Brazil Is Latin America’s Largest Startup Country

Forbes published an article in 2012 that said Brazil was one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Brazil economic growth has been slow over the last five years, but the recession didn’t stop Brazilians from starting companies or working for small businesses in the tech and energy field. According to Flavio Maluf on, the CEO of Eucatex, there are 4,200 new startups in Brazil now, and those companies are reducing the unemployment rate and poverty in cities like Sao Paulo and Rio. Brazilians are famous for making due when the economy goes sour. Two of Brazil’s business sectors, healthcare, and education, are the two areas that have received the most attention from new startup innovators and investors, according to Maluf.

Flavio Maluf knows something about taking a business to the next level. Eucatex was a successful company when Maluf joined the family business in 1987, but when he became president of the company in 1997, Eucatex became an international building material supply giant. Maluf was able to turn Eucatex into an international superstar because of the Brazilian work ethic and his environmentally friendly agenda. Today, all Eucatex offices and factories use renewal energy, and the company leases land to grow Eucalyptus trees to replace the trees the company uses to make some of their products.

Brazilian startups would like to follow in the business footsteps of companies like Eucatex. But there are hurdles to overcome. Brazil’s economy is still contracting. But a 2017 government report claims the economy will get better, but not as great as some politicians predicted on The push to start new tech companies that use digital marketing, customer service, and unique designs and advertising layouts are the startups that will succeed in 2017, according to Maluf. Online purchasing from startups grew by 24 percent in 2014, and online purchases from startups continue to increase by double digits the last two years. In ten years, Brazil will be the third largest economy in the world, so Flavio Maluf is telling investors to get into the startup market now before it is too late. There are great opportunities in finance, agriculture, e-commerce, education, and the tech sectors, according to Maluf at

Anthony Petrello Makes Use Of A Strategic Approach In Way Of Minimizing Economic Volatilty

Anthony Petrello is a leader that assures his stakeholders, and client base are properly considered. He makes use of leveraging in order to achieve the highest end result, in way of earnings. His approach is to couple with other progressive organizations, within the oil and gas industry, in order to assure the greatest of standards are met.

The idea behind leveraging is to assure standards are the highest possible, in way of operations. The client’s budgetary requirements, too, are taken into account. The equipment used, in order to provide precise well-boring is carried out, is used. The impact of proper wellbore placement, Anthony Petrello, knows, is necessary, in order to achieve the optimum capacities as to oil, out in the field.

Read more on Bloomberg and Wikipedia for more details about the life of Anthony Petrello.

Another area that remains integral to the entire operation, is attaining the proper data: as it applies to the process. The automation process is addressed by way of the best technological data-software upgrades. The equipment needs are solved by providing the labor staff, out in the oilfield, with the best and most technologically-sound equipment. Anthony Petrello has reduced risk-elements by deploying technologies pertinent to the oil and gas operation.

Petrello makes use of alliances, as mentioned above, with other strong oil and gas equipment providers and services, working in a spirit of unity. It is this preceding union that brings about the highest in oilfield efficiencies for the client; as well as Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s shareholders. The shareholder and company value, it is apparent, both play a role, with regard to Anthony Petrello’s overall strategy.

He knows that there is risk, and he minimizes risk: by making use of the proper equipment, human-resources, and data solutions. He keeps sound accounting practices in place. His intelligence in recognizing what needs to stay and what needs to happen is what keeps Nabors Industries, Ltd., moving on, in prosperity, now and into the future.

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Todd Lubar Achievements in Mortgage Banking

Todd Lubar is currently considered to be one of the most influential businessmen in the real estate industry. At the moment, Todd Lubar is the chief executive officer and president of a company known as TDL Ventures. Under his leadership, TDL Ventures has grown significantly, becoming one of the leaders in real estate. The businessman also serves as the vice president of Legendary Properties. The businessman has several goals in life. He focuses on becoming a better person every day, and he also loves helping other individuals in the society. Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Todd Lubar started his career after completing his studied several years ago. At first, Lubar did not have any expertise in real estate, and he realized that working for a reliable company would suit him perfectly. His first position was at Crestor Mortgage as a loan originator. Working at the organization enabled him to acquire experience in conventional banking. He also met several professionals in the mortgage industry such as real estate planners, insurance planners, CPA’s and financial planners. Lubar networked with these professionals, forming great relationships that helped in his entire career.

