The Crisis of 2008 Still Affecting Small Businesses in Venezuela

If you listen to the economists and the government, they report that the economic crisis of 2008 is over, but individuals and small businesses are still feeling the effects of a financial disaster that the world will not soon forget.

In Venezuela, an influential, bilingual publication as reported by had to shut down this week after 34 years, VenEconomia, a favorite of Danilo Diaz Granados, is a publication that informed the public on financial, political and business issues of the country and the world. VenEconomía has been a “go-to” resource for millions of people because it explained the turmoil that was going on.

Bottome attributes the closing of this well-known publication to the 600 percent inflation that is occurring in Venezuela, and he closed down before the inflation took all of the funds. This way, there is enough for severance pay for the employees who remained.

The economy of Venezuela is still crumbling, and the publication is needed more now than ever before. Previously, there were over 3,000 weekly subscribers and the publication opened the door for young writers to get into the market. This publication will be missed by its followers.