Andy Wirth and his work in Incorporating Olympic Valley

In the last few years, things have not been easy for the north shore communities at Lake Tahoe. The communities have been struggling from an major drought that has

taken it’s toll on the winter resort, as well as the small businesses that depend on the resort. In addition to the natural challenges that have affected the communities,
they have also been affected by political challenges as well with a incorporation battle over the Olympic Valley, and is the home of Squaw Valley Resort, and is one of the most iconic winter sports terrain in North America.

However, the good news is that Andy Wirth, who is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, is putting forth efforts in providing relief to both of these challenges. Mother Nature has provided it’s own form of help, through a series of early season storms, that combined with cold temperatures helped Squaw Valley and other Tahoe resort areas to open a week earlier then they have in the past decade.

In addition to relief of the natural challenges to the resort, the backers of the incorporation effort, that Wirth has considered a threat to the civic climate and the
business within the area. Political relief has been provided this week as the resort formally withdrew their efforts in olympic valley incorporation.

The Squaw Valley

Ski Holdings have spent thousands of dollars in an opposing incorporation efforts, because according to Wirth, that had the potential to result in higher taxes on both
residents and businesses, and could have decreased the level in services that the community depends on, including snow plowing and road maintenance. It was said by
incorporation backers that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings have had a more self-involved motive when it comes to opposing incorporation.

The company also has plans in improving it’s real estate by providing more commercial and residential development. And there are also plans to build a gondola that will connect the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski areas. According to incorporation backers, the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was worried when it came to answering the town council, instead of being preferred to the Auburn, California based Placer County Board of Supervisors.

Wirth went on to reject the interpretation and made a point that the incorporation group had also raised and spent just as much as the ski resort had. Wirth said that with the efforts from the incorporation, he would the community to work on transportation as well as other issues as a community that will go beyond Olympic valley.

In his work as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth has worked tirelessly in his efforts for making the resort one of the worlds top tourist destinations. In addition to his work at the resort, he has also been a major contributor in community and environmental service organizations around the area of Lake Tahoe. Wirth is also focused on making improvements to the area for people and visitors of all ages.

After he was in a near-fetal skydiving accident, Wirth co-founded an ironman team that he calls Wounded Warrior Support. And along with his work in the Wounded Warrior Support, he also honors the Navy SEALs, which he helps to raise funds in the Navy SEAL foundation, which is a high-quality organization that helps in supporting special operations that helps the team members and their families upon their return home.

How Does Dr. Jennifer Walden Help Women With Designer Surgeries?

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an amazing person who has committed her life to plastic surgery, and she is someone who is helping women with the designer surgeries they want to get. A designer surgery is for a very specific part of the body that is usually not addressed in other surgeries. That means that women can have small parts of their bodies changed, and they can learn how to alter their bodies in a way that is perfect for them.

Someone who come sin for a consult with Dr. Jennifer should make sure that they ask about the designer surgeries that she can do. She has done very small surgeries such as vaginaplasty, and she has been able to make women feel a lot better about themselves with just one small surgery. She has been on the cutting edge of other surgeries, and she is also someone who wants to bring more of these designer surgeries to the public.

Dr. Jennifer has been committed to customer service for her whole career, and she came back to Austin to make sure that the people in her home state were able to get the procedures that she was offering in New York. She moved her practice home for the sake of her kids, and she is helpful for people who want to change their bodies after having kids. Having kids can cause women to go through a lot of changes, and the inner diva for all women is easy to find because they can make just one small change without much of a problem.

Anyone who comes in to get a consult from Dr. Jennifer can learn how to manage their bodies in a new way. They can learn from Dr. Jennifer what the best choice is for them, and they can learn from Dr. Jennifer what their best option is when they want to make one crucial change. Women can do everything from facelifts to breast augmentation and everything in between. They will have better customer service from Dr. Jennifer, and they will always feel their best when they come in to see her.


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George Soros Providing Leadership toward a Better World

It has become increasingly obvious that right wing America is living a life based on fear. One of their latest incidents was to have a self-proclaimed media activist, James O’Keefe attempt to infiltrate one of George Soros’ charitable Open Society Foundations. The attempt was very amateurish and showed a lack of intelligence and cleverness on the part of O’Keefe. It is a symbol of the desperate nature of the conservative movement in America. They are afraid of freedom and will attack anyone who stands up for it.

