Gregory James Aziz as the President of the National Steel Car.

Gregory James Aziz is the current president of the National Steel Car. Furthermore, he is also the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the company. His pragmatic leadership in the field areas of management have placed the firm at a vantage position of achieving its goals. The company has been ranked as the best company in the production of the freight cars since 1999. The significant factor that has made the company to be factored among the top quality producing companies is the ability to stick to the required standard of the cars in the market. The company is located in Hamilton. Greg J Aziz was born I London in 1949 and later joined the University of Western Ontario to study economics.

Greg Aziz helped in the run of the previous family business that was dealing in the matters of food. For almost 16 years upon the inception of the food company, it has been doing well. This factor motivated James Aziz to look for more investment opportunities further. He then extended the wings of the company to import the fresh food from other parts of the world such as Europe and South America. Additionally, there are some of the retail business that is being supplied by the company in the United States and Canada.

In the year 1994, Greg climbed the corporate ladder by acquiring the National Steel Car from Dofasco. He crafted all the goals that will make the company among the leading in the production of the freight cars in the engineering capacity. For him to achieve the dream of his business, he did a lot of research with the purpose of setting a new concrete foundation for the newly acquired company. He approaches the goals achievement dreams by using the strategy of teamwork in setting a sound basis for producing the quality cars. Through this move, He Company then pushed its production level from 3,500 cars to almost 12,000 that fits the required quality. The number of employees also increases gradually due to the demanding workforce.

The determination of the Greg Aziz in building a good reputation of the National Steel Car Company has marked the company innovation in the entire North America. The company is trusted across the globe by its clients since it has been certified by ISO to produce railroad cargo cars. The culture of quality production and innovation in the company has been vibrant for the last 18 years. This made the company being nominated among many other companies and won the TTX SECO quality award. Aside from that, the company has chipped in assists to the community on many occasion such as sponsoring activities. Some of the activities that National Steel Car sponsor include the United Way and the Hamilton Opera. Furthermore, Greg and his wife run some agricultural projects in Canada for the benefit of the community.