Small Businesses: How To Connect To Your Customers On Social Media

Small businesses have always lived and died on word of mouth. When you’re first starting out, you need to build a reputation which allows you to compete with the big corporations despite their monetary advantages. In today’s world, the place to gain that reputation and to spread that word is the internet. Online reputation management is one of the most important factors to the success of a small business in the modern world. Where do you start, though? This article from Forbes has several tips.
The first step might be a little obvious–get a website for your company–but there’s far more to it than that. You need to secure your domain name, the domain names of your products and even possible misspellings of your company or product if you really want to be thorough. Above that, though, you need to make sure that you can secure your pages on the social media sites that your customers visit. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; you should have a page on all of the megasites that your customers are using, of course, but you might also want to spread out to smaller sites, or more business-focused sites. Blogger,,, yelp, wordpress, all of these sites can help expand your reach in the online world.

Having all of these pages is just the first step, though. Once you have them, you also need to make sure that you are engaging with your customers on them. This means both making sure that your customers can find them, and making sure that they are fairly active. Luckily, there are services that can be used and actions that can be taken to make this easier. The most effective is, of course, to hire someone to handle your PR online, but that isn’t always an option. When it isn’t, there are steps that you as the business owner, can take to make it all easier. To help customers find your business, you can learn simple techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), like making sure that your brands are mentioned on most every page of your site and making sure that there is content on them relevant to your customers. To help keep all of the pages active, there are services like IFTTT that can automate the posting between your various pages and help keep your pages active and your customers engaged!


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Dentist, Philanthropist and Musician

Avi Weisfogel is a very well-known and respected dentist in the New Jersey area who owns his own practice. He has recently started his own GoFundMe campaign by donating $2000 into the fund to get it started. Every dollar will be donated to an organization called Operation Smile. It’s a foundation that was created for young children to promote hope for their future by performing surgeries to correct their facial deformities. Some suffer from cleft palates and some suffer from cleft lips or other deformities that that volunteers with Operation Smile help to perform. The organization has made its way as a global organization and has been helping young children since 1984. The organization is purely based upon donations and they have been able to perform thousands of surgeries throughout the world with their first mission being stationed in the Philippines. The foundation was originally founded by Bill and Kathy Magee and they have been making Operation Smile a successful venture for many years with the help of generous people such as Dr. Weisfogel.

Dr. Weisfogel is also the founder of a educational program called the Dental Sleep Masters. He has dedicated much of his life to educations and helping others with the program and development with patient’s that have sleep disorders. By educating other dentists offices and their staff with what they should be looking for when their patient’s experience sleep apnea symptoms, Dr. Weisfogel can help other doctors diagnose and correct sleep disorders. With so many people suffering from sleep apnea and aren’t even aware of it, Dr Weisfogel is even more determined to help those and to promote his program to correct disorders throughout the world. He also has an oral device that can be used for patient’s to correct their sleep apnea and clear the obstruction that they’re having when they’re sleeping.

When Dr. Avi Weisfogel isn’t busy with his own practice and putting in time and effort into his Dental Sleep Master’s program, he likes to write hip hop music in his free time and places his recorded music on You can follow his music ventures and find out more information by visiting the website.

The Mission, Value and Vision of IAP World Service

IAP Worldwide Services has purchased DRS Technologies, Aviation and Logistics Company found in the City of Oklahoma and the Tactical Communication and Network Solutions Company situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground. Aviation and Logistics Company offers aircraft repair management, logistics and mission support facilities, and Tactical Communication and Network Solutions provides information technology, engineering and communication services to the U.S Department of Defense and other organizations. IAP World Service will incorporate the exceptional abilities and talents to the purchased A&L and TCNS companies as part of its long-term development plan.

The mission of IAP World Service is to find a solution to your most challenging problems with the help of technology, proficiency, and ingenuity. Once you partner with IAP, they take your ultimate objectives and make them theirs, they will not give up until they have delivered the required results. To accomplish this, the company depends on four competencies as the foundations of the approach used.


