Remember Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is no rookie. He has practiced law for years. He recently put new plans in place. With time and training, like coaches around a CEO, an athlete, a president of litigation or a consultant like Bruno Fagali, these will likely gain approval.

Bruno Fagali on Litigation Rates

These are especially suitable for onsite trial services, like onsite planning of trial pictures or trial tech support.

Floors and Ceiling

This strategy keeps the classic billable hour as the foundation but protects both Bruno Fagali and the customer in the event the amount of the work proves to be smaller or greater than expected. An observer of trends, however, I predict this for 20 years – or probably less – from now, just as it’s now very commonplace for trial images to be utilized. Big situations, big cases and large time litigators will also have their go-to trainers. They’ll be known as something else or litigation consultants.

Recently introduced services, such as the Micro-Mock™, will help establish this type of training relationship in a restricted and discreet way. It may complement jury consulting, in case your time and cost budget will not allow for full jury services, or it may be an alternative. Of the connections between vendors and law firms, like trial and litigation consultants, Fagali’s is best.

Twenty Blended Rate

We now have a blended rate for all our firms. The “new normal,” law firms are suggesting AFAs for their corporate customers, either because they wish to or because they should. In any event, they understand the significance of their worth and AFAs. They want to profit as customers from AFAs when it comes to paying the expenses of a litigation consulting firm, and we believe we could benefit as sellers: Shouldn’t people be able to agree on value and price, if it’s for services, litigation graphics, trial technicians, or jury consulting? It is just business.

It’s not perfect for every case although fee arrangement is still AFA. Things are just weeks prior to trial. So Fagali created methods that work for our customers.


Andrew Rolfe is an International Market Guru

Ubuntu fund is among many foundations that have helped the less privileged across the globe. The company held its Gala Dinner last may in the anticipation to raise at least $972, 960. The mission was to raise funds to support Port Elizabeth school in South Africa. The school urgently needed a pediatric clinic and other key school facilities to offer quality education. The school was originally started to help the less privileged families in South Africa. The event was held by the current chairman of Ubuntu Fund, Mr. Andrew Rolfe. The colorful event was marked with different performances from performers from various cultural groups.

Xhosa choral group made a spectacular performance that entertained various guests in the event. Another inspiring moment came from a personal story told by Sinesipho Rabidyani who carried the hearts of attendants. She narrated how the Ubuntu Fund rescued her from the teeth of poverty and placed her on the right path to achieve her dream career. Sinesipho passionately wanted to be a lawyer; however, being raised by an alcoholic father was a great challenge for her. Through the help of Ubuntu fund, Sinesipho is now studying law in one of the prestigious schools in the world.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund and also serves as the serves senior managing director at one of the prominent investment companies. Towerbrook Capital Partners is a reputable financial investment company found in the United States and Europe. He has tremendous experience and has offered quality leadership skills in most companies that he has worked with. He has master’s degree in Business Economics from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University.

Before joining Towerbrook, Andrew was an executive at The Gap, Inc. where he played a key role in exposing the company to different markets in the globe. He also worked at the Banana Republic and his strategic business approaches saw the company expand to Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. His understanding regarding global market is impeccable. He has a visionary and innovative leader. This is the reason why he was selected to head one of the largest foundation in the world, Ubuntu Fund.

A Look At The Marketing Career Of Alexandre Gama

Today, Alexandre Gama works at an advertising agency called Neogama. Its name means new gama and it was created by Alexandre Gama himself all the way back in 1999. Neogama is now considered to be one of Brazil’s top twenty advertising companies. Mr. Gama holds the position of both chief executive officer and chief creative officer at his firm, Neogama.

Alexandre Gama started Neogama in 1999 after leaving marketing firm, Young & Rubicam. Mr. Gama joined Young & Rubicam back in 1996 and he held the same position as chief executive officer and chief creative officer that he now does at Neogama. Alexandre Gama was also included in the global board of Young & Rubicam as well.

Before being offered CEO and CCO positions at Young & Rubicam, Alexandre Gama was working as a creative director at marketing company, Almap BBDO. As part of his employment agreement with Almap BBDO, he was given share in the company and was a major shareholder there.

