Legacy and Information on SahmAdrangi

This particular article will include information about SahmAdrangi. It will include more general information later of him later in this article. A currently retired 35-year-old (Adrangi) was formally was a hedge fund credit trader. SahmAdrangi recently became a Credit Analyst/PM. He was discussed about in Wall Street. Part of the conversation included his twelve-year run with a term at three different hedge funds, for example Paulson & CO.

Adrangi, had been following the work of a writer from Wallstreet. He had a meeting with him not that long ago. The work was about the vitamin store GNC. It was learned that he was a Penn State graduate who was hard charging. He received an internship at a credit desk, after hard work and networking. He worked very hard there. That hard work gave him three more years.

Another job he worked at was Paulson & Co. There he made $6 billion while shorting bonds of mortgage. After that, he was a credit PM at Bowery Investment Management for three years. In June 2015, he left Wastrel. This was due to the high cost and hours of living in New York. He still much money from the seed capital from Wall Street.

Now some general information. Adrangi, is currently the Chief Investment and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics he had gotten from Yale University. He had been involved in every aspect of the development of the firm since 2009. He had launched the company with less than $1 million. The firm now as of July of this year, $150 million. Adrangi is best known for his research that his publishing and short selling. He shares the views the firm has of the stocks. Actually, he had started his company on credit.