The goals you want to achieve are similar to the ones they have. The company takes personal possession of every engagement, in support of the crew and as part of the team. IAP strives to surpass the expectations of customers and attain the set goals.


There is nothing such as standard solution. With proficiency, flexibility, and ingenuity, the IAP crew offers solutions to critical problems. Responding urgently to your problems is the forte of the company, as is going beyond the call of duty to achieve apparently difficult feats. The IAP team will do whatever that is required to get everything executed.

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Other agencies might be providing same services, then again, not any of them has the capability to conjure up the better, quicker and more ingenious means to tackle the tasks. The ability of IAP is unmatched, and their dynamic, system based tactic puts them ahead regarding service delivery.


Everybody at IAP Worldwide is individually devoted to clients, associates of the company. The organizations applaud inventiveness, prize honesty, and celebrates the support of every individual. IAP values and respects unique experience of every person, and the company also strongly emboldens creativity.


The Values Charter of IAP states that the company will

– Practice intelligent inquisitiveness and rigor
– Act with humanity and truthfulness
– Offer inspiring governance and fellowship empowered by understanding
– Act in a courteous, responsible and swift way
– Be Pursuing development and learning
Be working with determination, adapting to and implementation of change.

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Organo Gold’s New Rewards Program

As of December 2015, Organo Gold’s CEO, Bernardo Chua announced the business’s first rewards program on the blog site. It is called Preferred Customers and U.S., Mexican and Canadian residents are eligible to participate. Its four main benefits are savings, support system, special discounts and top quality customer rewards. Members of the last are required to join the monthly program in order to receive 25 percent off of their purchases of the products. The rewards program also gives both customers and distributors advantageous savings. Chua and his team have received two People’s Choice Awards along with the Dangal ng Bayan Award and Organo Gold is now recognized in over 40 different countries.

Bernardo Chua is known for producing the company’s tea and coffee using an herb called Ganoderma. It is a type of mushroom that has been used in China since the ancient times for various healing purposes. Chua founded Organo Gold partly for the purpose of better educating the public about the benefits of Ganoderma. Chua didn’t stop with the teas and coffees; he also mixes Ganoderma into personal care and supplemental products.

Before founding Organo Gold, Chua worked as an executive with Gano Excel in his native Phillipines. After expanding the company throughout Hong Kong, Canada and the U.S., Chua moved to the U.S. in order to further help expand the education about the benefits of Ganoderma to the general public. Organo Gold has been in business since 2008 and continues to make Bernardo Chua’s vision of sharing the benefits of Ganoderma with the public a wonderful reality.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Facebook for more on Organo, and his Twitter account for continued updates.

Saving Freak Gives the FreedomPop Cell Phone Service a “Ringing Endorsement”

In their review of the wireless internet and cell phone service provider, “FreedomPop,” Saving Freak purchased one of their phones in order to test out the service. They do not reveal any specific details about the phone they bought, only saying that they chose the one with the lowest price offered, which was around $50. Their overwhelming sentiment is that FreedomPop is a “nice service to have” for “light users,” and that it “makes a lot of sense” for its niche cellular market.

What makes FreedomPop so appealing is that their most basic service is totally free, up to a set monthly limit, and is largely made possible by their use of VoIP through Sprint’s network of wireless hotpots, or through any other available nearby WiFi hotspot. VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol,” and because of this, it is sometimes referred to as an “internet phone.” Despite the “internet phone” moniker, phones using VoIP are assigned regular telephone numbers and can call any non-VoIP phone.

FreedomPop’s free basic service offers a monthly limit of 200 minutes for voice calls, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data, with an option of upgrading to 1 GB of data with unlimited voice and text for just $19.99. They also offer a 12/Mbps home internet service via their “Freedom Hub Burst” device that can be purchased online for $89, and then used for a completely free internet connection anywhere with 4G LTE coverage. The free internet service has a cap of 1 GB per month, but can be upgraded to 5 GB for $17.99 per month, or 10 GB for $33 per month.