O’Keefe called the offices of the Open Society Foundation in New York, claiming to be someone else. He chose to leave a voicemail, which was his first mistake. The message was over ten minutes long and it revealed a plan that would rival anything seen on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. O’Keefe revealed his identity on the tape and then again by searching for the employee he was attempting to contact on LinkedIn. That social platform reveals the identity of anyone searching your profile. Obviously, his foolishness was revealed but it sheds a light on the paranoid and conspiracy crazed members that exist in America today.
Read more on: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

Some of the reasons that conservatives fan the flames of fear about Soros are imaginative at best and ludicrous at worse. One of the biggest criticisms of George Soros is that he contributes money to left-wing causes. In America, people have the freedom to donate money to any cause they feel is representative of their ideals. Just because they are opposite of conservative ideas does not make him dangerous, it makes him a person who exercises his rights as a citizen. Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has been able to provide support for liberal causes all over the world. These causes provide the conduits of freedom to many people across the globe and force governments to be responsible to their people.

Another Conservative criticism of George Soros is that he tries to influence U.S. elections. He certainly has contributed to the Democratic candidates. However, that is something that is encouraged in the United States. We have a free society and capitalist economy that allows people to spend money any way they desire. The conservatives in America are fine with money being spent on right-wing candidates but cry foul if others attempt to use the same influence.

Media Matters is a group that all lovers of Fox News are opposed to. That is because it is dedicated to telling the real truth about the foolishness that Fox News reports on a daily basis. Many times the conservative news outlet presents information that is thinly veiled propaganda against those with liberal viewpoints in America and the world. They use fear to discriminate against people and belittle just causes. Media Matters tries to debunk these half truths and provide the real story. Conservatives, apparently feel that their views should never be challenged. So the attack George Soros and his philanthropic representatives , Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has been supporting freedom and helping people live lives that are free and full of opportunity for many years. The attacks by less than credible right wing representatives, like James O’Keefe, are examples of what is wrong with the system. Rather than work for a real solution to problems like poverty, employment, education and opportunity, they are more interested in attacking a person trying to make a difference. Open Society Foundations strive to help establish open democracies around the world with governments that are beholding to their people. It seems like conservatives could learn that what people want is more important than the views of a small portion of the nation. 

Wasseem Boraie Develops New Housing in Atlantic City to Drive Economic and Residential Growth

The economy in Atlantic City continues to struggle despite efforts to increase economic growth by turning the city into a vacation resort with casinos. By 2015, the economy was still suffering, especially unemployment and affordable housing. The casinos didn’t contribute to economic growth and over 12 of them were eventually closed. More than 10,000 individuals lost their jobs due the casinos closing in Atlantic City. Political leaders and developers began working together years ago to help come up with solutions to resolve the issues causing the economic downturn.


According to The Real Deal, Boraie Development LLC built new housing in Atlantic City to help the city recover and meet the demand for affordable housing (February 22, 2015). Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development said that the demand for new private residential development is in resilient demand, which has existed for more than 40 years. Developers and leaders are anticipating to spark economic and housing growth and to grow the tax base without increasing property taxes. To resolve economic issues, developers believe young professionals between the ages of 25 and 34 and the ability of Atlantic City to attract businesses will contribute to increasing the employment rate.


Boraie Development LLC, a headquartered base company in New Brunswick provides services for real estate development in urban areas, property management, and sales. They employ professionals with expertise in managing properties, including administration, leasing, sales, customer service, and maintenance. Since the mid-1980s, the company has built a strong reputation and is now, considered one of the best developers in the State of New Jersey. The firm is committed to developing magnificent properties by working with trustworthy architects, financial institutions, and contractors. Boraie Development has over 30 years of experience attracting and servicing residents, partners and tenants.


Wasseem Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie, President and Founder of Boraie Development. He is co-partner and Vice President of the company, and works with his brother and father on development projects in New Jersey. Wasseem and his family support political causes and have donated over $300 thousand to ensure the state is in good governance and fairness. Boraie Development has funded politicians and various political committees in New Brunswick and Newark. The Boraie family has contributed to the New Brunswick area and other areas in New Jersey for approximately 40 or more years.

The Face of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital’s meteoric rise mirrors the effort and expertise of its Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala. Since 2011, the hedge fund has been focusing on the investment potential of the small and middle market economies that have traditionally been overlooked by investment banks.

Anthony Marsala is one of few investment bankers to charter the way forward into the developing economies as a source of business. In fact, investment banks continue to experience ever expanding roles and applicability in the middle market as compared to the dwindling fortunes of the developed economies. Mr. Marsala’s experience and expertise make steers Madison Street Capital towards it current success.

It’s not a surprise, therefore that Anthony Marsala received the fete of the M&A Advisor’s Annual Emerging Leaders Award for 2016. Anthony Marsala clinched the award in its 7th year of operation. The organizers had a hard time picking the eventual winners from a large pool of qualified and deserving nominees. Mr. Marsala’s win is not by accident; he exhibits the vibrancy of youth and the experience of a veteran. He won in the competitive award just as Madison Street Capital has been winning in the competitive business environment.