The early career of Alexandre Gama was spent at advertising company, Ogilvy & Mather which he joined in 1982 and DM9 which he joined in 1990. At both companies, Alexandre Gama worked as a copywriter and creative strategist.

Alfonso de Angoitia Of Grupo Televisa Takes The Company To New Heights

Alfonso de Angoitia is an Executive Vice President who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of his company, Grupo Televisa. He is known to be one of the top media executives in the field and has worked extremely hard to get to where he is today. Before he started working in the field of media, he was a lawyer who worked at one of the largest law firms in New York City. Being a corporate lawyer, he had numerous clients coming from within the United States, and outside as well. After spending a good amount of years working at someone else’s law firm, he decided to start up his own.

It was soon after founding his law firm that he took on Grupo Televisa as one of his clients. He worked closely with the CEO and then Vice President of the company, as well as the other executives in the field. He assisted them with their legal council and soon went on to work for Grupo Televisa because of the incredible experience he had with them. When he came to Grupo Televisa, he was given the position of Chief Financial Officer. The position was a good fit for him because he had an incredible amount of knowledge with the financial standings of a company owing to him being a corporate lawyer for so many years. He was in this position for a total of four years before he was promoted to the post of Executive Vice President of the company. When he became the Vice President of the company, he brought along numerous changes to the company, which helped it grow and expand its audience. Today, Televisa does not only have channels in Mexico but also in the United States to air their shows to their viewers there.

Even though Alfonso de Angoitia spent so much time working in the field of law, he did not let that stop him from attaining a high position in the field that he switched to. He has always believed in constantly gaining knowledge through everything that he does, which is what has helped him be a brilliant leader to Televisa.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero: The Efficient CEO of Grupo Televisa

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the most influential people at Grupo Televisa, and one of the main reasons for the company’s growth in recent times. He is the CEO of the entertainment network and has been working hard to make the business as successful as it currently is. With Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero expertise in the field of media and entertainment, Grupo Televisa has grown exponentially. He believes in enforcing new ideas when it comes to the shows that network puts out and the operations that they undertake. Being the CEO, he has brought along with his a fresh new mindset of how the company should function.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is extremely well versed in the field of media, considering that he has been working in it for practically all of his professional career. Before working at Grupo Televisa, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero used to work at a company known as Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores. Here, he served as the Vice Chairman of the company. He performed his role extremely well and was instrumental in bringing the company up to the position that it is in today. He has always been a hard worker and believes in dedicating all his effort to the job that he has at hand. Being the chief executive officer of a company requires a large amount of effort, and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knows exactly how to perform the role well and without any hassles.

When it comes to the company, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has extremely high standards for the people who work here and also for the shows that they put out. The enforcement of this is what has taken the company to the high position that it is in today in the media and broadcasting sector in Mexico.

Honey Birdette expanding quickly into the U.S. and U.K.

Honey Birdette, the luxury Australian lingerie brand, is setting its sights on the United States and the United Kingdom.

In fact, in the next couple of years, Honey Birdette plans on opening 37 new stores in the United Kingdom to take its current total of three stores up to 40.

In the United States, Honey Birdette has just launched a new e-commerce site as a result of seeing sales in the U.S. on its Australian website jump over 370 percent in just a year.

Seeing the increased sales, Honey Birdette immediately saw the possibilities, and jumped on the chance of offering direct ordering in the United States from an American-based website.

That way, the lingerie brand knew, American sales would grow rapidly once customers realized their orders would be mailed quickly, returns could be sent within the U.S. rather than having to be mailed to Australia, and they could offer free delivery with orders over $50.

The company is also targeting America with plans for store openings around the country in the next couple of years, to be run in parallel with its e-commerce site.

Not content to just remain in the U.S. and U.K., however, Honey Birdette is also looking at expanding into other European cities soon.

All of this is exciting for the Australia-based luxury lingerie company, which was only founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, and has already seen dramatic growth in its home country.

The idea for the company came about when two friends were complaining over a glass of wine how tired they were of not being able to find sexy yet luxurious lingerie and bedroom attire. Sensuality in the bedroom was needed. Thus, Honey Birdette was born.

Since then, the company has also launched a bedroom toy line that has surpassed even the founders expectations with its success.

