Cone Marshall Ranks Among Leading Law Firms Both Locally And Internationally


The scene of law in New Zealand has been expanding with each new day and more firms have entered the industry targeting different areas. One of the firms that has excelled in the provision of litigation services is Cone Marshall, a highly established law firm that deals with cases of commercial litigation. Established in 1999, the firm has grown to one of the best-rated provider of commercial litigation support across the country.


Cone Marshall is the representation of dedication and the zeal to improve with each day because at inception in 1999, it only had basic structures that did not attract clients. It struggled through the first five years before Geoffrey Cone, the founder, sat with other professionals to draft new plans that would make it easy for Cone Marshall to grow to the current leader in the industry.


The first thing they worked on is the service delivery system that allows the firm to handle the problems that are presented by clients. The infrastructure surrounding the services was streamlined and reconstructed to offer easier processes and better ways of solving problems. While implementing the plan, Cone Marshall approved the installation of new technology that allows clients to share details about their cases from remote places. The system also makes it possible for one to monitor the progress of their case and add vital files whenever necessary.


These changes attracted more clients and with time, Cone Marshall grew and the firm started receiving clients from overseas locations. Many clients who came from different countries were motivated by the great services the firm offers together with the unique technology that is used to serve clients. The good leadership the firm enjoys is also a factor that motivated its growth over the past 10 years.


About Karen Marshall

Cone Marshall recognizes Karen Marshall as one of the forces behind the success the firm has achieved in the past one decade. She was appointed the principal of Cone Marshall in 2006 and through the support she offered to the management team, she was able to come up with new plans that allowed the firm to transform how clients receive services.


She is among professionals who came up with the online filing process and her support to junior staff helps clients to receive services faster. Karen Marshall is experienced in commercial litigation and before she joined Cone Marshall she was serving in London at different companies.