Fabletics: An Exciting Subscription of Athleisure

In our fashion world today, you may have noticed that many people, including celebrities, are sporting a recent trend called Athleisure. A word made up from the two words “athletic” and “leisure,” this style of clothing is both cute and comfortable, and totally taking over!

You may have heard of a popular subscription, featuring Athleisure apparel, called Fabletics. This line of athletic wear is fun, vibrant, stylish and won’t cost you nearly as much as other big name retailers. The company’s success is inevitable.

Co-founder Kate Hudson couldn’t be happier with the success of her bold clothing line. She’s making a serious fashion statement with her athletic crossover fashion gear. The success has taken them so far, they plan to open nearly one hundred stores as soon as possible. One article read that she had recently opened one up, and she exclaims her new plans to extend the line to children’s sizes as well. To read more about the store, visit: Instyle to learn more.

Kate Hudson has been an inspiration to women everywhere. Athleisure is a motivation to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle because you want to look and feel good in this adorable line of active wear. Athleisure has really become a trend that suits most women, and looks good on most women as well.
A Youtube vidoe showed that the comfort level, the styles and patterns available and the cost effectiveness are all great reasons to give Fabletics a go. Once you start wearing these ensembles, you’re likely to add a whole new section to your wardrobe!