Top Highlights on the GPS Security System by Securus Technologies

Securus Inc., was originally a personal emergency response technology Company. It includes a GPS Tracking provider that was based in Cary, in North Carolina. It was initially founded in 2008 as a company known as Positioning Animals Worldwide Inc. The company then went to come up with SpotLite as well as SpotLight GPS Pet Locator in conjunction with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery. Securus was realized in 2010 when the Animals Worldwide Inc. changed its name to Securus Inc. to boast of its versatility in the market.


Securus absorbed Zoombak LLC from TruePosition Inc., in 2011 which was Liberty Media’s subsidiary company. Zoombak was once reputable for creating GPS-based products that aided in tracking employees, teenage drivers, vehicles, and pets. In March 2015, Securus revealed they were selling their platform for Personal Emergence Response Services to Ogden. Ogden is a UT-based Freeus which is AvantGuard Monitoring Systems’ sister company. Within the same month, BrickHouse Security absorbed Securus, Zoombak along with all the associated brands.


As Securus Inc., they also came up with a machine to machine tech platform which allowed them, alongside their partners, to avail hardware that is well tailored, software GPS Solutions as alongside GPS devices. Securus partnered with some of the top companies in every vertical market to make sure they deliver the very best GPS solutions for their customers. Their target clientele for such products they made was such as college students, law, and children. Thanks to Zoombak, their products are now all over the nation’s retail chain stores.


Rick Smith, the CEO at Securus, stated that they invent a new service or product once a week on average. These products tend to be quite handy for law enforcement as well as to correctional officials in solving and preventing crimes. Due to their technology, a client congratulated them for having the capability efficiently to use phone call information which led to a criminal’s arrest. Their monitored calls prevented drug trafficking/use in prisons, recovery of millions in illegal assets, and drugs by the sheriff’s office.

How Securus Technologies Has a Major Role In Keeping Communities Connected and Safe

If you have been wondering if there is a way for inmates to keep in touch in ways aside from visitation sessions that are scheduled by courts, then it is highly recommended for you or anyone else to look into the offerings of Securus Technologies. It is a form of communicative solutions that enables people to connect with one another via means of videoconferencing over a creatively manufactured platform of technologies.


Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited site that has also received several instances of positive reviews, ratings and feedback. It offers its services at low prices in regards to pricing and is something that should be noted as being quite beneficial for any and all of its users. Whether you’re searching for a way to make your forms of communications easier or a way to even be able to communicate at all, Securus Technologies is a program that brings communications to your home.


Inmates are given a benefit with Securus Technologies in the sense that they’re able to talk to whoever that they may have been wanting to for some time without making them feel like they’re obligated to travel to the correctional facilities where they may not necessarily feel too comfortable visiting. If you want to visit the website to see its details then know that there are options of speaking to customer service help professionals who will provide you with an adequate amount of details in pertinence to the services that they provide along with pricing information.


The program has been of great assistance to police departments in solving crimes as well as anything that is transmitted over the chat sessions can be used for investigative purposes if they can be used to stop potential crimes by inmates or staff members. It’s a one-in-all solution that has a vital role in keeping the community safe and connected.


Proving Quality Services to Correctional Facilities-Securus Technologies Inc.

Securus Technologies Inc. is a company that deals with the provision of communication of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for correction, monitoring, investigation as well as public safety. Recently we issued some correction according to the press release circulated by GTL on May 3, 2016. Some of these corrections included.

  1. According to GTL it is devoted to continuing its venture modernization which is represented by its industry leading patent group. Securus on the other side believes that our patent is stronger than the GTL’S patents.
  2. GTL trust that the Patent Trust and Appeal Board has protected their rights to the technology, but Securus Technologies Inc. believes that the Patent Trust and Appeal Board canceled 100% of the 25 claims it had reviewed.
  3. The company that issued the press release against Securus Technologies Inc. GTL believes that the PTAB completed their review and that they have conserved their key essentials guarding their technology. On the other hand correction statement, we issued it said that the Patent Trust and Appeal Board did not confirm the legitimacy of the two remaining dependent privileges.
  4. GTL issued a statement saying that the PTAB gave them the right to of technology to continue preserving inmates records. But on their correction statement we Securus mentioned that we have thoroughly examined the 9 out of the ten remaining claims and known that detainees service Provider Company does not have the same streams of storage devices as their opponents.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc. Richard A. Smith mentioned that “our company was not surprised that GTL mischaracterized the Patent Trust and Appeal Board ruling.” He also believes that GTL tried to use all means to show PTAB that Securus were not advanced technologically as them. He did not also forget to mention that that period was a real test of their technology.

Securus Technology Inc. is described as a leading company in the provision of inmates communication services. It has its Headquarters in Dallas Texas we are committed to offering quality services to our clients, and we serve more than 3450 correctional facilities and 1200000 inmates across the Northern America. We are devoted to delivering and connect by offering emergency response, public information, investigation as well as biometric analysis.

The Results of the Survey Conducted by Securus Technologies State-of-the-Art Technology Center

We recently carried out a survey through our modern Technology Centre. The survey revealed that half the number of correctional institutions were gearing themselves to expanding their operations as well as upgrading their technology status in 2016. Primarily, this is in a bid to boost inmate satisfaction, productivity, and profitability of the institutions. Statistics from the survey, whereby the respondents had the option of choosing multiple answers, indicated that 56% of the centers opted to upgrade their technology. An estimate of 55% reported their plans to expand their operations. In addition, 15% stated that reducing their operational cost was their plan for success. The survey also mentioned about the investigative solutions and a general improvement in safety.

Various respondents indicated that most correctional facilities acknowledged the relevance of productivity intertwined with both inmate satisfaction and safety. Thirty-three percent of the responses indicated that tablets were crucial to the success of their plans in 2016 while 66% opted for video visitation. We utilized a whopping $1.5 million in building the modern Technology Center, which is situated away from Dallas in Carrollton, Texas. Our operations, which are housed in the 10500 square-foot center, aim at exhibiting to the leaders of correctional facilities our technologies and other numerous services. Rick A Smith, our CEO of Securus, stated that our research showed that there were numerous opportunities for facilities to upgrade their current technology, which would allow them to achieve inmate satisfaction and cut down operation costs.

Details about Securus Technologies

We have managed to gain tremendous success over the years since our inception in 1986 with an aim of offering inmate communication services to inmates, particularly through the telephone. Currently, we are in a position to offer video inmate phone calls services to allow families of inmates to keep in touch with their loved ones in incarceration centers. Download the free app from Google Play or get it on iTunes.

We serve an excess of 3,450 correction, public safety and law enforcement facilities with an inmate record exceeding 120,000 in North America. Our operations involve connecting and serving through the provision of incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, public information, inmate self-service, monitoring and communication services and products. In the recent past, we have boosted our list of professionals by acquiring John Bell as a senior sales executive. Mainly, this was in a bid to boost our continued growth in the development of products for correction and law enforcement facilities. The original information can be found from

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