatest of standards are met.

The idea behind leveraging is to assure standards are the highest possible, in way of operations. The client’s budgetary requirements, too, are taken into account. The equipment used, in order to provide precise well-boring is carried out, is used. The impact of proper wellbore placement, Anthony Petrello, knows, is necessary, in order to achieve the optimum capacities as to oil, out in the field.

Read more on Bloomberg and Wikipedia for more details about the life of Anthony Petrello.

Another area that remains integral to the entire operation, is attaining the proper data: as it applies to the process. The automation process is addressed by way of the best technological data-software upgrades. The equipment needs are solved by providing the labor staff, out in the oilfield, with the best and most technologically-sound equipment. Anthony Petrello has reduced risk-elements by deploying technologies pertinent to the oil and gas operation.

Petrello makes use of alliances, as mentioned above, with other strong oil and gas equipment providers and services, working in a spirit of unity. It is this preceding union that brings about the highest in oilfield efficiencies for the client; as well as Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s shareholders. The shareholder and company value, it is apparent, both play a role, with regard to Anthony Petrello’s overall strategy.

He knows that there is risk, and he minimizes risk: by making use of the proper equipment, human-resources, and data solutions. He keeps sound accounting practices in place. His intelligence in recognizing what needs to stay and what needs to happen is what keeps Nabors Industries, Ltd., moving on, in prosperity, now and into the future.

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Kate Hudson And Adam Goldenberg Bring Forth A Ton Of Customers


When starting a business and trying to bring it to success, business owners can be met with a lot of challenges. For one thing, people have to not only know about the company but also be persuaded to shop at the company. This is where Kate Hudson comes in. Kate Hudson is not only involved with TechStyle but is also involved with the establishment of one of the brands. As a matter of fact, Fabletics, recently name changed to TechStyle, is every bit as much her idea as it is Adam Goldenberg‘s. She has seen the opening in the market for some innovation. Also, her star quality has encouraged plenty of people to sign up for the service.

Vator Splash Oakland – What’s it like to be a Unicorn? Adam Goldenberg (CEO, JustFab)

Adam and Kate have solved the problem of bringing forth customers. However, they were also aware of the other issue that company owners have to solve. They had to figure out how to keep customers. While many customers would stay with a company that offers good products in many cases, there is a growing number of customers that pay close attention to other practices of the company. For one thing, more customers are waking up to the fact that they don’t want to do business with a company just for the products. They want to make sure that the company is making positive changes in every aspect of the world it is involved in. Customers would not feel comfortable if they were buying products from unethical practices.


Fortunately for Adam Goldenberg, he has shown that he is one of the most ethical people when it comes to offering products, and his bio on Crosscut attests to this commitment. He has also encouraged a lot of creative expression in the design of these products so that people will feel a sense of fun when they shop at one of the brands of TechStyle. People will find some fun items and support great business practices.  With an entrepreneur at the helm like Adam Goldenberg, you definitely know you’re in good hands.

Former NBA ownership group sues insurance company over contract breach

The former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC group filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire insurance company over Ferry settlement. The lawsuit involves the resolution of various claims and allegations pointed out by the former General Manager Danny Ferry as a breach of contract.

The former ownership group involved controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Nevertheless, the filed complaint does not include Tony Ressler who is the current owner and major principal of Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on 13 Aug; against the insurance company is a civil process for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The former Hawks ownership group claims to have been insured under a particular practice that covered various work related losses concerns including, but not limited to, specific practices of wrongful termination and workplace Torts. ABHE claims to have given notice to the insurance company stating that claims asserted by Ferry were covered in the policy.

On June 22, 2015, Hawks ownership and Danny Ferry arrived at a concealed agreement ending a six-year relationship. Exactly two days later Tony Ressler purchased the franchise.

The current ownership group of Hawks clearly stated that they do not have any ties with Atlanta Hawks organization.

In accordance to the court document, the lawsuit indicates that the amount of the confidential limits of the liability of the rule is enough to serve AHBEs claim. The order states the AIG failed to acknowledge that a complaint was made and also the AIG neglected to recognize that the policy was triggered. Hence, the order claims a breach of contract since the insurance company failed to pay for settlement agreed under the policy.

Time Magazine describes Bruce Levenson as a prominent entrepreneur, a founder of various organizations including UCG and also a philanthropist. Bruce attended Washington University and later graduated from American University. Bruce is a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC; Atlanta Hawks owns Philip Arena and Atlanta Hawks. Levenson is also a board member of the various companies including Tech Target.


