Billy McFarland’s Magnesis, Exclusive Social Club For Millenials

At just 25 years old, entrepreneur Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of two companies, Magnises and Spling.

According to The Guardian, born in New York City and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey by real-estate deveopers, Billy McFarland founded his first company at just 13 years old. After briefly attending Bucknell University, McFarland founded Spling in 2011.

Spling is an online ad platform that helps clients optimize their online content presentation in order to increase media engagement and marketing revenue. Spling has many well-known clients including Universal and Discovery.

In 2014 McFarland founded Magnises, an exclusive social club that gives members access to special events and deals. Prospective members are required to fill out an online application and be approved before they can join the social club. After being admitted, a new card will be constructed and linked to the member’s existing credit or debit card.

The Magnesis card is perfect for young working professionals, particularly in the finance, fashion and tech industries. For an annual fee of just $250, members can access exclusive restaurants, clubs and fitness studios as well as discounted helicopter trips and private shows. Magnesis recently began offering best-in-the-house seats to sporting events at special members-only prices.

Magnises also offers an on-demand concierge app called Magnises NOW. The app helps by making suggestions for experiences, dining and nightlife as well as making reservations and answering membership questions.

McFardland’s hope is that Magnises will be both a social and professional connection between people working in different fields.

According to Crunchbase, with over 6,000 members currently, Billy McFarld is hoping to expand from New York City and Washington, D.C., to major cities across the United States and make partnerships with well-known, trusted organizations.