Anthony now has the recognition and respect of his comrades in the investment banking sector. The organizing committee also declared that Mr. Marsala embodies the founding principles of the ward. He is a young, experienced and dedicated professional in financial management and advisory. Perhaps what positions Anthony Marsala ahead of his peers is his genuine concern for the community and the industry. He has pioneered the new approach to hedge fund operations at a time when the values of the sector have been consistently questioned.

Madison Street Capital adopts a value-based approach to business. They hold dear the values of integrity, leadership, excellence and exceptional service. At Madison, the client receives a thorough orientation of what the firm does and how it invests client monies. The go the extra mile in cultivating a high level of trust which gives them the customer’s blessing. As a result, they’re able to raise capital, facilitate acquisitions and mergers to position their client in the desired direction.

There was also a new twist to the award this year following the expansion to incorporate professionals from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe as reported by After clinching the 2016 award, Anthony Marsala is set to meet former winners of the same award later in the year.

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Salon Shine At Home With Wen By Chaz!

Wen by Chaz is the revolutionary hair care system created by the Beverly Hills hair artist Chaz Dean. Dean began his career as a photographer, but he realized his true talents lie in hair design. Wen by Chaz is a well rounded hair care line that can give volume to the limpets locks. Also, it will bring a sleek shine to the coarsest locks. This humble hair designer has created an immaculate cleansing conditioner. The simple application is for everyone who desires salon fresh hair, daily. Achieve your dream hair.
The celebrity stylist is so, proud of his sephora hair care kit that he has worked hard to expand the line since it’s inception. This line works well for those who want salon quality results at home so, they can maintain their styles between salon visits. Even those with fine, or limp hair will be pleasantly surprised by the results, WEN by Chaz, produces. The cleansing conditioner gives a body boost, while leaving a lightweight sheen to your hair. This leaves the hair buoyant, and moisturized enough to hold a complicated style the entire day. Ultimately, the best way to know if, Wen by Chaz, will work for your hair, is to try it out! You will not be disappointed.

The excitement around Chaz Dean’s hair care line, Wen by Chaz, is 100% warranted on for this unmatched product. The ease of this 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner is a godsend. Wen by Chaz will save you money by taking the place every of a traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangle, and leave-in conditioner. Leaving your hair feeling healthy, and refreshed. After three short weeks of using Wen by Chaz you will notice that your hair is completely regenerated. The delicate almond mint scent will lay the world at your feet.

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Who is Bob Reina, and what is TalkFusion?


Bob Reina, TalkFusion’s founder and CEO, is a man that is getting a lot of attention as of late. He is building a business that not only builds itself, it also helps people advertise and build theirs at the exact same time. The company has combined video marketing, chatting, newsletters, meetings, video chatting and more with one of the most influential forms of marketing in the world. For those wondering what form of marketing we are talking about, it’s direct sales. Bill Gates, (and many other very wealthy and successful people), have in the past said that they would choose network marketing if they could do it all over again.

The reason? It brings people together and really allows a product to thrive. It’s exactly what TalkFusion is doing properly, because everyone is going down their own lane in life. Everyone is always focused on what THEY are doing, how THEY are advertising it. What they don’t realize is that there is a service that gives them access to everything without the hassle, and it works for anyone or anything of any magnitude for that matter. Now, granted, companies that are much larger in scale may not use TalkFusion as their go-to for video advertising, (because they have a team already on payroll to do that), but most everyone can in some way effectively apply their methods to stay organized.

And, the other thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that they can actually make a paycheck doing it. Whether it be a hobby or a career, TalkFusion can provide you a growing source of income just for sharing how actually useful it is with the world. There are tens of thousands of people doing the exact same thing right now, and over time it will eventually grow in to a massive network of people advertising and making money while doing it. The best part? Bob Reina wants to keep this the way it is marketed for life. No need to worry about the direction of the company swaying with him on board, and it looks like there’s a bright future in easy direct video marketing here to stay.

