ClassDojo Making Communication with Parents Easier

ClassDojo is an Edutech company that has been able to assist communication between parents, teachers, and students. Parents can better know how their students are acting at schools, and they can adjust and provide a better environment for the children. The app was founded in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Lon Kim, who had a vision of empowering the education sector through their innovation. They however never had the intention of taking the app to the level it has grown.
How does it work?
ClassDojo is located in San Francisco in California, and they have been able to receive various partnerships from other organization. It works by the parents downloading the app and then the teachers can snap photos and upload it in the app. The parents will then later sign into the app and view what their children are up to. ClassDojo has been loved by most parents, and it is enabling communication to be easier.
In the recent seed funding, they have been able to receive $21 million that they are intending to use in expanding the application functionality. For example, currently the teachers are on a daily basis taking pictures and uploading them for parents to use. The new development will allow communication between the parents and the teachers about their children to be used even at night when they are at home. Classroom management has been improved by the app and it is making managing the students easier.
Privacy of the parents and students is of high value to the founders of the app. The founders currently have employed 25 employees and their policies are not in any manner involved in making profits out of the parents’ data. Instead of profit oriented they are foreseeing a future with the use of the investments to create new and improved features that will be of beneficial to the parents. They will develop content for parents to use in improving their student’s ability and then pay for the content.
The application has got a good reception in the US and over 180 schools out of United States. They have been able to subscribe to schools of various categories. The users of the app range from private schools, chartered schools and also the public schools. The diverse nature of reception by the schools has helped them to be ahead of their competitors such as Remind, FreshGrade Kickboard among others.


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