The Journey, Career, and Achievements of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a medical expert who specializes in treating sleep disorders. His methods are unique, as he uses dental procedures to deal with these ailments. The professional has achieved a lot during his career because of his determination, hard work, charisma, and academic background. Dr. Weisfogel earned his first degree from Rutgers University, where he studied biology and psychology. He went for his DDS at the New York University. The knowledge and skills he acquired from these institutions set the foundation for the expert medical professional he is today.

On 13th December, 2016, Dr. Weisfogel had an interview with Ideamensch. He talked about his passion for his career, business strategies, achievements as well as his typical day. Dr. Weisfogel told the interviewer that he worked as a dentist for more than 15 years. It’s during his medical practice that he became interested in understanding and treating sleeping disorders. The physician established Dental Sleep Masters so that he can look for solutions that can help patients sleep better.

Ideamensch was curious to know about Avi Weisfogel’s daily routine. He starts his day with a word of prayer. Avi revealed that he has a life coach who helps him to remain focused throughout the day. In the morning, he does different activities such as blogging, attending business meetings, speaking to his employees and associates, and taking calls. Weisfogel also told Ideamensh that he embraces criticism. He believes that it has enabled him to grow a successful business. His primary business strategy is regional marketing. Aside from running his business, Avi also spends quality time with his family members. He asserts that it’s important to interact with your family, regardless of the amount of cash you spend.

Weisfogel has had an interesting career. He established Old Bridge Dental Care to provide dental service to his patients. Dr. Avi has rendered his services through the clinic for 15 years, allowing him to gather knowledge and experience. His work at Old Bridge earned him a lot of recognition in the health care industry. For many years, he has been the recipient of the Best Dentist Award. In 2010, Avi Weisfogel founded the Healthy Heart Sleep center, which includes sleep labs. He’s also the founder of Owner Unlimited Sleep.