The Achievements of Avaaz in Activism world wide

Avaaz is an organization that deals with the matters of the activism across the globe. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting global activism. Some of the issues that are promoted by the organization include climate change, corruption, human rights, and conflict. The firm is recognized as the leading organization globally in online activism. The name of the organization was derived from (âvâz) which is a Persian word.

The goals of the organization have been achieved due to able leadership that the executives provide in the company. The founder of the organization Ricken Patel is the executive director. His productive contributions have yielded a lot of benefits to the organization. He has a lot of knowledge in politics, philosophy, and economics. He has Master’s degree in Public Policy. The experience that he has gained is fundamental in running the organization. His experience was gained while serving at International Crisis Group. He represented the group in countries such as Sudan and Sierra Leone. He developed skills in bringing reconciling groups that are fighting. He enabled countries that lacked public faith due to corruption to be trusted by the citizens. He also worked for where he demonstrated a lot of skills in utilizing online tools when it comes to activism.

The campaigns of Avaaz are managed by a group of professional who are spread across the globe. The organizations serve more than countries which include India and Brazil. The professionals employ several techniques to achieve the goals of the organization. Some of the campaign tools include videos and advertisements. The organization receives guidance and advice for the campaigns from specialists from diverse fields. The Economist recognized the techniques being employed by the organization. The firm has been honored for its commitment to activism to restores peaceful coexistence in the world.

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