Jennifer Walden’s Personal Life and Career

Jennifer Walden has opened up about her highly successful career as a plastic surgeon as well as what it’s like to mix her career and personal life. In an article interview, Jennifer described that there was a degree of difficulty in being able to maintain drive and a good attitude for staying successful in all aspects of her life, most notably her family and career. Staying consistent and driven is a constant battle, but it is a must to be able to maintain an equilibrium.

Many would say Jennifer Walden appears to have the american dream, with a very successful career and lovely family supporting her. She has been regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons to date within the United States. During her time, she has been able to work and train with some of the very best in cosmetic surgery throughout New York. Ever since Jennifer was young she was highly independent and had a strong attitude for going after what she wanted. She also has a wonderful disposition, as she is kind and respectful to everyone she has contact with, especially her clients and her family.

What’s more about Jennifer that many do not know, she is a published writer. She began writing in order to share her experiences with others in the industry. She is also the only women so far to have joined the ASAPS board of directors. Jennifer has always upheld the highest standards and ethics for her work and actively follows the direction of the ASAPS. Her insight and experience is why she was added as a member, to help the board in the future.

The personal life of Jennifer Walden is home to Texas, more specifically in Austin, where her loving family calls home. She grew up here in Northwest Hills as a kid, and during the time, her father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse. Due to both of her parents having successful careers, they were serious about education and achievements. This is what built a strong foundation for Jennifer, by looking up to her parents for support and guidance in achieving her goals. Today, Dr. Walden continues to push herself to her boundaries and is ready to tackle any challenge, all while staying close to her family and friends.