The Importance of Studying the Kabbalah Teachings

A few millennia ago, a set of principles were passed down during a period of great revelation to humanity. The laws are meant to help human beings from all walks of life unlock life’s mysteries. The principles do not apply to a particular religion and are supposed to help connect with the person’s inner self in understanding the universe. Kabbalah is an ancient teaching that seeks to instill discipline in the people who follow and implement the lessons. It originated from Judaism and seeks to explain and define the nature of the universe and the relationship between the world and human beings. The word means to receive and is the study of how to efficiently gain fulfillment in life.

The teachings of Kabbalah are there to guide people on how life works in the universe for the betterment of human life. Many people around the world face challenges and sometimes defeat in getting to know and their purpose and are therefore not fulfilled. Despite the fact that at times we may try to understand the meaning of life and our place and purpose in the universe, this often eludes us. With mastering the teachings that Kabbalah has to offer, we get holistic fulfillment in different areas of our lives. These areas include our health, the career path we take in life and how it serves in fulfilling us, the relationships we forge and our general well-being. The teachings help us find fulfillment in these areas of our lives for a happier and healthy life. With the instructions, we can understand and appreciate these parts of our lives and how to deal with the pressure and challenges that come with health, relationship and career complications often.

Although the study of the Kabbalah was solely left to scholars and Jews, humanity is fortunate that people have taken the initiative to help pass this knowledge to better the world we live in today. The Kabbalah Centre was founded as a non-profit organization in 1984 to help in the teachings of the Kabbalah. The principles offered are not forced on the people who wish to practice the teachings but are taught to the students who have the discretion to implement the teachings in their lives.

Philip Berg founded it with the assistance of his wife Karen Berg with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California in the United States. The organization has different teachers who have been teaching the principles and improving the lives of the students. There are registered branches across the world including in New York, London and Toronto.

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