Shiraz Boghani is 206 Hotelier of the Year

The Asian Business Awards 2016 was very good for Shiraz Boghani, the head of Splendid Hospitality. He had a good dinner and won a the “Hotelier of the Year” award.

His group runs 19 United Kingdom hotels. He is considered to be a very good entrepreneur and an experienced chartered accountant with a love for the hotel industry. One of this accomplishments was that he was able to introduce limited service branded hotels in London during the 1990s.

Currently, Boghani is developing and launching a fashionable Hilton London that will be located in the Bankside part of London. The other hotels that Boghani runs in London is The Grand Hotel and Spa, The Conrad London St. James and Holiday Inn. He has also recently acquired the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the New Ellington Hotel.

When Boghani is not running a hotel, he is running a UK registered charity called Aga Khan Foundation. To help globally, he runs an organization called the Aga Khan Development Network.

Some of the judges who gave me the award were Kalpesh Solanki, a group managinf editor of AMG, Amit Roy, a prestigious journalist, Shailesh R. Solanki, an executive editor of AMG, Rishi Sunak, a Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorkshire) and Jitesh Gadhia, a well-known investment banker.

Boghani is very grateful to have received this trophy. He believes that hotels are a big part of his working life and that he likes the way that his group had progressed. He feels that he would not have been successful without the support of his company which has experience executive and management teams.

Stuart Bailey, the CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group, thinks that his groups is one of Great Britain’s fastest growing privately-owned hotel groups. Their success has come from the dedication and exceptional hard work of Boghazi. He thinks that nobody deserves the award nore than Boghani.

Boghani is from Kenya and came to the UK in 1969. He trained as an accountant at the small company og Chartered Accountants. He then transferred to the firm of Thomson McLintock & Company (changed its name to KPMG). He is new the chairman of Splendid Hospitality.

Boghani was very much deserving of the award and he should have more success in the future.