Repetitive armed robbery suspect caught

Mr. Parysh Wood has yet again been charged with robbing pizza delivery drivers while using a firearm. The 21 year old man has been arrested multiple times for the same charges, at different locations and dates. He appears to make a habit of robbing pizza delivery drivers using a gun as his method of operation. Mr. Wood was already in jail serving time for prior armed robbery crimes, when evidence was discovered by detectives linking him to yet another robbery of a pizza delivery driver. Investigators were able to access cell phone data logs to determine that Mr. Wood was in the exact time and location of the crime, as it occurred around 9:30 P.M., at the parking lot area of Quincy Circle.


The Quincy New Brunswick Hotel was the scene of the latest of Mr. Wood’s crimes. The Quincy New Brunswick has a well respected reputation as a leading hotel for the area, catering to businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Mr. Wood was only 21 years old when he committed his latest armed robbery of a pizza deliverer. The delivery driver reported that he was approached and attacked by several individuals with handguns who relieved him of not only his money, but also of his pizza, which he was en route to deliver. When the delivery driver approached the given address for the pizza delivery, he was informed by the occupant of the room that no pizza was ordered. While returning to his delivery vehicle Mr. Wood and his accomplices approached the driver, claiming that they were to be the recipients of the pizza. As they came nearer to the driver, weapons were produced and demands made of the driver.


Ron Seaman, who is a South Brunswick Detective working out of the Middlesex county Prosecutor’s Office, is certain that evidence from the mobile device records of Mr. Wood’s own cell phone places him on site during the event. Mr. Wood is commonly referred to on the streets by his alias, Pistol. He is allegedly aided in his armed robberies by two male confederates. Even though Mr. Wood is a repeat offender of armed robberies, the location of his latest crime comes as quite a shock to residents, as it is thought to be very rare that crimes of this nature take place near such a well respected hotel chain.