Miami Real Estate Agent Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a prominent real-estate agent and investor in South Florida and the Latin America region. He is also into other investments in the hospitality and internet sectors. However, for the sake of this article, we will discuss his investment in the real estate sector.

Investment in real estate sector can be lucrative for those who are experienced in buying and selling properties. However, for rookies or homeowners who have no ideas about the industry. It can be a risky industry. It is for this reason that there are real estate companies that offer real estate services that will enable both investors and homeowners find good housing deals.

In Miami, South Florida, one of the prominent real estate agents is Samuel Strauch. Samuel Strauch offers services to hundreds of homeowners and investors who come into the area looking to buy property but have no ideas how to start the process. Samuel Strauch’s services include brokerage, property management, consultations and property financing.

Samuel Strauch journey to become an authority in the real estate sector started right from home. His family owned a real estate firm where he worked in after completing his studies. Samuel also went to the university where he studied business-related courses. He did his undergraduate program at Hofstra University in New York. Strauch was a bright student and never struggled to learn. He understood what he wanted in life and always worked towards attaining his goals.

For Samuel Strauch to run a business successfully, he needed to have the requisite skills. After his college life, he decided to further his studies. He joined the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where he studies international finance and marketing. He did not stop there. He attended the Harvard University and studied executive education in Real Estate and Capital Markets.

In 2002, Samuel Strauch started his real estate company. He named the company, Metrik Real Estate Company. He established the company in Miami, Florida. Over the years he has worked on growing the company to international levels. Currently, the company has business operations in Latin America. Samuel Strauch through Metrik Real Estate Company has helped many clients buy and sell property in Miami. Miami is a popular vacation destination for people from all across the world. Therefore, the demand in the housing sector in the areas is always high. The areas being near a beach offers a beautiful natural weather for those who would like to live there permanently.

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Aloha Construction Gives Pet owners some Tips

The construction industry has diverse portfolios. Various companies specialize in different areas. Once a company specializes in a particular part of a building, it stands out and becomes known for it. Aloha Construction, for instance, is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois area and specializes in roofing. It offers a range of services especially on siding, roofing as well as gutter works. Aloha Construction has contractors who can deal with all types of roofs from steep, metal, asphalt or any other kind of roof a client may need. As a result of the expertise possessed by the institution, it has been contracted to do roofing even when the companies that did the entire property could do the roofing.

Many construction companies tend to ignore the importance of siding, the more reason as to why Aloha Construction majors in it. They offer various type of siding from wood, Hardee board, vinyl, to aluminum siding. Considering that buildings tend to wear and tear especially during the rainy seasons, Aloha Construction ensures that it finishes up the roofing process by constructing gutters. Clients have different tastes and preferences of gutters. The trenches are created according to the customer’s choice. Aloha offers its services to both new constructions and renovations.

Many individuals with pets find it hard to contain their pets when their homes are undergoing some reconstruction. Aloha Construction insists on the need to put the pets in a safe place where the construction materials cannot injure them. It is crucial for one not to leave the pets alone with strangers during the reconstructions since their presence may bring some anxiety to the pet. Trying as much as possible to help the pet adhere to its usual program is important. Amid all the noises that come along with reconstruction, you can take a break and have fun with your pet.

A Passion For Making A Difference

Adam Milstein is living the life that many have dreamed. The story of rags to riches is told in many ways. There is a great romance with the idea of starting out in life with very little and turning it into something extremely significant. This is a conquest that can take shape in various forms. The struggle isn’t always about obtaining money or objects. The road to success simply means developing the ability to shape a life into the vision it is perceived. Adam set out on a journey that took him from a war-torn country to the sunny shores of Southern California. His wealth is quantified by the impact he has chosen to make on the community and people around him.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel. He is the son of a real estate developer and spent much of his time learning the family business. Adam served his obligatory time in the Israeli Army. He attended college and earned a bachelor’s degree in business and economics.

Adam got married in 1981. He and his wife Gila moved to the United States soon after with their two daughters. Their third daughter was born after they reached the U.S. Adam earned a Masters in Business Administration from the University Southern California. He took a job as a real estate agent and began what would become a very successful business career.

