David McDonald: An Important Player In The OSI Group’s Growth

David McDonald, president and COO of global food industry giant the OSI Group, has been with the company for 30 years. During that time it has expanded from primarily focusing on providing McDonald’s growing list of franchisees with meat patties and selling meat to local restaurants and supermarkets in Illinois, to juggernaut with 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries worldwide. David McDonald has played a major role in this growth because of his educational background, ability to work productively with a wide range of people and clear understanding of the goals of the company and needs of the customers.

Born in Iowa, David McDonald grew up on a farm. His interest in biology and agriculture led to him pursuing a degree in animal science at Iowa State University. An excellent student, McDonald won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award when he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1987. He was hired by the Aurora, Illinois based food services company the OSI Group shortly afterwards. David McDonald started out as a project manager and his excellent performance led to him receiving a series of promotions until he was eventually named chief operating officer and president.

Since McDonald joined the company, the OSI Group has undertaken an ambitious expansion program that has seen them open facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, Central and South America. David McDonald has helped the company to thrive in spite of the diverse cultures of the customer bases the company has reached out to over the years. His incredible work with the logistics team has made it easier for the OSI Group to remain atop a global food market that’s constantly evolving. McDonald’s ability to work in harmony with local marketers no matter the country has kept the company’s global expansion efforts moving along smoothly.

With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group is able to gain the trust of the local people, understand their needs and deliver the products that they want. The OSI Group regularly delivers a vital portion of the food people all around the world eat every day. McDonald is able to help the company overcome the infrastructure and technical issues it faces while partnering with suppliers and working with governments all over the globe. He explained that remaining flexible, building solid relationships and delivering the highest quality food products have been crucial to the growth of the OSI Group.

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