The Reason Why Raj Fernando recruits only “A” players for Chopper Trading

When the markets get open, the trading floor is often intense and bustling. According to the Chopper Trading room, it is an opposite of what happens there. According to reliable sources, you will find the 150 employees of Chopper Trading Company in the 3,000-square-feet spaciousness winding down or lifting weights with some poker or table tennis. When the work is done, they usually roll out in groups and takes advantage of the tickets provided by the company to cheer the Cubs, Sox, Bulls, or Blackhawks.

According to the employees, the nature of the business is stressful. It requires maximum concentration to have things right. Raj Fernando, the current Chief Executive Officer of the company, wants to keep the surroundings as pleasant as possible. For this reason, his employees will work for the greater benefit of the enterprise.

When it comes to hiring and employing, his approach is different from those used by his competitors. For instance, some of his competitors employ a group of 30 individuals. After conducting an important training with them, they end up firing 27 employees and remain with three. This roller-coaster hiring method is never beneficial. According to Raj Fernando, his hiring criterion is unique. His purpose if to bring in long-term employees committed to serving the mission and vision of the company to retirement he looks for the best and passionate. Therefore, his workforce is among the best in the world.

In 2002, he established a rule for bringing in employees when he founded the company. According to Raj Fernando, he doesn’t care much about how much money they are going to gain from the employee. However, his main concern is if they are going to make the company miserable. Those are the employees who must be kept off from a company. He also said that the employee must marry with the customs of the company. The two entities must incorporate to make a working group. While in the interview process, Raj Fernando has the capability to note the potential workers. He has the right questions to determine the willingness of a prospective employee to provide high-end services.

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