Todd Lubar left Crestar Mortgage after several years. He acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group, one of the most successful organizations in the country. The equity position enabled Lubar to expand his lending capabilities. He would broke bigger and better loans for investors. The businessman was also giving credit to investors just like an independent Mortgage Bank.

After working with several organizations for a long time, Todd Lubar acquired enough skills and capital to start his company. The organization, known as Legendary Properties was founded residential real estate services to consumers in the country. The company did well under the leadership of the businessman, completing many transactions in just five years. Legendary Properties specializes in selling, buying and rehabilitating constructions. The organization made significant profit and sales, even during the great financial crisis. However, Todd Lubar was forced to diversity during the crisis to earn more money. Today, Todd Lubar remains to be part of the organization, and he works hard to ensure that it is one the best real estate companies in the country.

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It’s Not Enough For Bob Reina To Grow His Business, He Wants It To Be Life-Changing

Bob Reina has grown his business, Talk Fusion to an incredible size, a business that’s one of the industry leaders in voice and video marketing solutions. Reina has seen the profits increase like never before, and even won a product of the year award for Talk Fusion’s outstanding product quality and customer service. But Reina doesn’t just want Talk Fusion to just be about earning profits by the millions, he wants it to be a company dedicated to changing lives. Through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has already given much back to his community by starting up an animal shelter, supporting an orphanage in Indonesia, and starting up fundraisers for the local police department, of which he was a part of at one point.

Reina served on the force at his local police department for many years, but later decided he wanted a change in job fields. He decided to become an independent direct sales agent, working for various companies until he decided to start his own. Through an endeavor to create a video email marketing solution, he started up Talk Fusion in 2007, and the company became a success in a short time. It started out selling video email products to customers, but then included newsletters, chat programs, and online meeting programs. Talk Fusion operates on a unique direct selling model that allows interested customers to purchase its products both on its website, or through one of its independent associates.

Anyone who meets the qualifications can become a Talk Fusion associate and earn commissions off of products they sell, as well as free trials they help customers signup for. Talk Fusion’s free trials give customers 30 days to try products with all features included in them, and they don’t even need a credit card to do so. Associates who meet a quota of sales volume are able to qualify for various rewards programs that include bonus cash, vacation packages, and even new sports cars. Bob Reina‘s company has provided opportunities to those who’ve needed them and looks to continue doing so.

Duda Melzer, A Man Known For His Ethic

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, who is also known as “Duda Mezler“, is president and executive of the RBS Group. He is also the proprietor of media combination news coverage brands and stimulation in southern Brazil. Furthermore, Chairman and organizer of e.Bricks, a speculation organization in the computerized business with operations in Brazil and the United States.

Eduardo soon started his vocation in the United States. Before working in the company, he was a senior money related expert. He worked at Delphi and CEO of non-conventional media organization boxtop Media . In 2015, he was been on the rundown of pioneers of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. The relationship unites. Each year, 25 individuals from the new eras of business visionaries around the globe families, who are in front of business and are considered case to society.

Individual from the third era of Sirotsky family and grandson of the organizer of RBS, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. Eduardo earned his MBA at Harvard and graduated in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS).

Restrained and concentrated on business manageability and development, and add to the nation’s advancement, from early Eduardo hone a development of “cross board”. From their systems administration and travel that is around the globe, in which is devoted to learning trade. Take an interest in elite occasions, for example, the Zeitgeist, Google and Sun Valley, Allen and Co.

Recently, Melzer recieved an award for his hard work. In 2015, he became awarded both Entrepreneur of the Year in the category Family Business. The same year, he recieved the awarded of Merit in Business Administration in the Private Sector. Melzer was also featured in Cambridge Institute leaders list for Family Enterprise.