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Honey Birdette Is helping More Women Create The Pleasure Parlor Of Their Naughtiest Dreams

There’s great news for ladies all across the U.S. Honey Birdette has experienced such an increase in American sales, 374% in the past twelve months to be exact, that they have finally launched a version of their site for the U.S. This will mean some good changes for American customers. Not only will customers get the benefit of free shipping for purchases over $50, they’ll also be able to choose from a larger selection of this brand of lingerie. But that isn’t all, the new site will also ensure faster deliver to the customer, and will take the hassle out out returns. With even higher sights on the U.S. market, Honey Birdette is looking into opening retail stores as well.

That isn’t all. UK customers aren’t being left out of things. The brand is planning to expand their brick and mortar efforts. They have revealed that they have ten store openings planned, bringing the total up to thirteen retail outlets in the UK. They have said that the goal is 40 stores by the end of next year. They’re also checking into other premium locations throughout Europe.

Honey Birdette Is an Australian lingerie brand that specializes in provocative lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories. The brand was created in 2006 by two friends while drinking champagne. They were as tired as many other women about not being able to find quality lingerie with a sensual style. Customer interest was amazing, people can’t get enough Honey Birdette, and the brand just keeps growing. In their homeland of Austrailia, the brand has 55 boutiques.

Walking into a Honey Birdette store is an experience very unlike walking into most other lingerie stores. The atmosphere is flirty, playful and sensuous, and the decor is burlesque-like, and to top it off there’s champagne. The “Honeys” as the sales associates are known, are playful and put on a great show. They are there to entertain as much as to empower, which is something which is lacking with many other brands. This is a brand that brings you everything from naughty lace to kinky leather.

Small Amount of Bacteria was Found in Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain in November 2016

Squaw Valley Ski Resort had an alarming report back in November 2016 before the main season got off. A potential health risk was detected in the water system in the upper mountain water system during a routine water check. The Placer County Department of Environmental Health made the first announcement to the public on November 8th, 2016.


Apparently, rainwater leaked into the water system that had just been replaced that summer and created a small amount of E. Coli and coliform bacteria. Squaw Valley officials immediately contacted the Health Department who verified that the bacteria was contained exclusively in the upper mountain water supply, so the water was turned off until the water could be brought to the correct levels. Squaw Valley also called in two water supply experts to provide a second opinion.


The restaurants on the upper mountain were closed, and the guests at the resort were not permitted to drink the from the upper mountain, but they were permitted to ski from top to bottom. Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley, provided bottled water for the safety of everyone at the Resort.


Squaw Valley has been very open about the progress that is being made pertaining to the system and when high mountain restaurants will reopen. On November 30, Squaw Valley, Mr. Wirth and the Board of Directors published an updated statement on the information released on the water quality.


The report stated that the initial results were correct and revealed the issue. The water department and other experts are working on the issue, so this second report could be made; all progress will continue to be monitored until the levels return to normal.


Since the bacteria was confined to High Camp and Gold Coast, Squaw Valley will keep those restaurants closed until health officials can completely assure them that the water is safe. The amount detected is small, and no health issues have been reported by any of the guests or employees. Skiing is open throughout the Resort for all skiers at this incredible resort, and Squaw Valley thanked all the parties for their efforts.


Chaz Dean Stylist to the Stars Offers Help to all Women

Chaz Dean is a dedicated hair care professional. He has committed his professional life to caring for women’s hair. Dean realized that woman put quantities of unhealthy chemicals into their hair that can cause severe damage. So Chaz Dean set out to create hair care products and new ways of cleaning hair as a first step in caring for and protecting their hair.

Dean developed the commercial shampoo brand Wen that carries his name and along with his name his reputation. In fine salons, the name of this product is Wen by Chaz Dean. Since he established a salon in California and began caring for and creating the hairstyles of famous and glamorous actresses, his reputation and brand, Wen, have soared. He was even featured on a recent reality TV program.

As his status in the world of hair care professionals has risen, Chaz Dean has redoubled his early obsession with removing the excessive chemicals and the damaging products that women shampoo into their scalp and hair. His product line is designed to offer quality hair care materials to softly clean and condition women’s hair. His dedication to the study of hair care can not be denied. He is a true professional who desires to make a remarkable difference in regards to women’s hair care and styling.

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