Adams success in business inspired his passion for philanthropy. Adam launched the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It is a charitable organization that supports a wide range of issues regarding the Israeli community. The foundation is dedicated to being involved in every aspect of personal development. Education, health and emotional well-being are focus points for the mission of the foundation. Milstein has three basic principles when applying his efforts to philanthropy. Active philanthropy is about investing the time and resources necessary to make the impact that is needed. This theory must be applied to all aspects of the operation. Lifepath impact observes the level of effectiveness a program has on a person throughout every stage of life. Working with other foundations that have a similar objective in order to strengthen reserves is known as philanthropic synergy.

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Wasseem Boraie Develops New Housing in Atlantic City to Drive Economic and Residential Growth

The economy in Atlantic City continues to struggle despite efforts to increase economic growth by turning the city into a vacation resort with casinos. By 2015, the economy was still suffering, especially unemployment and affordable housing. The casinos didn’t contribute to economic growth and over 12 of them were eventually closed. More than 10,000 individuals lost their jobs due the casinos closing in Atlantic City. Political leaders and developers began working together years ago to help come up with solutions to resolve the issues causing the economic downturn.


According to The Real Deal, Boraie Development LLC built new housing in Atlantic City to help the city recover and meet the demand for affordable housing (February 22, 2015). Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development said that the demand for new private residential development is in resilient demand, which has existed for more than 40 years. Developers and leaders are anticipating to spark economic and housing growth and to grow the tax base without increasing property taxes. To resolve economic issues, developers believe young professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 and the ability of Atlantic City to attract businesses will contribute to increasing the employment rate.


Boraie Development LLC, a headquartered base company in New Brunswick provides services for real estate development in urban areas, property management, and sales. They employ professionals with expertise in managing properties, including administration, leasing, sales, customer service, and maintenance. Since the mid-1980s, the company has built a strong reputation and is now, considered one of the best developers in the State of New Jersey. The firm is committed to developing magnificent properties by working with trustworthy architects, financial institutions, and contractors. Boraie Development has over 30 years of experience attracting and servicing residents, partners and tenants.


Wasseem Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie, President and Founder of Boraie Development. He is co-partner and Vice President of the company, and works with his brother and father on development projects in New Jersey. Wasseem and his family support political causes and have donated over $300 thousand to ensure the state is in good governance and fairness. Boraie Development has funded politicians and various political committees in New Brunswick and Newark. The Boraie family has contributed to the New Brunswick area and other areas in New Jersey for approximately 40 or more years.

Wasseem Boraie and the New View of Residential Contracting

In past years, public policy related to urban growth often focused on large projects such as a single large residential building. The thinking was that the size of big developments led to a growing construction sector. This could be expected to foster overall economic growth. At a 2015 event on residential development trends in Newark, New Jersey, Wasseem Boraie described the advantages of a newer approach to residential construction. Wasseem Boraie, who is executive vice president of Boraie Development Corporation, echoed other panelists when he pointed out that a construction firm won’t locate in an urban community for the sake of a single project.

Residential development projects are often funded by a combination of private capital and state or local governments. A government agency can afford to look at a single project. A private firm needs more. A residential construction firm needs multiple projects to choose from. These are often comprised of thousands of individual units.

Boraie sats Newark is now close to achieving a “critical mass” of residential construction activity with five to 10 “Class A” projects comprising thousands of new housing units. This is what today’s urban development stakeholders are looking for. Firms have options in their choice of projects. This is also an attractive scenario for real estate investment. Investors want to see a market that can be expected to produce profit opportunities on an ongoing basis. Investments and profits are not limited to a few large project. They are sustainable basis for years to come.

Wasseem Boraie has served as executive vice president for Boraie Development for 17 years. The firm is a privately owned company that has been operating for over four decades in the Newark and New Brunswick area under the leadership of Wasseem’s father, Omar Boraie. Wasseem attended New York University from 1991 until 1995. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He studied International Business, Finance and English.

Wasseem assumed his current vice president’s role in January, 1999. He has been there ever since. Along with other family members, he has become a strong supporter of economic development of this area of New Jersey. The firm”s projects are a good example of “putting your money where your mouth is. Boraie Development engages in multiple projects that range from sup-prime housing to high-end condominiums to high rise buildings.

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