Sujit Choudhry and his Impact in the Legal Sector

In the recent past, comparative law has gained popularity due to democratization, internationalism, as well as economic globalization. The comparative law deals with the similarities and differences between the laws of different countries. It involves the study of several legal systems that exist in the world, such as the civil law, Canon law, Islamic law, Chinese law, common law, socialist law, Jewish law, and Hindu law. The comparative law includes the analysis and description of international legal structures, even where clear comparisons are missing. Comparative law has been divided into other fields such as the comparative constitutional law, comparative civil law, comparative criminal law, comparative administrative law, and comparative commercial law.

Comparative law serves three major purposes which include perfecting the legal systems being used, unification of legal systems, and acquiring deeper knowledge of the legal structures in effect. Regardless of the differences between comparative law and other legal fields, the other legal fields borrow quite a lot from comparative law. For instance, knowledge in comparative law can be used to assist international legal institutions in evaluating the laws of other countries concerning their treaty obligations. The comparative law can also be applied in private international law especially in conflict analysis.

Sujit Choudhry is a globally recognized leader in comparative constitutional law. He was an advisor to the constitutional building process in Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Tunisia, Jordan, and many other states. Most of his research addresses most of the issues in comparative constitutional laws, such as constitutional design as a tool for managing successful transitions from violent conflicts to peaceful democratic political affairs; federalism, constitutional design in ethnically separated communities; official language rules, constitutional courts, and constitution building.

Sujit is an author and has published more that ninety book chapters, articles, and reports. He is part of the executive team of the International Society of Public Law (ICONS). In addition, he is part of the editorial board of the Constitutional Court Review. Sujit founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which generates and mobilize knowledge to support constitutional building. Sujit is a law professor at the Berkeley Law School. Sujit trained at Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford.

The Historical Journey Of Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican company that provides technical and support services to oil companies operating in the Mexican waters and international waters. The energy-sector service company was founded in 1979. Over the years, the company has grown to be one of the leading providers of offshore services in the industry. Cotemar provides its services mainly to Petroleos Mexicanos, especially in its gas and oil drilling and producing operations.

The company’s determination to provide innovative services in the industry started as early as 1981. In that year, it acquired a barge, a ship, and a tag boat. The three vessels raised its standings in the industry and quickly propelled it into a market leader. With the addition of specialized vessels, Cotemar could now provide reliable material and personnel transporting services to its clients.

In 1985, a customer acquired its first rig. This platform provided the company with the chance to offer food and accommodation services to workers engaged in offshore activities. The rig ensured minimal wastage of time as workers could stay on the site comfortably. It also significantly lowered the expenses incurred by its clients.

With the desire to continue its domination, Cotemar acquired more vessels in 1988. The new vessels expanded the company’s capabilities. Cotemar could now provide various services such as catering & accommodation, personnel & material, and construction & maintenance. The new additions increased the number of the company’s assets to five rigs and three specialized vessels. These services enabled the company to increase its profitability margins.

With the increasing oil explorations in the Gulf of Mexico, the company saw the need to introduce Hibernia in 2002. This was the first rig to be acquired by Hibernia in the 21st century. More investments by the corporation followed ten years later when it started the construction of two semi-submersible rigs. COSCO built the platforms. In the same year, Cotemar introduced new specialized crane and maintenance vessels to its fleet. The vessels were to be used to transport solid and liquid materials. With the introduction of Atlantis, Neptuno, and two new submersible rigs, the company’s fleet has continued to expand.

The continuous growth of Cotemar has made the company one of the most attractive employers in Mexico. The corporation has recruited the services of over 8,000 talented employees. Frequently, Cotemar advertises for vacancies on its website. Through the online platform, Job seekers can apply for the positions that match their experiences and educational background. The company also provides training and internships to university students.


The Reason Why Raj Fernando recruits only “A” players for Chopper Trading

When the markets get open, the trading floor is often intense and bustling. According to the Chopper Trading room, it is an opposite of what happens there. According to reliable sources, you will find the 150 employees of Chopper Trading Company in the 3,000-square-feet spaciousness winding down or lifting weights with some poker or table tennis. When the work is done, they usually roll out in groups and takes advantage of the tickets provided by the company to cheer the Cubs, Sox, Bulls, or Blackhawks.

According to the employees, the nature of the business is stressful. It requires maximum concentration to have things right. Raj Fernando, the current Chief Executive Officer of the company, wants to keep the surroundings as pleasant as possible. For this reason, his employees will work for the greater benefit of the enterprise.

