Exciting Deals from FreedomPop to Mobile Phone Users

I believe that the onset of the FreedomPop Company in the service industry brought relief to cell phone users. Before, you had to pay for every data used to browse as well as for any text message sent. Besides, you had to sign various contracts with service providers before using their services. This hustle ended when FreedomPop arrived over five years ago. To start enjoying the exciting benefits they offer, you need to sign up with them.


According to a FreedomPop Review, you will enjoy absolutely free cell phone calls not exceeding 200minutes per month. This shows that you can talk to friends and families without any airtime inconvenience. Besides, their free services include unlimited text messages to ensure that you can chat until your fingers get tired. FreedomPop also guarantees you a free 500MB of data bundles to keep you online. The internet is the fastest as it runs on 4G. With these bundles, you can check your emails and update your social media handles on a daily basis. The beauty of the free service is that no one will cancel your subscription.


The service provider gives you freedom to use the free services as you wish. However, after you exceed the limit awarded in the month, and then you have to pay for the extra bundles or airtime used. For instance, when you use over 500MB of internet data, then additional bundles used are charged. You will automatically receive a notification requesting your approval to make payments. Besides, if you are comfortable with the charges, then you can subscribe to get an automatic deduction from your account once you go beyond the limit.


Notably, you can only enjoy FreedomPop free cell phone services for a year. In case you need to continue enjoying their services, you will have to pay slightly above ten dollars per month. Additionally, the free service can only be used by people who do not need a lot of bandwidth or airtime. If you are the type that needs to stream videos and play games online, then this service is not enough for you.


About FreedomPop


The firm started its operations almost six years ago with an objective of providing quality and affordable cell phone services. The company’s main offices are found in Los Angeles. The organization also offers digital and innovative services in addition to mobile services. Additionally, has acquired over $100 million of funding from other organizations that include Intel Capital among others. The company has its presence in the United Kingdom and the US.


Freedom Pop President Glad Of The Great Plan To Expand Globally In The Firms Operation

Nicholas Constantinopoulos the president of FreedomPop, a global operator of data among other mobile sim card services, is glad of the success that the firm has gain across the United States and United Kingdom. As an addition to the already modernized efforts in the conversion operations, he is supportive of the $50 million series to expand the plans of freedom pop in other global regions such as Africa and Asia. In three years he is positive that there will be well-developed platforms that will have been laid by the company for its customers. Apparently, data needs are rising across different development markets which also raises their need to perform better than any other data operation globally.

Nicholas also thinks that their performance in the market is way higher than FreedomPop competitors because the firm has the secrecy to the market. In addition, it is targeting to develop through accelerating the conversion platform. Another tactic they mean to use is the marketing strategy to go above the 50% conversion operations. In addition due to modernization according to Nicholas, FreedomPop is meant to go above the average data consumption globally .here is a high demand for data access across the global market which definitely with the new plan Freedom Pop will be able to meet. From his analysis, the United Kingdom and America appear to have lots of similarities in their data operations.

Founded in 2011 FreedomPop is a wireless internet and mobile service provided situated in California. The firm provided free data, texts, and also sells mobile phones and tablets for users win their services. The firm has been providing free user connections in data for users of its sim card around 25 countries. It also plans to expand in 3sim in different global regions; most of its services are designed for use by light users. For users who would like unlimited texts and call, they are required to pay some amount. Freedom Pop has very big plans for this year 2016; for example, it has raised a total of $109 million in the global expansion plan. FreedomPop also has a great partnership with Intel in development of a smartphone able to automatically switch to Wi-Fi and shift during a cellular call

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