Dick Devos Speaks Up on Education Reforms

Dick Devos is a businessman and one of the founders of the Windquest Group which is an organization founded by him and his wife and deals in matters technology. Dick and his wife are also co-chairs at the Education Freedom Fund which was founded in 1993 and looks to provide privates scholarships to students who come from poor families in Michigan.


Mr Devos’ wife was recently interviewed concerning the couples education reforms. Dick and his wife said that seeing parents with low income struggle to support their children’s education and take them to good schools motivated her husband and her to get into this movement. The Devos explained that it pained them that they were able to cater for all their children’s needs in terms of education whereas there were parents who were literally struggling and from there, she and her husband decided to begin offering support to these families.


They, however acknowledged that financially supporting these families could not be a long term solution as awareness had to be addressed concerning this issue. The Devos decided to partake in politics where they would further push for this agenda and try and get tax credit scholarships for these less fortunate students but that did not work out. This led to her founding the Great Lakes Education Project which saw the expansion of charter schools and as a result, American Federation for Children was founded and this organization basically raised awareness to the public and helped them understand why a good education is important.


Dick explains that the education reform basically tries to get rid of the mentality where a child can only get education in institutions that are not at per with the kind of money their parents have, she says every child is entitled to good quality education.


When asked about his stand on charter schools and if he thinks advocating for them would lead to the phasing out of other reforms, Dick said that unlike other schools such as private ones, it takes a while for charters schools to pick up and need a lot of money before they begin their operations. Dick explained that success according to him is when all parents, regardless of their financial status, will be able to offer the best education to their little ones. Dick Devos and his wife, Betsy have made it their sole purpose to fight for all children so that they are able to get good educations in whichever locations they are.


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