The Hope To Cancer Patients By Dr Siegal

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the recent times. Current technologies such are chemotherapy and radiotherapy which is administered on cancer patients are helping to deal with the condition and the outcome is a matter of chance as some survive while others succumb. There are many types of cancers and research is still ongoing so to get the real cause and hence be able to prevent it.

The advice given by the medical experts is for people to turn up for the various screening sessions or the so-called voluntary cancer testing which is available in most hospitals from time to time. This helps because when cancer is detected at its early stages it is easier to treat and manage as compared to when it is diagnosed at its advanced stages. To those who have been positively detected with the disease, DNA tests are carried out and this will help administer the most effective medication.

An ongoing technology called whole genome sequencing is being used by hospitals as it helps in the identification of any abnormal cells because they are the ones that turn out to be cancerous. The technology analyses the genomic information in a patient and any cells that are found to be abnormal after comparison with an individual normal cells are keenly analyzed. The abnormal cells are then dealt with in good time .The technology has helped in saving of time and resources for the patient because customized and correct treatment is given before the cells greatly multiply.

In the field of cancer one great contributor whose efforts cannot be go unnoticed is Dr.Clay Siegal. His passion for the field developed at a very early age of 24 years after his father died of cancer because very little was known of the disease by then. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University.

Dr Siegal has worked for several organizations such as National cancer institute and the Bristol-Myres Squibb pharmaceutical research institute He also sits in several boards such as Alder Bio pharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics just to mention but a few because his experience in the field of cancer is highly valued. Dr Siegal has won many awards because of his great contributions in the research of cancer, generic testing and drug development that have saved lives.

In his attempt to see that there is better treatment available for cancer patients he started Seattle genetics in 1998. Its main goal was to change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. The company is credited as being the first to come up with the first antibody conjugate a drug which is widely used in the treatment of cancer. Seattle genetics has also been able to develop therapy drugs that treat other diseases .The Company is also in partnership with organizations of similar interest such as Glaxosmithkline to help come up with drug therapies that will benefit cancer patients worldwide