Thor Halvorssen Discusses Socialism On FOX

During many presidential elections, a great majority of the people do not even become interested or have any opinion at all until the final month of the general election. But this one is overflowing with controversy, with men such as Donald Trump constantly in the media’s spotlight. Similarly, Bernie Sanders has far exceeded everybody’s expectations. Hillary Clinton was supposed to inaugurated as the inevitable nominee several months ago. But now, Sanders is only a few votes behind the former First Lady. This is quite surprising, especially since he is espousing what is known as democratic socialism. In this video, Thor Halvorssen walks the audience through what socialism is and some of the drawbacks.

As Presented By Sanders
In the beginning of the video, Thor Halvorssen pointed out that he really does not like this treatment of socialism. It is nothing more than an attempt to win over the audience. It is something like the popularization of modern science. In an attempt to make science seem more appealing, popularizers will sometimes exaggerate the data to make it seem more incredible, or they will offer a few glamorizations, and nothing more. That is what Bernie Sanders has done. He has offered a few glamorizations of socialism to appeal to a wide audience. But, argues Halvorssen, socialism is not without its’ flaws.

Since the doctrines of socialism entail government control of the economy, the government will also dictate the price of food. When the price is too high, vendors cannot afford to sell to grocery stores. When the prices are too low, grocery stores cannot stay in business. Both of these alternatives will result in massive shortages across the nation, as has happened in many socialistic nations. Government should not control prices. That is why Halvorssen is in favor of a free market economy.

According to Huffington Post, Halvorssen thinks that if you are going to support socialism, you should ensure that you understand the relevant issues. Learn about the history of socialism. A politician’s rhetoric is not a sufficient basis for a decision about these important issues. You need intellectual substance.

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