When it comes to hiring and employing, his approach is different from those used by his competitors. For instance, some of his competitors employ a group of 30 individuals. After conducting an important training with them, they end up firing 27 employees and remain with three. This roller-coaster hiring method is never beneficial. According to Raj Fernando, his hiring criterion is unique. His purpose if to bring in long-term employees committed to serving the mission and vision of the company to retirement he looks for the best and passionate. Therefore, his workforce is among the best in the world.

In 2002, he established a rule for bringing in employees when he founded the company. According to Raj Fernando, he doesn’t care much about how much money they are going to gain from the employee. However, his main concern is if they are going to make the company miserable. Those are the employees who must be kept off from a company. He also said that the employee must marry with the customs of the company. The two entities must incorporate to make a working group. While in the interview process, Raj Fernando has the capability to note the potential workers. He has the right questions to determine the willingness of a prospective employee to provide high-end services.

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Organo Gold’s New Rewards Program

As of December 2015, Organo Gold’s CEO, Bernardo Chua announced the business’s first rewards program on the blog site. It is called Preferred Customers and U.S., Mexican and Canadian residents are eligible to participate. Its four main benefits are savings, support system, special discounts and top quality customer rewards. Members of the last are required to join the monthly program in order to receive 25 percent off of their purchases of the products. The rewards program also gives both customers and distributors advantageous savings. Chua and his team have received two People’s Choice Awards along with the Dangal ng Bayan Award and Organo Gold is now recognized in over 40 different countries.

Bernardo Chua is known for producing the company’s tea and coffee using an herb called Ganoderma. It is a type of mushroom that has been used in China since the ancient times for various healing purposes. Chua founded Organo Gold partly for the purpose of better educating the public about the benefits of Ganoderma. Chua didn’t stop with the teas and coffees; he also mixes Ganoderma into personal care and supplemental products.

Before founding Organo Gold, Chua worked as an executive with Gano Excel in his native Phillipines. After expanding the company throughout Hong Kong, Canada and the U.S., Chua moved to the U.S. in order to further help expand the education about the benefits of Ganoderma to the general public. Organo Gold has been in business since 2008 and continues to make Bernardo Chua’s vision of sharing the benefits of Ganoderma with the public a wonderful reality.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook for more on Organo, and his Twitter account for continued updates.

Keeping Healthcare Employed

After discovering that the healthcare industry was struggling to fill jobs and keep them occupied, Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing to help seal the many voids within the industry. He has specifically played a vital role in the growth of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors by bringing quality candidates to companies in dire need of help. Aside from being the founder of HCRC Staffing, Brian is also a chiropractor. He has always expressed an interest in medicine and the lives that can be positively impacted by its healing properties. Through his passion in the medical field, his desire is to build lasting and meaningful partnerships.

Brian is a man that is described by his colleagues to bring permanent solutions wherever they are needed. His current customer base of 200 is located worldwide with connections reaching all the way to Asia. No matter where his client is, even if they’re across the globe, Brian wishes to fulfill any request or question that they need to have answered. With the consistency that Torchin brings to the table, he has been able to grow his company into one of the nation’s largest within the health field.

Brian naturally carries a positive influence within the business world, which is hard to accomplish in a negatively focused society. There are no excuses with Brian, though, his relationships with clients and medical facilities have remained stable, unchanging in the drifting winds of the economy. With a history like Brian’s, there is no doubt in the mind of the customer when they put their needs in his hands.  BitsyLink has a great article on what Brian has done in the industry, and how he continues to make a difference.

Kenneth Goodgame – A Comprehensive Approach to Growing a Business

Kenneth Goodgame has an impressive resume. Goodgame was SVP CMO for True Value Company, and prior to that position, he held executive leadership positions at The Home Depot, TTi, and Ace Hardware. Goodgame understands how to grow a business and that was evident in every one of his positions. Combining the corporation’s mission with employee satisfaction, Goodgame ensured that everyone was happy and everyone’s needs were met. He was able to increase productivity and help with the bottom line.

Goodgame has a firm understanding of all the factors that go into creating a profitable business. He makes sure everything is accounted for, from employee engagement to quality assurance to cost analysis. Furthermore, Goodgame understands that quality leadership is important to the success of any business endeavor and he knows how to bring out the best in his company’s leaders. Kenneth Goodgame recognizes that all factors of a company must work together harmoniously to bring about optimum results. If a company is suffering in a certain area, it isn’t just that area that needs to be reviewed; it is the entire company and its way of doing business that needs to be reviewed. Goodgame understands this, and he has the ability to get every part of the company working together because of his extensive background and experience.

Goodgame also writes and lectures using his insightful business knowledge to help others who are concerned about succeeding in business. In addition to his lucrative professional life, Goodgame is also involved in a number of non-profit organizations.