Doe Deere and her Makeup Line

For individuals looking for a wild and beautiful new way to apply makeup, meet Doe Deere, an individual and a businesswoman who has been searching for the perfect way for both girls as well as boys to apply makeup to the face in an unapologetic manner that leads to bright colors and complex designs that are simple to make. Ms. Deere’s business is known as Lime Crime and gives the chance for individuals whether they be male or female to express themselves and to have the freedom to be themselves through the different ways that they apply the bright and beautiful colors.

Doe Deere is the founder as well as the current CEO of a company that is known as Lime Crime. Growing up in New York City proved itself to be a fun and exciting childhood as New York City is a city that is world renowned for being the city that never sleeps. Ms. Deere has always been a creative individual and finally found her called in making makeup from scratch to be sold and to change the way the individuals think to put makeup on. As a woman who loves bright colors as well as a challenge, Ms. Deere officially created this product as she believed that there was no makeup on the market that was bright enough for her taste.

Lime Crime was officially launched in 2008 as a side business to a clothing business that she had also created that sold clothes on the eBay website with the makeup to accentuate the clothes offered. By 2009, the popularity of the makeup grew so much that the first lipstick to be launched was a bright colored lipstick that was named Unicorn Lipstick. This introduced the first radical colored lipstick to the makeup market and to the consumers.

What makes this company unique is that Ms. Deere is completely loyal to the customers of her product. Her products that she designs and creates all avoid animal cruelty or any other type of harmful chemicals that could harm either a human or an animal. Ms. Deere even made the business decision to make sure that the products that she sold even were at the vegan standards of avoiding any cruelty in the process. As a female entrepreneur who has found success, Ms. Deere also speaks out to other women who want to become involved in the business industry. Ms. Deere even offers pointers.

The Lime Crime name is a name that embodies the essence of the company and the characteristic of being a unique company that offers unique products to customers online. The color lime was specifically chosen by Ms. Deere because of the fact that the color lime is her favorite color to use when applying makeup to her client’s face. The business that Doe Deere has created took much time and effort and has now paid off to be considered as one of the top leaders of the makeup industry with innovative ideas as well as products.

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Different = beautiful. ☂

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Inspiring A Generation Of Self Expression

Doe Deere is a name that will touch human beings who have ever felt the need to express themselves without consciousness. She defies the “laws” of fashion by creating an atmosphere for users of Lime Crime to use whatever style they wish and make it their own. In a recent article Deere mentions how she feels like she is cheating life sometimes, as “grown-ups should not be allowed to have this much fun!” When you do something that you love, it is no longer work to you.

What is quite inspirational about Doe Deere is that she worked through her trial and error phase. She mentions posting “bad” make up looks that ordinarily would keep someone from pursuing their goals but she pushed through and wound up creating the looks that have touched a generation. Read more:

Her experimentation has opened the doors for all of those who love to express themselves and try new things that they were once scared to experiment with. You will never know who you are until you test the boundaries of what you are capable of.

“Lime Crime,” Deere’s own personal line, “is freedom to be you.” Straight from the mouth of Doe Deere we see that she encourages her audience to be like her in the sense of being themselves. Russian born and New York City grown, Deere has been growing Lime Crime since 2008.

Like every business she needed time to grow and be successful and she has done just that! Her products are also cruelty free which is very important to certain consumers of the make-up industry. One thing that sets Doe Deere apart from the rest is her seemingly flawless mission statement. Her mission is to show that cosmetics should not be used for concealing but rather a form of free self-expression.

Deere is a role model for women-owned businesses and she not only advocates for women but for anyone who loves make-up and expressing themselves without restraint. A lot of people are restrained because they are worried about the feedback of their expression however, Deere’s journey to success leads to her advice of going through the trail and error phase. Everything that you do will not always work out but if you quit in the process you will never know or reach your full potential.

An amazing thing about Doe Deere is that she feels that she must live and feel what she produces. She tries her own products during the development stage prior to her releasing them to the public. As a business owner this is one of the most important things that you can do for your company.

If you use your own products your consumers will have more trust in your brand. How can you sell a consumer a product that you will not use yourself? Another advantage that she has is that she is online based which allows access to consumers all over the world. Whether they are local or international, Deere has created a bond between herself and her fan base that will last a lifetime.