On their website, FreedomPop only sells 6 tablet computers: an iPad Mini, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & 4, an LG G Pad in black or white, and their own “Freedom Tab Liberty.” The Freedom Tab Liberty is a decent slimmed down tablet for just $75, with the other tablets priced costing more, but only up to about $299. Because they use Sprint’s data network, FreedomPop will activate any Sprint device for use with their free or paid services.,2817,2427635,00.asp

The Importance of Studying the Kabbalah Teachings

A few millennia ago, a set of principles were passed down during a period of great revelation to humanity. The laws are meant to help human beings from all walks of life unlock life’s mysteries. The principles do not apply to a particular religion and are supposed to help connect with the person’s inner self in understanding the universe. Kabbalah is an ancient teaching that seeks to instill discipline in the people who follow and implement the lessons. It originated from Judaism and seeks to explain and define the nature of the universe and the relationship between the world and human beings. The word means to receive and is the study of how to efficiently gain fulfillment in life.

The teachings of Kabbalah are there to guide people on how life works in the universe for the betterment of human life. Many people around the world face challenges and sometimes defeat in getting to know and their purpose and are therefore not fulfilled. Despite the fact that at times we may try to understand the meaning of life and our place and purpose in the universe, this often eludes us. With mastering the teachings that Kabbalah has to offer, we get holistic fulfillment in different areas of our lives. These areas include our health, the career path we take in life and how it serves in fulfilling us, the relationships we forge and our general well-being. The teachings help us find fulfillment in these areas of our lives for a happier and healthy life. With the instructions, we can understand and appreciate these parts of our lives and how to deal with the pressure and challenges that come with health, relationship and career complications often.

Although the study of the Kabbalah was solely left to scholars and Jews, humanity is fortunate that people have taken the initiative to help pass this knowledge to better the world we live in today. The Kabbalah Centre was founded as a non-profit organization in 1984 to help in the teachings of the Kabbalah. The principles offered are not forced on the people who wish to practice the teachings but are taught to the students who have the discretion to implement the teachings in their lives.

Philip Berg founded it with the assistance of his wife Karen Berg with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California in the United States. The organization has different teachers who have been teaching the principles and improving the lives of the students. There are registered branches across the world including in New York, London and Toronto.

Twitter: @kabbalahcentre

Dodd-Frank Creates A Safe Harbor For Whistleblowers

There is a new segment of employees not only in the government but also in the private sector today. This group is known by the unflattering name of “Whistleblower”. The term was obviously borrowed from the sports industry its use conjures up the image of a referee at a football or basketball game where the referee witnesses a rule infraction by one of the players and blows his whistle to penalize the team that made the “foul”. Today, however, because of the criminal acts that were commuted by the banks, mortgage companies, and brokerage firms that all but completely collapsed the financial system in America Congress enacted sweeping reform legislation. One, in particular, was the Dodd-Frank act which was enacted in 2010. One of the provisions of Dodd-Frank was a new whistleblower program that provided to the whistleblower powerful employment protection acts and monetary motivation to individuals that reported potential violations of federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission or as it is commonly known, the SEC.

As a response to this extraordinary legislation, the law firm of Labaton Sucharow established itself as the very first law firm in the country to establish a law firm that exclusively dealt with protecting and advocating for the SEC whistleblowers. Many people may wonder why this is even needed but when you think about it the answer of why becomes very clear. If you worked for a large investment firm and as an employee, you discovered your employer was robbing their clients blind or knowingly giving them false or misleading information just to make commissions how would you feel? Would you feel safe reporting these potential crimes to authorities? Of course, you wouldn’t, and that’s the reason Dodd-Frank was passed.

Labaton Sucharow has at its disposal a world class team of in-house investigators, monetary analysts, and forensic accountants with both federal and state law enforcement experience that will provide the best representation available for the whistleblower. In addition to the expert legal assistance available, Labaton Sucharow’s practice is led by a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel of the Division of Enforcement of the SEC. This was done for only one reason, to make those companies that have been accused of wrongdoing to comply with the rules.

Additionally, under the rules of Dodd-Frank, the SEC is required to pay whistleblowers up to 30% of any money judgments collected as a result of a successful SEC enforcement action in which sanctions exceed $1 million dollars. It also prohibits retaliation by employers against employees.

