Betty Devos: Education Reformist

It is in my opinion that Betsy DeVos is a highly qualified candidate for Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration. I don’t feel that all the negative press she has had to endure is justified or grounded on by any logic. I feel that she should be given a fair chance to prove her worth and that she will fully fulfill her responsibilities and goals.

Betsy DeVos is a member of the Republican Party and has a lengthy background for advocating for new education policies, which includes the school vouchers for private schools. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation she has donated $139 million collectively over the years since its establishment in 1989. These contributions focus primarily on furthering education, community, arts, leadership and justice for institutions such as: hospitals, health research, art organizations, evangelical missions, Christian schools and conservative, free market think-tanks. I believe these philanthropic actions could be the proper structure the education system may need to bring up the graduation rate and lower the drop-out rate. Visit their foundation at

DeVos is a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education which is known for introducing policy changes to the current school system since 2007. Devos has also served for the Alliance for School as well as the Action Institute; she currently heads the All Children Matter political action committee. These organizations aim to “promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.” I feel that bringing back Judaeo-Christian morals to the school system will be a boon to the free market while lowering the vile corruption of corporations in the future for our children.

I feel that the people of this nation knows that something is wrong with the current school system and they feel that is just the way it is and cannot be changed, but if we just give Betsy DeVos a chance, she might be able bring back some faith into the schools and students. It seems that the current system just churns out our children for the future potential gains and does not focus on building and shaping children into being individuals that are capable of free thought. DeVos has a long, arduous road ahead of her if she is to revitalize the school system, we should not be an added obstacle when we haven’t allowed her to perform at her optimal level.

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Charles Koch Warns Donald Trump Against Ignoring Some Republicans in the Party

The Interview of Charles Koch by ABC news network has proved that of all the comments Donald Trump has made to the public, the one that has made Charles Koch pissed-off is the temporary ban on all Muslims entry into the United States until the national security problem is solved. In fact, the views by Donald Trump on banning Muslims, Koch compared them as “reminiscent of Nazi Germany”, “Monstrous” and “Frightening”.

Charles Koch is a Libertarian billionaire who and his brother have vast energy and manufacturing interests. Charles Koch is the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries which he has managed and retained the position from 1967. He has lamented the strategy by the Republican candidates to attack each other’s personality saying that, they have diverted their campaigns from the critical issues affecting America. However, Koch held a slightly less harsh comment of Ted Cruz who has also said he would carpet-bomb the Middle East under ISIS control.

It is not the first time the Koch brothers have been involved in politics. They have in fact spent millions of dollars and over decades of efforts to reshape the state and municipal governments of cities in America. Some of the policies they have supported include the enacting of a voter ID, combat of the gun control and discouraging government regulation of all kinds. David Koch, the brother of Charles Koch, had predicted in January that Scott Walker, the current governor of Wisconsin would be the Republican nominee. However, times have changed now after winning Indiana; Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee to head the party during the national election.

One of the things Trump should think carefully about is the fact that he could risk running for general election without Koch network and their allies. Donors such as Koch are people who have seen election after election, and they have the necessary experience Trump would need to win the general election much easier. The problem at hand for Trump is that Charles Koch has revealed a probability of Koch network support Hilary Clinton in the general election.

If the Koch network supports the Clinton’s in the general election, Trump stands to lose by big margins. It is true that Charles Koch and donors like him in the Republican party holds the key to whether Trump will win the general elections. What Trump need to do instead is to know their reasons behind supporting Clinton and see whether he can accommodate these ideas in his policies.