George Soros Makes Headlines For Charity.

There are few figures in the public eye as notable as George Soros, for a variety of different reasons. To members of the left, George Soros is something akin to a folk hero, a legend, a living embodiment of the American dream. To people who live on the right side of the political spectrum, George Soros is the single greatest villain in politics. No matter how you decide to look at George Soros, you need to understand that he is a textured and multi-faceted person who has spent his entire life working toward betting the life of those around him. In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, George Soros has risen even more in the public eye. Now, Soros is making headlines around the world thanks to his latest philanthropic efforts. Let’s dig a little deeper into Soros’ recent charitable donations and see what he has in store for his massive fortune.

In the 1970s, George Soros was on the up and up but he didn’t want to forget his ultimate goal in life: embracing the concept of the open society. Soros would decide to open up the Open Society Foundations in order to lay the groundwork for a charitable outreach program that could make an impact all around the world. The OSF has, since then, become one of the most giving charities that the world has ever since. In the past 30+ years of operation, the OSF has given more than $18 billion to grassroots foundations around the planet. Now, their outreach will double in one swoop.

It was recently revealed, thanks to financial disclosure forms, that George Soros had signed away almost $18 billion of his own personal fortune over the past two years in a donating effort to the OSF. To put all of this in context, the Open Society Foundations had a 2017 yearly budget of under $1 billion. So, Soros giving away $18 billion to his foundation means that they will be in operation for a long, long time. Despite this huge outreach effort, and the very real results that the OSF has garnered over the years, everyone isn’t happy. How could this be?

George Soros has never been afraid to speak out in regards to what he believes in and this occasionally meant taking on members of the right wing mainstream media. Soros would first get into the crosshairs of American conservativism in the ’00s when Soros stood up to George W. Bush and the decision to meddle in the Middle East. Soros would go on to fund progressive challengers, thus cementing himself as an ‘enemy of the right’.

With Soros’ recent donations, he has come under fire from right-wing pundits who are all too happy to start putting together insane conspiracy theories. From concocting a ‘progressive Death Star’ to trying to undermine the Trump presidency, and everything in between, Soros has been put at fault. Yet, at the end of the day Soros’ goal is the same as it has always been — to simply help people.

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