Keeping Healthcare Employed

After discovering that the healthcare industry was struggling to fill jobs and keep them occupied, Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing to help seal the many voids within the industry. He has specifically played a vital role in the growth of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors by bringing quality candidates to companies in dire need of help. Aside from being the founder of HCRC Staffing, Brian is also a chiropractor. He has always expressed an interest in medicine and the lives that can be positively impacted by its healing properties. Through his passion in the medical field, his desire is to build lasting and meaningful partnerships.

Brian is a man that is described by his colleagues to bring permanent solutions wherever they are needed. His current customer base of 200 is located worldwide with connections reaching all the way to Asia. No matter where his client is, even if they’re across the globe, Brian wishes to fulfill any request or question that they need to have answered. With the consistency that Torchin brings to the table, he has been able to grow his company into one of the nation’s largest within the health field.

Brian naturally carries a positive influence within the business world, which is hard to accomplish in a negatively focused society. There are no excuses with Brian, though, his relationships with clients and medical facilities have remained stable, unchanging in the drifting winds of the economy. With a history like Brian’s, there is no doubt in the mind of the customer when they put their needs in his hands.  BitsyLink has a great article on what Brian has done in the industry, and how he continues to make a difference.

Kenneth Goodgame – A Comprehensive Approach to Growing a Business

Kenneth Goodgame has an impressive resume. Goodgame was SVP CMO for True Value Company, and prior to that position, he held executive leadership positions at The Home Depot, TTi, and Ace Hardware. Goodgame understands how to grow a business and that was evident in every one of his positions. Combining the corporation’s mission with employee satisfaction, Goodgame ensured that everyone was happy and everyone’s needs were met. He was able to increase productivity and help with the bottom line.

Goodgame has a firm understanding of all the factors that go into creating a profitable business. He makes sure everything is accounted for, from employee engagement to quality assurance to cost analysis. Furthermore, Goodgame understands that quality leadership is important to the success of any business endeavor and he knows how to bring out the best in his company’s leaders. Kenneth Goodgame recognizes that all factors of a company must work together harmoniously to bring about optimum results. If a company is suffering in a certain area, it isn’t just that area that needs to be reviewed; it is the entire company and its way of doing business that needs to be reviewed. Goodgame understands this, and he has the ability to get every part of the company working together because of his extensive background and experience.

Goodgame also writes and lectures using his insightful business knowledge to help others who are concerned about succeeding in business. In addition to his lucrative professional life, Goodgame is also involved in a number of non-profit organizations.

Talk Fusion Focuses on Giving Back

Talk Fusion is a company held in high regard for those seeking video chat and email services. The company has done quite well for itself over the years drawing in a significant number of customers while also winning awards for excellence. Talk Fusion is using its platform of success to give back to those in need. Recently, the company has announced significant steps to help people around the world.

The funds the company is giving to charitable causes is significant. $1 million was recently directed towards the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. A generous amount of funds were earmarked for an orphanage in Indonesia. The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has made commitments to display a corporate responsibility to the global community. Corporate responsibility programs are, in essence, philanthropic endeavors run by successful businesses. In short, successful businesses give back to the world that made the companies so successful in the first place.

Success is the hallmark of Talk Fusion. In addition to producing the aforementioned video emails and video chat services, Talk Fusion offers live meetings, video newsletters, and more. The company was founded in 2007 when Chief Executive Bob Reina hit upon the idea of sending videos inside of emails. AOL said it couldn’t be done. Reina and Talk Fusion proved the internet giant wrong.

An article published on Your Mark On The World’s website details the services and charitable endeavors of Talk Fusion. Also covered is how associates of Talk Fusion can earn money working with the company and also help others with their newfound income.

Talk Fusion encourages its associates to give a little back when experiencing good fortune. Many are likely to take such advice thanks to the “lead by example” attitude of the management of Talk Fusion. The company’s contributions to the victims of Nepal’s earthquake are among the ways the company has made positive commitment to help others. The company and its associates are sure to continue to do more.