Melzer is an outstanding business man. He has becameled by mentorship and taken wisdom to apply to his business.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed Coriant CEO


Shaygan Kheradpir is now CEO of Coriant. succeeding Pat DiPietro, former CEO. DePietro has taken the yoke of vice-chairman, and is returning to his former job as the Operating Partner of Marlin Equity Partners, the private equity company that stitched the companies of Nokia, Tellabs and part of the Networks Sycamore together, forming Coriant in the first place.

Kheradpir has worked closely with the Coriant senior management team for most of this year as Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners. The vendor for the management change stated Kheradpir is an established technology and business leader who has 28 executive years in the technology, financial and telecom services.

Pat DiPietro praises his successor by stating Coriant is honored to be welcoming Shaygan Kheradpir to the company and they are fortunate to have his caliber executive now leading Coriant. He credits Kheradpir’s insight and guidance on focused operational execution as being invaluable from the date they began working together, and Coriant is confident in the new CEO’s ability to drive Coriant upward in their next growth level.

Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir indisputably has acquired years of industry experience, having worked at GTE and Verizon Communications plus time as Chief of operations and Technology Officer for Barclays Bank. His productivity is expected by Coriant to do well in an optical system with revenue of more than $1 billion, and the company is seeking differentiation in a very competitive marketplace. Competition will be Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Huawei, and Infinera, all heavy hitters in this market.
Shaygan Kheradpir built a reputation at Verizon for innovations that reduced costs and increased profits. He is credited with taking Verizon into diversification that enlarged its services range and automated some operations. Kheradpir developed a 30-day prototype cycle for testing ideas and devices expediently, and reduced technology expenses 30 percent.

Kheradpir received his bachelors, graduate Masters and PHD in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He was born in London, England, to an Iranian professional doctor and wife, raised in Iran and attended private high school in Switzerland before moving to the United States.

Still a young man, Shaygan Kheradpir has accomplished a great deal in the markets of equities, telecommunications and operational executions in the engineering field. The world of technological marketing will undoubtedly see even more of his works and innovations as time unfolds.

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Adding Personal Touches to Web Content Makes It Real!

People love the personal touch that comes along with business marketing and there are many ways to incorporate this into a business practice. Web content is at it’s root, a very impersonal method of staying in touch with people. Just because the format is impersonal does not mean that the content has to be.

There are several different ways to reach a customer or consumer through web content. Keeping an updated and relevant blog is very important. An active blog lets search engines know that a business or company is active. On the personal level, updated and consistent blog posts lets the customer base know that there is a flow of ideas behind the business. People are more inclined to buy a product from a business that shows they know what they are talking about. People in general do not respond to jibber jabber and meaningless or boring content, and this is no different on the internet.

There are several ways to make web content more interesting. First of all it is important to have or hire a blog writer or ORM company with a lot of experience in the business’s particular arena to ensure professional and interesting content. Making this content SEO friendly, grammatically correct, and properly formatted is another key element to building a human connection and making the content more effective for search engines. Because people see in color, include visually enticing images to get the customer’s attention. The more captivating and life like, the better!

Andy Wirth Talks Droughts and the Ski Industry with KCRW

A major drought is causing serious problems in California. Ski resorts, in particular, are experiencing very dry seasons. Droughts cut down on snow as well as rain and limited snow means difficult skiing conditions.

Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, is a major player in the resort industry. He recently had a chat with KCRW about the drought and discussed the complexities of the situation.

Andy Wirth revealed business was down by 20% due to the drought. He did not try to hide the fact the drought had an impact. Wirth did try to emphasize that managing problems is part of the job of running a ski resort. The drought caused a lot of difficulties, but that is simple the hand nature dealt.

Wirth suggested even if the drought continued for years and years, his ski resort could survive “infinitely”. Essentially, the resort company has enough cash in reserve to survive even with declining revenues. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Although the ski resort has less snow, less surface area to cover, and fewer visitors, the company is able to manage the situation effectively.

Revenue is still coming in. The company may cut down the number of acres available significantly, but proper management may still lead to solid profits.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

A smart move by Wirth and his resort was to invest heavily in snow machines. The snow machines helped keep a number of extra acres covered in enough snow for those visiting ski enthusiasts.

