Anthony Petrello studied in two Universities; Harvard University and the University of Yale.Anthony Acquired a Juris Doctor degree from the Law school and both Master of Science degree and Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.He began his career in nineteen seventy-nine when he joined Baker & Mckenzie law firm.Anthony served as a Managing partner of the company where he worked(New York) in the year nineteen eighty-six to nineteen ninety-one.

Anthony Petrello began working at Nabors Industries(Hamilton, Bermuda) in nineteen ninety-one as the C.E.O.He was promoted to become the President of Nabors Industry after one year.Anthony has worked for nine years as the Deputy Chairman at Nabors Industries- one of the largest geothermal station as well as natural gas drilling contractor world wide.

Why Anthony Petrello is the best-paid boss in America

In the year twenty twelve, Petrello received an increment of two hundred and forty-six percent of what he earned; sixty-eight point two million dollars.He was ranked the number one on the AP and Equilar’s world list of the top fifty paid Chief Executive Officers in the year twenty thirteen.Tony received the increment since he was the company’s executive chairman, president, and the C.E.O.Nabours Industry is only involved in the oil business, but under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, it has had a hungry appetite for acquisitions over the past few years.

Anthony Petrello’s endeavors

Petrello served as the Director of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC in twenty eleven while he was still Charing the Board of Members at Nabors.Anthony also served in other positions such as;

1.Director to the well known

2.Director of Texas Children’s Hospital

While Anthony served on the Board of Trustees of Children’s Hospital, he involved himself in support programs that researched in clinical areas and also helped in addressing needs of special children especially those with neurological disorders.By bad luck, Anthony’s daughter was diagnosed with a neurological ailment called periventricular leukomalacia that is usually found in babies.The condition is caused by insufficient oxygen or blood flow to the brain thus causing one to develop a chronically damaged motor skills and delay in performance issues.


Troy McQuagge: Taking USHEALTH Group to Greater Heights

Troy McQuagge was recognized as the Gold Winner CEO of the Year at the One Planet Awards. McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He was honored earlier this year. The One Planet Awards is a program that honors excellence in business in every industry worldwide. Any organization is eligible for an award after submitting a nomination including non-profits, startups, and publicly-held companies.McQuagge joined the company seven years ago. He was tasked with transforming USHEALTH Advisors. This initiative was successful and led to his appointment as CEO and president of USHEALTH Group a few years later. The company has experienced exponential growth and realized greater profits each year since his appointment. This is remarkable considering the competitive nature of the individual health insurance sector. McQuagge is a member of the board of directors of the company.

McQuagge said that it was truly an honor for him to receive the highly esteemed award that was a sign of peer recognition. He dedicated the award to his team at USHEALTH Group and said that it proved that they were committed to solving the problem of getting affordable healthcare. He went on to add that they tried to make it possible to do so by offering innovative and flexible coverage options.The One Planet awards recognize professionals in an array of fields including marketing, public relations, and corporate communications. The USHEALTH Group is an insurance provider located in Fort Worth, Texas. It offers personalized insurance solutions to self-employed individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Troy McQuagge earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and started his career in the health care insurance industry. He worked for Allstate Insurance for 12 years before moving to Health Market in 1995. He served as the president of Health Market for several years before joining USHEALTH.Troy has won several awards as the CEO of USHEALTH Group including the most innovative chief executive officer of the Year in 2016 and the chief executive officer of the Year at the CEO Word Awards. The company has also won an array of awards with him at the helm. They won the Company of the Year award at the Golden Bridge Awards.

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