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ClassDojo Making Communication with Parents Easier

ClassDojo is an Edutech company that has been able to assist communication between parents, teachers, and students. Parents can better know how their students are acting at schools, and they can adjust and provide a better environment for the children. The app was founded in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Lon Kim, who had a vision of empowering the education sector through their innovation. They however never had the intention of taking the app to the level it has grown.
How does it work?
ClassDojo is located in San Francisco in California, and they have been able to receive various partnerships from other organization. It works by the parents downloading the app and then the teachers can snap photos and upload it in the app. The parents will then later sign into the app and view what their children are up to. ClassDojo has been loved by most parents, and it is enabling communication to be easier.
In the recent seed funding, they have been able to receive $21 million that they are intending to use in expanding the application functionality. For example, currently the teachers are on a daily basis taking pictures and uploading them for parents to use. The new development will allow communication between the parents and the teachers about their children to be used even at night when they are at home. Classroom management has been improved by the app and it is making managing the students easier.
Privacy of the parents and students is of high value to the founders of the app. The founders currently have employed 25 employees and their policies are not in any manner involved in making profits out of the parents’ data. Instead of profit oriented they are foreseeing a future with the use of the investments to create new and improved features that will be of beneficial to the parents. They will develop content for parents to use in improving their student’s ability and then pay for the content.
The application has got a good reception in the US and over 180 schools out of United States. They have been able to subscribe to schools of various categories. The users of the app range from private schools, chartered schools and also the public schools. The diverse nature of reception by the schools has helped them to be ahead of their competitors such as Remind, FreshGrade Kickboard among others.


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Wasseem Boraie and the New View of Residential Contracting

In past years, public policy related to urban growth often focused on large projects such as a single large residential building. The thinking was that the size of big developments led to a growing construction sector. This could be expected to foster overall economic growth. At a 2015 event on residential development trends in Newark, New Jersey, Wasseem Boraie described the advantages of a newer approach to residential construction. Wasseem Boraie, who is executive vice president of Boraie Development Corporation, echoed other panelists when he pointed out that a construction firm won’t locate in an urban community for the sake of a single project.

Residential development projects are often funded by a combination of private capital and state or local governments. A government agency can afford to look at a single project. A private firm needs more. A residential construction firm needs multiple projects to choose from. These are often comprised of thousands of individual units.

Boraie sats Newark is now close to achieving a “critical mass” of residential construction activity with five to 10 “Class A” projects comprising thousands of new housing units. This is what today’s urban development stakeholders are looking for. Firms have options in their choice of projects. This is also an attractive scenario for real estate investment. Investors want to see a market that can be expected to produce profit opportunities on an ongoing basis. Investments and profits are not limited to a few large project. They are sustainable basis for years to come.

Wasseem Boraie has served as executive vice president for Boraie Development for 17 years. The firm is a privately owned company that has been operating for over four decades in the Newark and New Brunswick area under the leadership of Wasseem’s father, Omar Boraie. Wasseem attended New York University from 1991 until 1995. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He studied International Business, Finance and English.

Wasseem assumed his current vice president’s role in January, 1999. He has been there ever since. Along with other family members, he has become a strong supporter of economic development of this area of New Jersey. The firm”s projects are a good example of “putting your money where your mouth is. Boraie Development engages in multiple projects that range from sup-prime housing to high-end condominiums to high rise buildings.

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For Digital Reputation Protection Try Status Labs

Have you or your company ever been doxxed? It’s one of the newer terms designating that some computer criminal can get into or has gotten into your personal and private information and hi-jacked it. Sometimes it appears to be for kicks abut many times it’s about extorting money from you. This comes into the scheme by an email many times, suggesting you transfer a certain amount of money to an account they will give you or they will post all the information they have stolen online. In many computer circles, it’s called ransomware. What can you do about this? There are actually many things you can do to lower your risk.

One of the most obvious things to do is to remove all personal information posted online. This seems simple enough but you may need some help. To check what’s already out there just Google your name or your company name and see what gets pulled up. What you don’t want to see is personal contact information like home address and personal phone numbers. Depending on how paranoid you are you might need some help from “Data Brokers.” These are companies like Acxiom, Experian, Epsilon, CoreLogic, and Datalogix that will sell your information to anyone who wants it. Haven’t you ever wondered where all the useless emails offering you the latest whatever come from? If you want or need to, you can get them to stop selling your info but it’s not free. You need to call each one and ask how the removal process works for each company. It’s also a good idea to make your website info private. If you don’t want all the information about you and your company public and available to everyone that wants to sell you something, privatize it. Another popular method of being invisible is to surf the web privately. There are several free programs available that will not allow cookies, trackers, or files to be placed on your computer that are used to track you for advertising or other purposes.

Another way to accomplish this is to hire a company to do it for you. Darius Fisher is the CEO of just such a company. The company is Status Labs and it is operating because of the simple fact that they know that some people and companies just don’t have the time to do this themselves. The company’s whole purpose in life is to fix your digital presence and if possible make you immune from attack by digital trolls.

Darius Fisher is the company’s CEO and Status Labs isn’t just any company, it is an online reputation management organization. Their sole purpose is to help their clients engage an audience with unique content that will help that client drive sales and acquire more customers. According to PRNewswire, Status Labs also offers individual solutions to fit each particular client. It’s not a one size fits all company.

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