No Matter Who Edits Your Wikipedia Page Professionals Correct It

Robert Brady is one popular professional Irish soccer player right now. And no wonder, he scored the final winning goal for Ireland against Italy at the very last moment. His fans were overjoyed and proceeded to overload Brady’s Wikipedia page with over 100 glowing, over exuberant comments in a just a couple of hours. This is because Wikipedia is a completely open public representation of anyone and any organization, that anyone can freely add to and modify with their own Wiki edits. This also means that anyone is able to make a Wikipedia page for themselves or their organization.

There were many over the top comments, such as: “Brady is recognized as a god,” “He is best known for his biography ‘the bible’ detailing his miraculous upbringing and his troubled youth with the roman empire led by emperor comte,” and “Robert ‘Jesus christ’ Brady. He is the closest thing to god that we have on earth and is known for never having to buy a drink in Ireland after scored a f***ing belter against Italy.” None of these edits would have remained if Brady’s Wiki pages were professionally managed by Get Your Wiki.

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