Jason Hope Successful Serial Entrepreneur With High Hopes for the Latest Internet of Things Technology

The world of technology has seen many entrepreneurs that have gone on to become highly successful. Jason Hope is amongst the new age serial entrepreneurs from the world of technology, who has not only achieved success himself but also helped many young entrepreneurs to make their dreams. Jason Hope, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has invested in many start-ups and guided many technology firms to realize their real potential and reach the success they set out to. He keeps a close watch on the world of technology and provides his insight through the many articles he writes and the interviews he gives often. Jason Hope is also politically active in the state of Arizona and has political connections across the country through his business network.

Jason Hope is active in the field of mobile communication technology and has a firm by the name Jawa, which is the mother company of many other firms he has started or co-founded. He believes that the mobile technology may seem saturated as of now, but there is tremendous scope for growth in this field and he has invested in creating many innovative mobile technology and applications currently. One other technology that has kept Jason Hope excited is the Internet of Things technology. He believes that the Internet of Things technology is exactly what the world has been waiting for. It is a technology that would connect different devices that would be able to communicate with each other and work in a cohesive manner through the shared network.

Jason Hope says that Internet of Things technology would find use in just about every sector, whether it is manufacturing or corporate offices and from aviation to transport, and more. He is excited to know that aviation sector has already started implementing Internet of Things technology and many airplanes have IoT technology integrated into it. It would help in increasing safety of the aircraft and ensure that the technicians can repair and fix the damages after each flight with ease as IoT technology would precisely pinpoint where the problem is.

Jason Hope is a well-known futurist as well and believes that the age of the human being can be significantly extended if there are clinical researchers conducted extensively. It is for this reason he supports the SENS Research Foundation, which does extensive molecular research on anti-aging as well as on mortality. He believes that the aging process of human can be reversed or delayed and it is something that would be achieved for sure in the future.