Andy Wirth also pointed out that a shift has been made to summer vacations. The activities that take part during the summer may be able to draw in a nice number of tourists who can keep the resort in good financial shape.

Andy Wirth, a graduate of Colorado State University, has been involved in the resort industry for many years. He is also a popular environmental activist who has greatly raised awareness on the subject of renewable energy. Not too long ago, he was named to the board of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority, a position Wirth is very enthusiastic about.

Who is Bob Reina, and what is TalkFusion?


Bob Reina, TalkFusion’s founder and CEO, is a man that is getting a lot of attention as of late. He is building a business that not only builds itself, it also helps people advertise and build theirs at the exact same time. The company has combined video marketing, chatting, newsletters, meetings, video chatting and more with one of the most influential forms of marketing in the world. For those wondering what form of marketing we are talking about, it’s direct sales. Bill Gates, (and many other very wealthy and successful people), have in the past said that they would choose network marketing if they could do it all over again.

The reason? It brings people together and really allows a product to thrive. It’s exactly what TalkFusion is doing properly, because everyone is going down their own lane in life. Everyone is always focused on what THEY are doing, how THEY are advertising it. What they don’t realize is that there is a service that gives them access to everything without the hassle, and it works for anyone or anything of any magnitude for that matter. Now, granted, companies that are much larger in scale may not use TalkFusion as their go-to for video advertising, (because they have a team already on payroll to do that), but most everyone can in some way effectively apply their methods to stay organized.

And, the other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that they can actually make a paycheck doing it. Whether it be a hobby or a career, TalkFusion can provide you a growing source of income just for sharing how actually useful it is with the world. There are tens of thousands of people doing the exact same thing right now, and over time it will eventually grow in to a massive network of people advertising and making money while doing it. The best part? Bob Reina wants to keep this the way it is marketed for life. No need to worry about the direction of the company swaying with him on board, and it looks like there’s a bright future in easy direct video marketing here to stay.

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Former CEO Stephen Murray of CCMP Latest News

Shareholder CCMP Capital Sees Bright Future for Eco Services Merger with PQ Corporation

Before Stephen Murray passed away in May 2015, he closed the CCMP Investors Fund III deal, in September 2014 and purchased 49 percent interest in PQ Holdings, Incorporation the end of the year. Three months after his death, PQ Corporation and Eco Services Operations LLC announced the merger of the two manufacturing companies.

CCMP Capital is one of the shareholders of PQ Corporation and Eco Services, and recently reported the merger was successfully closed on May 4th, 2016. The merger positioned PQ as one of the leading inorganic chemical companies in the world. Eco Services will conduct businesses as usual under the name of PQ Corporation. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

The closing of the merger between PQ and Eco happened one year and four months later after CCMP Capital acquired shareholder stakes. The passing of Mr. Murray may have delayed the merger because of the Investors Fund III reinstatement.

He was one of the major investors to invest into the fund. The other key investors moved fast to pledge additional capital and to purchase Mr. Murray’s shares. In May 2015, two months after his death, the fund received approval to continue with investment activities.

CCMP Capital will continue its role as an affiliate and shareholder of PQ Corporation. PQ now offers sulfuric and recycling services, previously offered by Eco Services. CCMP Capital and PQ Corp. believe the merger is a strategic investment transaction to expand and profit in the future and you can read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52.

Stephen Murray was involved in the acquisition of the PQ and Eco Services, and owned shares. The CCMP Investors Fund III continues to strive for excellence as Mr. Murray planned in 2014, when the deal was closed.

Mr. Stephen Murray founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and remained faithfully to his partners until he departed. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer from 2007 through February 2015, before his resignation.

Mr. Murray is remembered in the New York Metro and Stamford, Connecticut communities as a loving husband, successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His surviving family includes wife Tami, and sons, James, Nolan, Ryan, and Sean.

Funeral Services for Stephen Murray was held on the 17th of March, 2015 at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Stamford. Additional surviving family members are his father Joseph, mother Nancy, brother Christopher, brother John and sister Joann. Mr. Murray is always remembered among family members, CCMP Capital, and the CCMP Investors Fund III as dedicated and successful.

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