Oxford Club Helps Its Members Obtain and Protect the Extraordinary Wealth

According to the OxFord Club article in the Investment U, as the end of November’s Private Wealth Seminar of Oxford Club at the Four Seasons Resort situated in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, one of the attendees asked that once he retires, how much money should he have in stocks. The answer to his questions depends, in part, on someone’s age, their health, their monthly overhead, as well as their portfolio size.

Retirement rebalancing is a valuable, real-world solution. Americans today live longer than ever. If someone retires at 65 years old in fairly good health, for instance, they might look at up to 30 years in retirement. Given a twenty or thirty-time horizon, they require a serious slug of investment for generating a return that is long-term that exceeds the inflation rate comfortably. Because, while inflation could be missing in action today, that couldn’t be the state in the future, particularly a future that is measured in decades.

Retirees also meet the potential threat of holding a lot of money in stocks. When someone is young, and they are contributing to their investment portfolio; usually a bear market gives them wonderful buying opportunities. However, when they are out of the workforce depending on their investments to supplement their Social Security payments or monthly pension, cashing in stocks at the time of a serious bear market, such as the one experienced in the current financial crisis, results in a portfolio that is significantly smaller when the market eventually rebounds.

The Oxford Club is known to be a private international network of entrepreneurs and investors. Their mission is helping their more than 80,000 members obtain and protect exceptional wealth. They have been doing that for more than 20 years in all market conditions.

They believe that the greatest opportunities are found outside the mainstream press. The Oxford Club research many investment opportunities and they select only those that have the best profit potential as well as lower risk. Then they share them with their members.

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